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"It may be that this obsession of mine seems a madness,
but this madness has some use:
It forbids the mind to brood on troubles,
and makes it oblivious to the tragedy of the present."
-Ovid, Tristia 4.1

All you need to know:

"Bandita Dieci outfit color is purple, you have time powers and your weapon is a arc." ()

Perhaps this shall make my Homura more accurate?

Searching for an editor for Story of a Girl and Wearing Black Masks.

For more on anything involving Jessica Rabbit, please visit here.
That should take you to a timeline of events and stories I've been co-writing with other people.
(Well, RPing, anyway - but they're worth a read.)

If reading RP threads is not your style, then please check out this.
They're a collection of one-shots, most of which are already posted here, but some of which I cannot post here in the same format they are found there.

Current Projects:


Body, Body: Elsa watches as Anna is executed.

This is, as stated in the fic, a response to a tumblr meme. I wrote it within the span of a few hours, and I cried while writing it. One of the lines in particular still hits me in the gut.
That said, it's not for the faint of heart. I can't explain why without ruining the experience, and I apologize for that.

A World So Hollow: Elsa visits Anna in the jail cell.

This is set in the same universe as Body, Body and is roughly around the time Anna is arrested (within a day, at least). So, no, it doesn't conflict with what's stated in Body, Body, because that request would have been within a day of the execution. So...there's approximately a week between this and the events of Body, Body.

Even though, chronologically, A World So Hollow comes first, you should read Body, Body first (and if you only pick one, choose that one). AWSH is, in my opinion, not as good (in the same manner that continued one-shots that I've seen tend to be).

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

Note on Madoka fanfics: I will be keeping in mind the timeline shown in The Different Story manga. This is probably where I will get a lot of my characterization for Mami and Kyoko.

Stuck in Reverse: How many timelines is it? A semi-realistic look at the timelines that Akemi Homura went through on her quest to save one Kaname Madoka.

I expect this project will be in multiple parts. It, of course, centers on the character of Homura, but because it will be trying to focus on the butterfly effect of her different actions throughout the timelines, I also want to look at the perspectives of some of the other girls (mainly Mami, Madoka, and a couple of OCs) and Kyubey and how they change. So I'm debating whether I should do all of this in one area or if I should split it up.
There's also the debate over whether or not I'll actually get to the writing stage. Right now I'm stuck in brainstorming (although I have roughed out the first timeline and started writing both the second and last timelines). It's basically a bigger story than I thought when I originally conceived of it. But maybe someday.

Note: It's hard to find the right line between Moemura and Hommando as the timelines go on. I think sometimes I want to bring out her determinism a bit more than her anxiety, so that's something I have to work on.

The first timeline is now up. :)
Working on the rough of Timeline 2 (and Timeline 3. I'm weird that way).

Yes, it's been a while since an update. This is because a lot of my attention is now on Story of a Girl. I'm still working on it; it's just going slowly.

A little bit of history on this and why it's taking so long for me to update:
I started brainstorming and writing Stuck in Reverse and Story of a Girl at approximately the same time (within a month of each other, although I'd been thinking about SoaG for longer). The theory was that I would completely write the rough draft of one and only type the other one (SoaG being the former and SiR the latter). However, now that the rough draft of SoaG has been finished, I've been moving ahead on that - and most of my computer typing time has been focused on typing up the second draft (and now editing that to make the third draft - so as to send to betas). My writing time off the computer has been spent on And I'm Home because I've been getting some good ground on that. There's also that whole - not handwriting SiR thing.
So I'm hoping that when I get the third draft of SoaG finished and sent off to my second beta I'll be able to take a break from it and work on SiR. But we'll have to see about that.

Character Sketches:

This is really just some background writing that I'll do as I work on getting the girls down for use in the aforementioned Stuck in Reverse. I figured I might share them. Give y'all some idea of writing style, how I plan to view the characters, give some pointers on how OOC or not they are, etc.

Five sketches - featuring Tomoe Mami, Sakura Kyoko, Miki Sayaka, Kaname Madoka, and the treacherous Incubator Kyubey - are now up!
I don't think I'll be doing a ton more sketches right now as my PMMM fanfic focus is going to be more on Stuck in Reverse. I may possibly post some witch sketches, but I'm not sure on that yet. We'll see?

Once Upon A Time:

And The World Waited On Baited Breath:

This fic...this fic.

This was my Rumbelle Secret Santa present for spacetimeladies. It grew much longer than I thought it would be. The version currently posted is a really, really rough draft, and I plan to revisit it sometime soon-ish and give it a new ending (because the current one...doesn't sit well with me. There are too many things that didn't get tied up. So we'll see how that goes).

Death's Dark Shadows:

The most basic explanation for this fic is Regina meets It's A Wonderful Life.

It's short-ish. There's some things left hanging at the end (and some things that aren't explained about the world she visits - I may revisit this world, but I'm not sure yet. It's not a particularly happy world, and it doesn't end well).

I hope to write a companion piece for this set right after the season 3 mid-season finale: Going Home mainly because Regina could easily be in that place again. That piece will be tentatively titled Even in the Dark and the set will be called Ready for Hope.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?:

Lost Causes:

This is headcanon wrapped in the format of a story. It works best read aloud.

Never Fell Before:

One-shot. Meant as an audition piece for an RP group. Really short but still good. :)


Another one-shot, mostly focusing on Jessica's earliest days.

Shards of Time:

Mostly tired of doing each of these one-shots individually because they're really short and they're about Jessica. It's just easier to compile them all together. So there.

Make Life Worthwhile:

Written in memory of Bob Hoskins.

Things I'll Never Say:

...written as a companion drabble to a current thread with a friend. But it works well enough on its own (and I wanted it separate from the other drabbles).

Once Upon A Time/Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

And I'm Home: Similar to the PMMM/Noir crossover down below, I would like to explore a crossover between OUaT and PMMM, focusing on Regina. There are way too many opportunities for her to contract, and there are some common attributes across both magic systems - they're very much powered by emotions. So...this is just to say that I'm interested and possibly brainstorming this to see how it would work out. I expect that Emma would still be involved - I can see a scene between her and Madoka, and I'm actually really interested in writing that scene and what might happen to get to it.

I guess this also focuses on the idea of hope and redemption, which I believe are major themes in OUaT - hope being a major theme in PMMM as well. So we'll see what happens?

Note on my characterization of Cora: I'm actually taking a bit from Barbara Hershey's character in Beaches as well - to soften my Cora because I really think there's more to her than just, you know, an abusive parent. And I actually...I think that's what I want to be most poignant about this story - although Regina is the main character, the main focus of this story (trilogy?) would be on the relationship between Regina and Cora.


This is a thing. This is definitely a thing.
It was my Nanowrimo for this year (2013) - so right now I've got over 51k handwritten for it. And by "it", I mean the first book.

Yeah - let me elaborate.

As I brainstormed and brainstormed and worked over what, exactly, I wanted this story to be, I realized that it couldn't all be told in one novel. There needed to be a FTL story, and there needed to be a Storybrooke story, and there needed to be an aftermath story. So...instead of one book, I plan on writing three - a trilogy of sorts. Right now I'm working on the first book - the FTL story - and I'm...excited. It's really rough right now, but I'm excited for it. :)

Oh - and a little teaser, if it can even be called that - titles:

Series Title: And I'm Home

Book One: Wearing Black Masks
Book Two: The Beat of Your Heart
Book Three: White Flag

Get excited guys, because I definitely am!


Prologue for Wearing Black Masks is now up. I'm still working on the rough draft, but I don't want this to be something that remains unfinished.
I hope y'all enjoy it.

Upcoming Projects:


Story of a Girl: Suppose Chloe was the amnesiac sent out. Suppose that she built a life for herself outside of the name "Noir". And suppose that she was contacted years later by another amnesiac assassin, searching for help to figure out her past.

I admit that this summary is not very good and the idea not necessarily very entertaining. But still, it's interesting to me, and hopefully I'll be able to communicate it well to y'all. Whenever it is that it gets posted. The entire rough draft was written by hand, and the second draft was typed up. I expect it to go through at least four or five betas before posting, so it'll be on anywhere from the 6th-9th draft before it gets to y'all. Hopefully that'll keep me from having to retcon anything (there's already the possibility of adding another chapter).
I plan on posting it weekly on Mondays when it's finished. Each chapter should contain a full episode, as should the epilogue (the prologues and interludes, however, are mere snapshots - still going on the weekly schedule, though).

Currently there are 9 chapters, a prologue, two interludes, and an epilogue.
The rough draft is approximately 69k words long (I counted 66,917 but left a few pages out that should approximate 2k).
The second draft is over 87k (18k more than the rough draft and 2k more than initial projections for project length).
The third draft is just over 89k.
I expect some of this to be cut out in beta editing, but I also expect it to expand in the fourth draft.

I now expect Story of a Girl to be anywhere from 90-100k words when it's finished, possibly longer (but I doubt it). Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Rough draft completely finished.
Second draft completely finished.
Third draft completely finished.
I expect that it will need harsh editing after a series rewatch before being sent to my next beta.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

Unexpected Song: Sail (and) Unexpected Song: Fighting to Survive: Slice-of-Life focusing on the main characters of PMMM (and my fanfic Stuck in Reverse) in a world where Kyubey and magic does not exist.

These two would hopefully come out after finishing Stuck in Reverse, as that is my current main PMMM project. US:Sail would focus on the main PMMM characters (Homura, Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, Kyoko) and the main PMOM characters (Oriko, Kirika), while US: Fighting to Survive would focus on OCs who would show up in Stuck in Reverse (which, I suppose, makes it...a work of its own, to some extent. Or something of an AU of SiR. Something like that).
I honestly have no clue where Yuma would go in these. She's not the most interesting character in the world to me.


Goodbye: The Ballad of a Dove: Nuzlocke run that takes a serious look at the ramifications of Pokemon slaughter (along with some of the connotations of the player character's family relations).

I've tried this twice - once with a Treeko starter and currently with a Torchic starter. The former was, unfortunately, saved over. But this second one is fairly good so far.
The story will probably (most definitely) be a little dramatic. I mean - all of the deaths and why the heck would you keep battling other trainers and gym leaders when they're just going to kill your Pokemon? Or you're going to kill theirs? What sort of sadist would you have to be? So yeah.
Silas - he doesn't deal so well with death.

Yeah, that second one with the Torchic starter ended in all of my PKMN dying. SO I'm thinking I'll probably combine a few runs together when I write this thing, which means it won't technically be a true Nuzlocke run write out.
Maybe I shall try a Wedlocke?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

Alexithymia: A foolish woman encounters the world...and is redeemed from it.

From current brainstorming, this is shaping up to be a three-part story with an epilogue...mainly an extrapolation on Lost Causes.

Coming soon.


City on Fire: A possible extrapolation on the Body, Body universe.

Coming soon.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Noir:

This is mostly just a plot-bunny that keeps jumping around in my mind since both series have a Kirika (PMMM's may only be in PMOM, but still). The characters even look similar. So I'm thinking about the idea of a crossover. I just need a plot or something first. And it may just end up in one of the timelines or in the Character Sketches. We'll just have to see what happens.

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