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Hi guys. i'm back! Did you miss me? You guys are amazing omf. I'll be writing Hunger Games: High School again! :') Ilygsm

Music. Books. Superheros. Supernatural omg. HENRY CAVILL MAKES ME DIE INSIDE. Mrs. Captain America okay?

Hi I'm illbeasuperhero! I'm in seventh grade in the GATE program! I want to be an actress or a superhero when I grow up. I'm a professional fangirl, so I'm crazy.

You guys are the absolute best omg. Love you guys

I'm changing up my bio and my username is different. I used to be GlatoClarvel just so you know.


1. I am married to so many Celebrities and Fictional Characters that I lost track.

2. I am 12 years old

3. I'm a GATE student currently at GVMS

4. My teacher last year thought my writing was great so yayyyyyy writing FanFics help.

5. I have been on tumblr for 3 years, it's basically why I became a fangirl.


7. I live in California

8. My favorite color is red cause it's boss

9. I'm really shy unless you're my friend or you're someone from the internet

10. I'm pretty tall.

11. I have a crush (Idk random)

12. I love Indie, Rock, Kpop, Jpop, and sometimes pop or country music.

13. Basically all GATE student that I know are nice omg

14. I went to target one time and I saw a paper towel brand called basic so I took a picture of it, and waiting for my friend to get back, which was three hours, so I could send it to her saying "lol ur basic'

15. Why must every superhero be hot? Like seriously, I just fnrerrfkjgrejgrjjk.

16. "The Most Popular Girls in School" series on YouTube is the best thing ever.

17. I have too many ships

18. I text my friends random things like "jfnvnfeovgjfn" so they know I'm fangirling

19. Booty Man by Tim Wilson is just...idek

20. I don't allow myself to go on the Chris Evans tag or Henry Cavill tag on tumblr at 2 A.M. (Happened from experience)

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Glimmer and 6 BFFs, Lexi, Chelsea, Alison, Tiffany, Jenifer and Leanna swore they would never be reaped. They were wrong. When Glimmer was reaped she never knew she would fall for Cato. When Lexi and the girls find out about Glimmer and Cato they aren't happy. Than Lexi thinks Clove is taking her place. How long will this friendship last? More Glato during the games.
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Clove's P.O.V: Following the Careers on their journey leading up to The Hunger Games. CLARVEL AND GLATO. Clove realizes that theres more to life than just training, blood and death. There's happiness, friends and love. Rated T for strong language
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