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Caught in the lies of life, no one is happy, but what’s the difference, you have no one, I have no one, my life is a mess, your life is dead to even yourself. I am but a curse, something that can’t go away without constant pushing. I hate the way I live, but what am I to do? You’re my only friend, the only one I can trust, yet, not at the same time. I can’t trust you to not try and save me, I can’t trust you to love me like I want you to, I can’t even trust you to trust me.

That’s okay though, I can accept it, because we are outcast, loners, givers, and the shadows that hide behind the greater person, the person who steals are very essence of thinking, living, and talking. One day someone will come and steal their lives, and we will be waiting, watching. When we get the chance we will spring, spring into replacement. That is the cycle of life.

That is what we where meant to do, just like the Lord has said, once a life dies, another is born.

We the people,

We the curse,

We the sin,

Why do we live like this?

Why do we steal? Why do some people kill?

Am I a being, a creature, something that hides her whole life?

Am I someone that can step out of the darkness?

God we fear, God we love, God we pray for.

Can I God, ever amount to something?

Some say I can walk on water, when really I fall and blunder.

I am nothing but a child, who has seen life for what it really is.

A lie I lead, with a fake happy family, and fake emotions.

I hate the life I live; my Mother says it will get better.

But I still feel as if something bad will happen in the future.

My life a lie,

My family a fake,

My hear will break,

With the last breath I take,

But I will fight on,

Even in if I’m wrong.


Can you breathe?

Can you feel your life sink?

I can, I can feel it wash away into the black sea of sorrow.

Don’t be sad, because it will return in do time.

Don’t lose yourself to the blackness, fight on as if you have no other choice but to.

We are alive, we are free, and we will be as we want to be.

Do as you say, say as you do, do not forget your truth.

I am a child, mild and wild, but I will never fall into the black Nile.

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