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Hey there! I'm Pokeninja6600, the proud owner of a Fanfiction account, a Pokemon obsession and six (and counting *faints*) rambunctious OCs! Whelp, I'm going to divulge enough of myself for you to get a grasp of who I am but not so much that you can find out where I live or anything like that.

Name: Ninja, Pokeninja, Pokeninja6600, any of the three would be fine by me.

Hobbies: *ticks off on fingers* Reading, talking to myself, writing, picking on/yelling at/talking to the OCs, drawing anime, making up words, talking to people over the PM thingy, being antisocial in my room, twisting words to my every whim (Oh wait, that's writing XD) and blasting my radio so loud that the neighbors complain. Just kidding, I don't do that anymore.

Dislikes: Hmm...*shouts behind me* DO SHIPPINGS COUNT? *listens to answer* Darn. I'm typically an easy-going person, I don't hate much. People who hate on music I like, people who flame stories just because they can (flamers, you know who you are), people who hate Pokémon because they think it's a little kid game, people who hate Pokémon period (again, you know who you are), AUTHORS WHO DON'T USE SPELLING AND GRAMMAR CHECK. I probably hate the last one the very most because C'mon people! It's there for a reason! I'm an extremely proud person and I don't like being told I'm wrong but come ON! Use it! It makes our reading experience better, it makes your life easier because we don't leave reviews about the errors, and more reasons I can give you if you PM me about it.

Alrighty, now you know a little about me. Now for my ship list! Just a note: These are shippings I actively write about and like, not just ones I don't mind or will read a story with this in it (cause there are so many of those, I'd fill this entire page -_-). That said, here are a few of my ships!

-AshXMisty (Pokeshipping)

-MayXDrew (Contestshipping)

-JessieXHarley (Queenshipping)

-DawnXPaul (Ikarishipping)

-GaryXLeaf (Leafgreen/Oldrival/whatever you people call it)

-ZoeyXKenny (Shootsdown)

-JessieXJames (Rocketshipping)

-CassidyXButch (Neoshipping/ NeoRocketshipping)

-WhiteXN (Ferriswheelshipping)

-CherenXBianca (Deulrivalshipping)

-CilanXBurgundy (Sommeliershipping)

-ColressXMei/Rosa (Moonringshipping)

I thought you said a few, author!

That is a few, darling. You of all people should know that.

...*sighs dejectedly* I know, I know. But still! If that's a few, that's too many!

You do realize she says the same thing about us, right?


Suuure you are darling. Suuuure you are. *smirk*


(If you can identify which OCs those are, PM me and I'll tell you if you're right or wrong!)

Beyond this paragraph are some of my made-up ships; ones with OCs. I'm only explaining these because there might be some people in the world who will read this and think I'm crazy if I just have these names up. Without further ado-

Or any more of her ramblings-

My ships, creative version!

RomaxCress (Swimmershipping): CRESS IS MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE GYM LEADER EVER! And Roma is my OC, so yeah. I feel like I make him OOC when he's around her just because I can't see him having a crush but not being protective of her. Roma is almost an Eevee Master (TO see more, PM me or read my collab with Poke-Lover) and she prefers Water types. And she's a FANTASTIC swimmer. So, Swimmershipping. Why not?

RomaxRictor (Oddabilityshipping): Ha, this one has almost as many requests a name as Swimmer did...And there are only a couple chapters on it! Hahaha, interesting. Anyways, Rictor and Roma have a past that is of great interest to most the characters but I'll only reveal details in the story if you guys ask.

CressxRomaxRictor (Differentialshipping): CRACK SHIP. THAT IS ALL I CAN SAY. JUST...CRACK SHIP.

RictorxIsabelle (Silvereyedshipping): ...I ship this a little bit. T-T I'M SUCH A MULTISHIPPIER T-TT-TT-T. Anyways, I call it silver eyed because they both have silver eyes. (Technically, Rictor's are gray, but no one cares.) An alternate name is Telepathyshipping.

EvaxChili (Houndourshipping): Eva is a Dark type specialist. Chili is a Fire type specialist. Dark-Fire type? Houndour! Was gonna call this Obliviousshipping but it was already taken. Oh well. Also, Eva has a Houndour so, I decided it fit nicely.

EvaxLance (Darkoniteshipping): Lolololol, this was just an embarrassment one...No real base but it's kinda funny cause he's WAAAAAAY too old for her! And yes Poke-Lover, Darkonite!

AmyxDan (Shyshipping): Amy and Dan are OCs created by Malory79080 in our collab. Just check it out.

AmyxJohn (TaylorSwiftshipping): Trollololol. So, John is Amy's ex and he wants her back but she says no. Taylor Swift wrote the song "We Are Never Ever..." sooooo...Why not? I don't own rights to Taylor Swift, or the song or Pokemon.

EvexStormer (Goldstormshipping): Well, Eve is gold and silver and Stormer is black and white. Gold. Stormer. Goldstorm. The credit goes to PokeLover for the name idea.

EmeraldxMatt (Shotsshipping): This actually started out as a joke...Poke-Lover and I were having a PM convo about our CRAAAAZY OCs and Emerald and Matt having a shipping came up. Emerald overreacted and now it's an actual thing! Emerald is Ghetsis' daughter and Matt is Ghetsis' private assistant/ drinking buddy. We just thought it fit.

Roma Diana Harmonia

Age: (CCC) 15 years old; (Roma's Story, beginning) 15 (RS, ending) 16

Talent: She has inherited the ability to speak to Pokemon from her father, N. She can bring out the light side in the darkest of people and is a fiercely loyal friend and a loathsome enemy.

Shortened BIO: Roma was ten years old when her dad left and merely a week later, her mother was shot. Not wanting to fulfill her duties as Princess of Team Plasma, she ran off to fend for herself on the streets of Unova. Her first Guardian, Eve, arrived on a boat shortly after she ran away and has guided her, almost as a mother, through life and all its twists and turns. Roma brought Eve in and cared for her and shortly after, they set sail for Kanto, the first stop in Roma's journey around the world. While there, she met a lover and a friend, a telepathic boy named Rictor. They travelled together up until Sinnoh, where they split up (though not necessarily by choice), as Roma has suffered a concussion (and amnesia because of it) and doesn't remember a thing about her old life. This is where my collaboration with Malory79080 starts and you can read the rest from there!

Pokemon team (If bolded, it means deceased at some point in the story): Eve (RS and CCC) Stormer (RS only); Cherry, Splash, Solar, Cream, Moonlight, Indigo, Giritina, Dialga.

Debuted: Chili, Cress and Cilan: Through My Eyes (First debut); Roma's Story

Emerald Jadia Star/Harmonia

Age: (From the Flip Side) just turned 17; (Roma's Story) somewhere in her twenties/thirties (she won't tell me T-T)

Talents: She has learned a bit of Pokemon speech from her step brother, N. Has a certain knack for public speeches and Pokemon battles if you push her to the max.

BIO: Emerald has a place she can call home, a family, a job, a secret crush and even a couple Pokemon to share it all with. Guess what! She works for Team Plasma and was even brought up by Plamsa's own Shadow Triad, a trio of elite ninjas. That little crush? An oblivious raven haired coworker named Matt. Think that's weird? Emerald's mother, Jade, was one of Ghetsis' many lovers. When Jade found out she was pregnant with Ghetsis' child, she ran away. Emerald was born a wild child, curious and quick-witted. When she was eleven, her mother settled in Nuvema with a nice man. Emerald hated him and left to find her blood father. And find him she did. She grew up in the Plasma Castle with her step-brother, N, until she was seventeen. During that time, she demonstrated a knack for battling and a talent for trouble. Ghetsis kept a close eye on her. As she grew, he realized she was an invaluable tool to Team Plasma; on her first mission as a Plasmanite, she stole a Tepig from Professor Juniper's lab. He watched as she befriended a dying Zoroark and obtained its last gift to the world; a tiny Zorua Egg. That was at fifteen. By sixteen years old, she had hatched the Egg, befriended her King, N, and quickly progressed up Team Plasma's ladder to success. Ghetsis was impressed; she was definitely worth the trouble she caused. He gave her some of the most difficult tasks he'd ever given a grunt. She completed them all with flying colors. But this might have been going a little far. He told her to guide N around the region. Easy, compared to all the others, right? We'll see.

Pokemon team (If bolded, it means deceased at some point): Zoroark, Zorua(FTFS only), Feu (Tepig [evolves]), Lillia (Lillipup [evolves]), Tekina (Munna [evolves]), I guess technically Victini.

Debuted: From the Flip Side (First debut); Roma's Story

Isabelle Psychono Tekina

Age: 17

Talents: Is a powerful psychic who has a knack for Contests and science.

Shortened BIO: Isabelle is the daughter of Psychic Gym Leader, Sabrina. Her mother was kind, but distracted often (the curse of a Gym Leader). When Isabelle asked to go on a journey, her mother sent her off with a single tear and a new Abra. Isabelle lived a life in the shadows, earning enough to get a ticket to a newly discovered region, Unova. When she finally gets there, it is everything she could have imagined and more. She caught new Pokemon that she quickly befriended and made a living on the streets, helping out Trainers who were just starting out and needed a little confidence booster or veterans looking for one last spicy battle in life before retiring. She eventually visits Sinnoh after hearing a rival constantly talk about it and she found she excelled at Pokemon Contests.


Debuted: HASN'T YET! (Mwahahahaha, I have plans for you, Isabelle! *laughs maniacally*)

Rictor Shei Kiobito

Age: 16

Talents: Telepathic abilities and a bit of a silver tongue when it comes to the ladies

Shortened BIO: Rictor has never known his real parents. He was abandoned at birth and taken in by Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket. He grew up to be a handsome young man with piercing gray eyes that captured the hearts of the ladies, a devilish smile that made them melt and a detachment that turned them all down, only to have them come crawling back for more. His first Pokemon, a Scyther as given to him by his adopted father, quickly became his best friend and his trusted companion. He and Scyther were playing around at the docks when a boat came in, carrying people and Pokemon alike. He returned Scyther to his ball, put the ball on his belt and picked out a victim; a lonesome girl who carried a fancy Eevee in her arms. He tailed them (via tree, of course) all the way to the middle of a forest, dropping closer and closer to the girl with each branch. Finally, she stopped and called out to him. He dropped down and hung by his knees, upside down; he stared right into her ocean blue-green eyes and almost fell out of the trees. He had intended to steal her Eevee; instead, she'd stolen his heart. (this story continued on Chapter 38 of Roma's Story and from then on, in CCC)

Pokémon Team: Scizor, Skarmory.

Debuted: Roma's Story (technically, first chapter I wrote with him in it was for this story); Chili, Cress and Cilan: Through My Eyes (This was placed before RS in a time line)

I know what you're thinking. "Wait, hold up. That's only four!" Well, yeah. Those are my most famous ones.

Nuh-uh. Izzy hasn't been introduced yet.


Ladies, ladies, you're both pretty.


Okay, okay, sheesh...

Now for some stuff I find on other authors' pages and copy paste to my own!

22 Annoying Things To Do On An Elevator

1) CRACK open your briefcase or handbag, peer Inside and ask "Got enough air in there?"
2) STAND silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off.
3) WHEN arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act as if you're embarrassed when they open themselves.
4) GREET everyone with a warm handshake and ask him or her to call you Admiral.
5) MEOW occasionally.
6) STARE At another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: "You're one of THEM" - and back away slowly
7) SAY -DING at each floor.
8) SAY "I wonder what all these do?" And push all the red buttons.
9) MAKE explosion noises when anyone presses a button.
10) STARE, grinning at another passenger for a while, then announce: "I have new socks on."
11) WHEN the elevator is silent, look around and ask: "Is that your beeper?"
12) TRY to make personal calls on the emergency phone.
13) DRAW a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers: "This is my personal space."
14) WHEN there's only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder, then pretend it wasn't you.
15) PUSH the buttons and pretend they give you a shock. Smile, and go back for more.
16) ASK if you can push the button for other people but push the wrong ones.
17) HOLD the doors open and say you're waiting for your friend. After a while, let the doors close and say "Hi Greg, How's your day been?"
18) DROP a pen and wait until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream: "That's mine!"
19) BRING a camera and take pictures of everyone in the lift.
20) PRETEND you're a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with the Passengers.
21) SWAT at flies that don't exist
22) CALL out "Group hug" then enforce it.

...P...Put this
...O...On your
...E...To stop Pokemon
...!!...It shows you care..



...H...To help


...G...Come True in the anime

Who need's 3-inch skirts or ugly bandannas now-a-days!? Bring back Misty! - Copy & Paste if you want Misty back as a MAIN Character!

HOW GUYS FLIRT: 1. He stares at you a lot. 2. He hits you alot. (just play hitting ) 3. He uses the first thing that pops into his head to start a conversation with you 4. He yelled, "Hi!", to your mom that day she picked you up from school. 5. He blew off his buds to go see "Brown Sugar" with you cuz you couldn't get another girl pal to go and didn't want to go alone. 6. He tries to make you laugh anyway even if he gets hurt in the process 7. His voice gets softer when ever you two talk. 8. You hung up on him. He called you back. 9. You were invited by him to a group outing. 10. He called you to talk about nothing at all. 11. He imitates your laugh. OK, you do laugh PRETTY LOUD. Which makes you laugh even harder... 12. He remembers little things you mention in casual conversation 13. He sometimes stares straight into your eyes. 14. He uses every possible way to touch you (your hair, face, thighs, KNEES,ect.)

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How to Tell you watch, play, and/or read to much Pokemon by Waveripple of Team Sunrise:

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4. You think Pokemon should have a life-action movie made.

5. You never thought of #4 but think it would be awesome anyway.

6. When you lose is some horrible, embarrassing manner, you run away yelling ‘We’re Blasting off again!’

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8. Your parents are worried about your Pokemon obsession. (Dad)

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BEST FRIENDS: Will go up and ask him, "It's because you're gay, isn't it?" (Sound familiar, Emily?)

FRIENDS: Will be there for you when he breaks up with you.

BEST FRIENDS: Will call him up and whisper, "Seven days..."

FRIENDS: Helps you up when you fall.

BEST FRIENDS: Keeps on walking saying, "Walk much, dumb ass?"

FRIENDS: Helps you find your prince.

BEST FRIENDS: Kidnaps him and brings him to you.

FRIENDS: Will ask you if you're okay when you're crying.

BEST FRIENDS: Will laugh at you and say, "Ha Ha, Loser!"

FRIENDS: Will offer you a soda.

BEST FRIENDS: Will dump theirs on you.

FRIENDS: Will sit at the side of the pool with you at that time of the month.

BEST FRIENDS: Will throw you a tampon and push you in.

FRIENDS: Gives you their umbrella in the rain.

BEST FRIENDS: Takes yours and says, "Run - beep - run!"

FRIENDS: Will help you move.

BEST FRIENDS: Will help you move the bodies.

FRIENDS: Will bail you out of jail.

BEST FRIENDS: Would be in the room next to you saying, "That was awesome! Let's do it again!"

FRIENDS: Never ask for anything to eat or drink.

BEST FRIENDS: Helps themselves and are the reason why you have no food.

FRIENDS: Call your parents by Mr. and Mrs. and Grandpa, by Grandpa.

BEST FRIENDS: Call your parents DAD and MOM and Grandpa, GRAMPS!

FRIENDS: Would bail you out of jail.

BEST FRIENDS: Would be sitting next to you sayin "DAMN!" we messed up!

FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry.

BEST FRIENDS: Wont tell everyone else you cried...just laugh about it with you in private when your not down anymore.

FRIENDS: Asks you to write down your number.

BEST FRIENDS: Has you on speed dial.

FRIENDS: Borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back.

BEST FRIENDS: Loses your stuff and tells you, "My bad...here's a tissue."

FRIENDS: Only know a few things about you.

BEST FRIENDS: Could write a very embarrassing biography on your life story...

FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.

BEST FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you

FRIENDS: Would knock on your front door.

BEST FRIENDS: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME."

FRIENDS: You have to tell them not to tell anyone.

BEST FRIENDS: Already know not to tell.

FRIENDS: Are only through high school/college. (aka: drinking buddies)

BEST FRIENDS: Are for life.

FRIENDS: Will be there to take your drink away from you when they think you've had enough.

BEST FRIENDS: Will look at you stumbling all over the place & say "Girl drink the rest of that ! You know we don't waste!

FRIENDS: Would read ignore this.

BEST FRIENDS: Will repost this!

Mummy...Johnny brought a gun to school. He told his friends that it was cool. And when he pulled the trigger back...It shot with a great crack. Mummy I was a good girl. I did what I was told I went to school, I got straight A's, I even got the gold. But mummy when I went to school that day, I never said goodbye. I'm sorry mummy I had to go, but mommy please don't cry. When Johnny shot the gun, he hit me and another And all because he got the gun from his older brother. Mummy please tell daddy that I love him very much. And please tell Chris, my boyfriend, that it wasn't just a crush. And tell my little sister that she is the only one now. And tell my dear sweet grandmother that I'll be waiting for her now. And tell my wonderful friends that they were always the best. Mummy, I'm not the first. I'm no better than the rest. Mummy tell my teachers I won't show up for class. And never to forget this and please don't let this pass. Mummy why'd it have to be me; no one deserves this. Mummy warn the others, mummy I left without a kiss. And mummy tell the doctors I know they really did try. I think I even saw a doctor trying not to cry. Mummy I'm slowly dying with a bullet in my chest. But mummy please remember I'm in heaven with the rest. Mummy I ran as fast as I could when I heard that crack. Mummy listen to me if you would I wanted to go to college. I wanted to try things that were new. I guess I'm not going with daddy on that trip to the new zoo. I wanted to get married. I wanted to have a kid. I wanted to be an actress Mummy. I wanted to live. But mummy I must go now. The time is getting late. Mummy tell my Chris I'm sorry but I had to cancel the date. I love you mummy. I always have. I know you know it's true. Mummy all I wanted to say is "mummy I love you"

In memory of the Columbian students that were lost. Please if you would, pass this around I'd be happy if you could. Don't smash this on the ground. If you pass this on, maybe people will cry. Just keep this in heart For the people that didn't get to say "goodbye" Now you have two choices 1) repost and show you care 2) ignore it and you have just proven you have a low down, cold heart

99% of teenagers would cry if they saw Justin Bieber above the skyscraper about to jump; copy and paste this to your profile if you're the 1% who would stand there with popcorn yelling, "Do a backflip!" Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Most teens would suffer a heart attack if they saw somebody burning Twilight. Repost this and add your name if you'd be singing campfire songs and toasting marshmallows around it: Ninjakat403, HetaliaSparkleParty, Gir'sdoomsongofdoom, Fluteorwrite, Squintz, Honeyshine, PJOfan4evaGreekgeek, Pokegirlandthorn, Pokeninja6600

You are a... (When I bold it, it means it applies to me)


You like being in charge.

You often wish you could just zap someone with a thunderbolt.

You were voted Class President.

You do what’s best for everyone.

You think you have what it takes to run for President.

You think every problem has a solution

You love showing off.

You like plane rides

You are hydrophobiac



You feel at home in the water.

Your favourite vacation place is at the beach.

You enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, etc.

You want to do something about the marine species being abused today.

You visit the local pool on a regular basis.

You swim professionally.

You hate seafood.

You never get seasick.

You’d rather ride a boat than a plane.

You are acrophobiac



You’re not that much of a people person.

You like staying in the dark and writing. (Haha well that makes me sound depressed)

You experience bad moods on a regular basis.

You like listening to loud, angry music.

You spend most of your time alone.

You think parties are sometimes loud and annoying.

You like to keep to yourself.

All your closets are padlocked (or you wish they could be)

You write in diary/journal/blog.

You feel most active at night.

7/10 (teeheehee love you, Nico!)


You own a garden.

You have a green thumb.

You’re an environmentalist.

You have a special connection with animals.

You’re a vegetarian.

You like going hiking, camping, and looking at the natural wonders of the world.

You always check a product if it’s environmentally-friendly.

You love going to flower shops.

You think global warming is a threat that must be dealt with.



You often start fights.

You’re a very aggressive type of person.

You like watching wrestling.

You’re competitive.

You like reading about war.

You don’t take crap from anybody.

You have anger management.

You never back away from a fight.

Everyone does what you say.

You don’t always think before you do something.



You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

You’re probably the only person who visit the library on a regular basis.

Half of your Christmas presents last year were books.

You like reading about war, mostly about the reasons and controversies behind it.

You’re the valedictorian in your class.

You’ve never gotten a grade below 80 in your report card.

You get political jokes without asking people to explain them.

You think it would be better if you were the President.

You have a huge shelf of books at home.

You think vinyl pocket protectors are useful



You’re very creative and artistic.

You like listening to all kinds of music in general.

You always feel sunny and optimistic.

You are talented at drawing.

You like writing poetry.

You can play at least 3 musical instruments.

You like going to art museums.

You almost always win 1st Place in Art Contests.

You have straight A's in Art on your report card (Don't take art)

Your school notebook has more doodles than notes.



You dislike boys in general.

A deer is one of your favorite animals

You can shoot targets

You like silver.

You like the moon better than the sun

Zoe Nightshade is awesome

You love wild animals

You spend most of your time outdoors.

You love to move around the place

Hunting is not cruel, if it's to hunt down monsters



You have a way with tools.

You build awesome things during your free time.

You’re the best at Woodshop in your class.

Metalworking is your forte.

You have your own toolbox.

You often search the Internet to look for pictures of robots.

You’re a techie.

You often have carpentry projects.

You dream of being a carpenter.

You aren’t afraid of fire.

0/10 O_O


Every guy/girl swoons for you.

You like putting on makeup.

You naturally smell good.

You never experience a bad hair day.

Your favorrite activity is clothes-shopping.

You’re always at the front of every trend.

You’re the popular girl/guy at your school.

You’re often invited to parties.

Your motto is ‘It’s never a party without me.”

You look at yourself in the mirror on a regular basis.

0/10 (hahaha lols)


You like pickpocketing your friends

You’re a prankster.

You consider yourself restless.

You’re the best speaker in the class.

You like thinking on your feet and using your wits.

You’re inventive and resourceful.

You often start arguments.

You’ve never lost a debate.

You like making witty and sarcastic statements.

9/ 9 (booyah!)


You’re the life of the party.

You like wine.

You can finish a martini in less than a minute.

You have a happy, cheerful disposition.

You’re a foodie.

You like going to social events and mingling with people.

You like trying out new food.

You feel that you’re abundant in life.

You think that too much of anything is bad.

0/10 (hahaha lolololololololol)

If you have sibling(s) that drive you crazy then copy this onto your profile.

If you have EVER yelled at a TV after getting frustrated at someone who can't hear you, put this on your profile

Abortion is not a right! Abortion kills hundreds of living, yet unborn babies every year!! If you're pro-life,copy and paste this into your profile!

If you have embarrassing memories that make you want to smack yourself/ someone else, copy this into your profile

If there are times when you wanna annoy people just for the heck of it, copy this into your profile.


It is Murder...The dad was at work, they came to the mother, who was 7 months pregnant with her second child. They beat her, dragged her to the hospital against her will, forcibly drugged her, and then aborted the baby without her consent. If you are against the Chinese Communist Party's violations/abuse of human rights and the forced abortion, Copy and Paste to show you care. then add your name, Species Unknown, Siena Jones, pokeninja6600

My name is Molly

I am but three,

My eyes are swollen

I cannot see,

I must be stupid

I must be bad,

What else could have made

My daddy so mad?

I wish I were better

I wish I weren't ugly,

Then maybe my mommy

Would still want to hug me.

I can't speak at all

I can't do a wrong

Or else I'm locked up

All the day long

When I awake I'm all alone

The house is dark

My folks aren't home.

When my mommy does come

I'll try and be nice,

So maybe I'll get just

One whipping tonight

Don't make a sound!

I just heard a car

My daddy is back

From Charlie's Bar.

I hear him curse

My name he calls

I press myself

Against the wall.

I try and hide

From his evil eyes

I'm so afraid now

I'm starting to cry.

He finds me weeping

He shouts ugly words,

He says its my fault

That he suffers at work.

He slaps me and hits me

And yells at me more,

I finally get free

And I run for the door.

He's already locked it

And I start to bawl,

He takes me and throws me

Against the hard wall.

I fall to the floor

With my bones nearly broken,

And my daddy continues

With more bad words spoken.

"I'm sorry!", I scream

But its now much too late

His face has been twisted

Into unimaginable hate.

The hurt and the pain

Again and again

Oh please God, have mercy!

Oh please let it end!

And he finally stops

And heads for the door,

While I lay there motionless

Sprawled on the floor.

My name is Molly

And I am but three,

Tonight my daddy

Murdered me.

Child abuse, MAKE IT STOP!

Now you have two choices

1) repost and show you care

2)ignore it and you have just proven you have a low-down, cold-heart

(Please just copy and paste this on to your site and show that you care)

This is a story about God. Read if you believe in him, and read even if you don't:

A teenage girl about 17 named Diane had gone to visit some friends one evening and time passed quickly as each shared their various experiences of the past year. She ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she walked along under the tall elm trees, Diane asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it. However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he were waiting for her. She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection. Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped round her, she felt as though someone was walking with her. When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely.

The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there. Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station. She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story. The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she could identify him. She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before. When the man was told he had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed. The officer thanked Diane for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She asked if they would ask the man one question. Diane was curious as to why he had not attacked her. When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her." Amazingly, whether you believe or not, you're never alone. Did you know that 98 of teenagers will not stand up for God, and 93 of the people that read this won’t repost it?

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this; because in the Bible, Jesus says that if you deny me, then I shall deny you before my Father in the gates of Heaven.


Jesus said, "If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my Father."

A B C D E F G Gummy Bears are chasing me

One is red and one is blue

One is trying to steal my shoe

Now I'm running for my life

'Cause the red one has a knife

Copy paste this if you love GUMMY BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Be OPTIMISTIC... all the people you hate are eventually going to die!!

-Sometimes I Wonder, "Why is that Frisbee getting bigger?" and then it
hits me!!

-What happens if you get scared half to death... twice?

-They say, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Well, I think the
guns help. If you stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you'd kill
too many people.

-It's always the last place you look. Of course it is. Why the heck would
I keep looking after I found it?

-When you get caught looking at him just remember he was looking back.

-You're laughing now because you're older than me by mere months, but when
you're 30 and I'm still 29, who will be laughing then?

-Some people are alive only because its illegal to kill them

-He who laughs last thinks the slowest

-Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

-Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gurgle

-If you don't like my driving stay off the sidewalk

-There's a light at the end of every tunnel, just pray it's not a train.

-Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

-Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. (true dat!)

-You have a right to your opinions. I just don't want to hear them.

-OK, so what's the speed of dark?

-Normal people worry me

-The reason that I talk to myself is because that I'm the only one
whose answers I accept.

-"I did my homework! I just forgot to write it down."

-The optimist proclaims we live in the best of all possible worlds; the
pessimist fears it is true.

-We live in an age where pizza gets to your house before the police.

-I'm not a complete idiot. Some parts are missing.

-Stupidity killed the cat. Curiosity was framed.

-If you can keep your head while other people are losing theirs, you
probably don't fully understand the situation.

-When you're right, no one remembers. When you're wrong, no one forgets.

-Some say the glass is half full, some say the glass is half empty. I say
“Are you gonna drink that?”

-When someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles to frown about it. But it only
takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and punch the crap out of them.

-Boys are like slinkeys; useless, but fun to watch fall down the stairs.

-You know it's a bad day when you fall out of bed and you miss the floor

-War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left.

-Growing older is manditory. Growing up is Optional

-Kids are the future. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

-Sometimes you make me so mad I wanna throw you in the middle of ongoing
traffic, but then I realize I would probably kill myself trying to save

-Keep on talking maybe one day you'll say something intelligent

-One day your prince will come. Mine? Oh, he just took a wrong turn, got
lost, and is to stubborn to ask for directions.

-It's you and me versus the world...we attack at dawn.

-If all else fails, try reading the instructions.

-When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade
another country.

-If you can't convince them, confuse them.

-Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies…

-Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

-The trouble with life is there's no background music.

-I smile because I don't know what the heck is going on.

-I don't suffer from Insanity - I enjoy every minute of it!

This is a poem about Drug Abuse, if you care at all, copy and paste this poem to your profile:
My name is Nora
and I'm seventeen,
I am on drugs
and cannot clearly see.
Because of this
my grades in school have dropped.
I am very drunk,
Sometimes I'm beaten up
by some street punk.
There are so many rules
I've tried not to break,
But I am so drunk
that I can't stand up straight.
I am so drunk ,
Most of the time
I cannot talk.
Maybe if my parents trusted me,
they would let me hold a car key.
One night I was out walking around,
But there was a sound
and then I saw a man
who didn't want me in town.
The man was holding a gun,
He was not as bright
He was like a Earth without a sun.
My name is Nora
I am seventeen,
and tonight a man
murdered me.
Remember: Say NO to drugs! Drug Abuse is very dangerous, so help make it stop. If you care at all about stopping Drug Abuse copy the poem and add your name to this list: Ice The Angel Tiger Mew Mew, HermyStar, BlackSunset8753, PokeGirlMisty, Waveripple of team Sunrise, pokeninja6600

I am: Houndoom, the hellhound

You're fascinated by everything that has to do something with death and suffering, and you are very intimidating, and dominating. But you're a true mate in a million, so don't worry; as long as you hold your temper, you can be a great pal. You're there whenever your needed.

I'm proposing that through December 18th-25th 20(whatever year it is HERE) is a sitewide review week, every story you read, leave a review!

This is this cat

This is is cat

This is how cat

This is to cat

This is keep cat

This is a cat

This is retard cat

This is busy cat

This is for cat

This is forty cat

This is seconds cat

Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the top down

If you fantasize about fictional characters like they are real people, copy and paste this in your profile

UPDATE 6/05/13

I have a new series. Go down to the little box thingy and you'll see From The Flip Side. Here's a summary:

This's about Emerald, a fairly regular girl. She has all she could want: a sibling, a place she could call home, a job and even a couple Pokemon to share it all with. She's even got a little crush on a co-worker. This is where it starts getting weird. She's part of Team Plasma, an evil corporation planning on taking everyone's Pokémon for themselves. She was brought up by Team Plasma's own Shadow Triad. That little crush she has? He's the reason she knows her step brother at all; a guy named Matt. Now it gets even weirder: Emerald is Ghetsis' one and only blood descendant. She has inherited his eye and hair colors and even his battling and speech skills. She can't tell him anything about who she is for fear of losing contact with him and her step brother forever. Oh yeah; her step brother is her King, N Harmonia. She has been assigned to be his guardian on his journey to awaken Reshiram, the dragon of truths, and create a future where all people and Pokemon are separated. All she has to do is protect him from any outside influence that may break down the wall that Ghetsis so carefully laid. But there are two things that will make her jobs increasingly difficult: twins White and Black Toyou.

I was walking around in a store. I saw a cashier hand this little boy his money back saying
"I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll."
Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?''
The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.''
Then she asked him to stay there for 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly.
The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand.
Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to.
"It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for this Christmas. She was so sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her."
I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus will bring it to her after all, and not to worry.
But he replied to me sadly. "No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there."
His eyes were so sad while saying this. "My sister has gone to be with God. Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too, so I thought that she could take the doll with her to give it to my sister.''
My heart nearly stopped.
The little boy looked up at me and said: "I told daddy to tell mommy not to go yet. I need her to wait until I come back from the mall."
Then he showed me a very nice photo of him where he was laughing. He then told me
"I want mommy to take my picture with her so she won't forget me."
"I love my mommy and I wish she doesn't have to leave me, but daddy says that she has to go to be with my little sister."
Then he looked again at the doll with sad eyes, very quietly.
I quickly reached for my wallet and said to the boy. "What if we checked again, just in case you do have enough money?''
"OK" he said "I hope that I have enough." I added some of my money to his without him seeing and we started to count it. There was enough for the doll and even some spare money.
The little boy said: "Thank you God for giving me enough money!"
Then he looked at me and added "I asked yesterday before I slept for God to make sure I have enough money to buy this doll so that mommy can give it to my sister. He heard me!''"I also wanted to have enough money to buy a white rose for my mommy, but I didn't dare to ask God for too much. But He gave me enough to buy the doll and a white rose.''
"My mommy loves white roses."
A few minutes later, the old lady came again and I left with my basket.
I finished my shopping in a totally different state from when I started. I couldn't get the little boy out of my mind.
Then I remembered a local newspaper article: 2 days ago, which mentioned of a drunk man in a truck, who hit a car, where there was one young lady and a little girl.
The little girl died right away, and the mother was left in a critical state. The family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-assisting machine, because the young lady would not be able to recover from the coma.
Two days after this encounter with the little boy, I read in the newspaper that the young lady had passed away.
I couldn't stop myself as I bought a bunch of white roses and I went to the funeral home where the body of the young woman was exposed for people to see and make last wishes before burial.
She was there, in her coffin, holding a beautiful white rose in her hand with the photo of the little boy and the doll placed over her chest.
I left the place, teary-eyed, feeling that my life had been changed forever. The love that this little boy had for his mother and his sister is still, to this day, hard to imagine. And in a fraction of a second, a drunk driver had taken all this away from him.
Now you have 2 choices:

1) Repost this message.

2) Ignore it as if it never touched you. have a heart.

Jesus had no servants, yet they called him Master...

He had no degree, yet they called him Teacher...

He had no medicine, yet they called him Healer...

He had no army, yet kings feared him...

He won no military battles, yet he conquered the World...

He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him...

He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today

Feel honored to serve such a leader who loves us...

If you believe in God and Jesus Christ his Son

then copy and paste this in your profile

If you ignore him, in the Holy Bible, Jesus says...

" If you deny me before man, I will deny you before my Father in Heaven..."

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of heaven.

Harry Potter House Test:
[X] You’ve never done illegal drug
[X] You have a lot of friends
[ ] You get along with everyone
[ ] You haven’t made fun of someone for at least two months
[ ] You love soccer
[ ] You love baseball
[X] You’re into writing and art
[ ] Favorite music genre is pop rock
[X] You believe in “innocent until proven guilty” theory
[X] Abortion is wrong
[X] The war against Iraq is unneeded
[ ] One of your favorite colors is red or gold
[X] Good grades at school
[ ] One of the worst things you can do is lie
[X] You plan on going to college/university


] You’re content with mostly everything in your life right now.
[X] You laugh a lot
[ ] You like to follow trends.
[X] Politics suck.
[X] You love to swim.
[ ] Water polo is awesome.
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors.
[ ] Black is morbid & depressing but you still like it though.
[ ] Michael Jackson is talented as a musical artist.
[ ] You’re an optimist.
] You’re completely straight-edge.
[ ] You’re very emotional
] Rap, R&B, & hip-hop is your favorite music genre
] You don’t believe in going steady at a young age
[X] You’ve made fun of at least one person this week.

[X] You’re depressed to a certain extent.
[X] You love to read.
[X] You appreciate theatre & arts.
[ ] Sports suck.
[X] You’re shy.
] Hate is completely unneeded.
[X] Loyalty is the MOST important thing in a relationship
] Indie is your favorite genre of music.
[X] Every once in awhile you have little anger outbursts.
[X] Lying is sometimes okay
[ ] Blue is one of your favorite colors.
] Serious is better than funny.

[X] There’s at least one person you hate.
] Basketball is a good sport.
] (American) Football is amazing.
[ ] Black is a cool color.
[X] You’ve lied about something serious.
[X] You’re a very deep person.
[ ] You have considered suicide.
[X] Very loyal.
] You like metal.
[X] You make school seem more important than it is.
[X] You’re scared to grow up.
[ ] You’ve done drugs in the past month.
[ ] Anger is one of your primary feelings.
[X] You have trust issues.
[X] Guilty until proven innocent.

UPDATE 7/2/2013

Hello again! So, my little sister DitDitto has an account now and I'd really appreciate it if you all would take a look at some of her stories because she's wanted this ever since I got one (a year ago, geez *faints*). She's got some really bright ideas and you might see a bit of my humor in some of her stories because she's still a beginner and needs a little help. Anyways, it'd be really cool if you'd drop a review for her if you're reading on of her stories. Thanks a bunchies, guys!

If you haven't died yet, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you think it's stupid that girls are automatically labeled with the color pink, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you don't see what the big deal about American football is, copy and paste this onto you profile.

If you are the King/Queen of OCs (Oh geez, six and counting...), copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you have ever pasted anything on your profile, copy and paste this onto your profile.

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If you're on fanfiction.net right now...put this on your profile.

98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this on your profile.

Iou wish that a fictional character was real, copy and paste this to your profile.

If you enjoy reading and copying the "copy and pastes" from other people's profiles to your own, copy and paste this to your profile.

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If you're hyper, like being hyper, and are hyper all the time, COPY THIS INTO YOUR PROFILE!

If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or vise versa copy this into your profile

If you've ever run into a door, copy and paste this into your profile.

Name twelve characters from any fandom (8/5/13)

1: Ash

2: Gary

3: Misty

4: Loke

5: Natsu

6: Erza

7: Dawn

8: Apollo/ Dino

9: Artemis/ Dina

10: Rupert

11: Pauleen

12: Lucy

1. Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fanfic? Do you want to?

Erza and Pauleen? Um, they're from different fandoms, so no, I can't say I have. Nor can I say I want to.

2. Do you think Four is hot?


3. What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?

Uhhh...The world would come to an end?

4. Can you recall any fics about Nine?

I'm writing one.

5. Would Two and Six make a good couple?

Probably not. She'd hurt him for flirting too much.

6. Five/Nine or Five/Ten? Why?

Natsu and Artemis vs. Natsu and Rupert...I'd say Natsu and Artemis, I guess...(This is really weird...)

7. What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?

"Dawn: *walks in* Uhh...

Gary: Oh, hey Dawn! Wanna join? *suggestive face*

Lucy: -_-" That's what would happen.

8. Make up a summary for a Three/Ten fic.

A young mermaid is washed ashore an island that is essentially deserted. When she is saved by a certain prince boy with white hair, will she choose to stay or will she have to go back to her own world?

9. Is there any such thing as One/Eight fluff?

No, they're from different fandoms. But I'm sure someone could write it. Ash is shipped with EVERYONE.

10. Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve hurt/comfort fic.

Dawn and Lucy comfort fic, huh? "Double Princess"

11. What plot would you use if you wanted Four to deflower One?

I wouldn't write that if there were a gun pressed to my head.

12. Does anyone on your friends list read Three het?

What's a friend list? Or Misty het? Because I'm pretty sure that's a typo!

13. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven?

I do. Both write and draw (thought the drawings are not easy)

14. Would anyone on your friends list write Two/Four/Five?

Gary/Misty/Loke? I've seen Gary/Misty but why is Loke on here?!

15. What would Ten scream at a moment of great passion?


16. If you wrote a Song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose?

Moves Like Jagger, definitely

17. If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?


18. What might be a good pick-up line for Ten to use on Two?

Rupert to Gary...I have absolutely no idea...

19. When was the last time you read a fic about five?

Today, a couple hours ago.

20. What is Five's super secret kink?


21. Would Eleven shag Nine? Drunk or sober?

Naw, she'd be too busy with Artemis' twin brother *trollface*

22. If Three and Seven got together, who tops?

There are fics for that. I dunno, ask them

23. (1) and (7) are in a happy relationship until (9) runs off with (4). (1), brokenhearted, has a hot one-night stand with (11) and a brief unhappy affair with (12), before following the wise advice of (5) and finds true love with (3).

Ash and Dawn are in a happy relationship until Artemis runs off with Loke. Ash, heartbroken, has a hot one-night stand with Pauleen and a brief unhappy affair with Lucy, before following the wise advice of Natsu ("Go eat some fire!") and finds true love with Misty.

UPDATE 7/27/13

Konnichiwa! So, I have a couple things to say. First of all: If you've read all of my profile up to this point, you deserve some sort of award because I have a bunch of crap on here. Second: I have a new account! I will write for Fairy Tail on that account and, unlike Ninja (me), Shadow-san takes requests for one shots and whatnot as well! Thirdly (most importantly): I have not been putting a disclaimer in my chapters lately. At all. So, lest you think I own Pokemon and deserve to be sued for not adding shippings, I DO NOT OWN POKEMON! There. It's right there, in case anyone doubts me. Pokemon belongs to its rightful owners. Alrighty then, I think that's it! BIIIIAAAAA!!!!

UPDATE 10/6/13

Hi everyone!! Okay, so, if you read the entry above this one, you know that I am writing for other fandoms on my Shadow account. I will be transferring my Fossil Fighters story to my Shadow account because I've just got too much on this one and I don't have that many stories on my other one. So, if anyone who actually reads that story wonders where it goes, now you know.

Which Eeveelution Are You?


[x] You are cute (I think)

[x] You love to play

[ ] You don’t like getting into fights

[x] You hate the darkness or you are afraid of it

[x] You have a best friend forever

[x] You love your best friend very much

[X] You don’t say bad words (working on it)

[ ] Most people love you

[ ] You are youngest of all your siblings

[ ] You like to wish upon a star

[x] You have lots of stuffed animals(a whole collection)



[x] You can swim

[ ] You go to swimming pool at least one time a week

[x] You hate racism

[x] Someone has said that you are hot

[ ] You are very social

[ ] You don’t spend more than 2 hours on the computer or TV

[X] You enjoy sleeping

[X] You know most of your neighbors’ names

[x] You can speak in another language than English (Japanese, sign language, German)

[ ] You visit social places (such as concerts,theaters,etc.) more than 1 time a week

[ ] People call you a “smiley face”

[X] You LOVE spending time in the water



[x] You are a street kid

[X] You have been in an accident

[ ] You usually get into street fights

[ ] Your favorite kind of music is rap

[ ] You have been shocked by electricity

[ ] You seriously need to get a life

[ ] People think you’re too egotistic

[X] You have tried gangsta style

[ ] You try to be really cool

[ ] You really want someone

[ ] Last thing you did before you sit on computer was meeting with someone

[x] You hate something right now



[x] You are kind of a hothead

[ ] People try to calm you down

[x] When you want something, you won’t stop until you get it.

[ ] You are seriously waiting for something right now

[x] You annoy people

[ ] You like cartoon villains more than heroes

[X] You would like to have red eyes. (Or purple...)

[x] You were born in summer or spring

[x] You can think of crazy things

[x] You have burned something

[X] Things around you are stupid

[ ] You didn’t/don’t like your life at a moment



[ ] You believe in magic

[X] Your first boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you

[x] You really love someone

[x] You believe in love at first sight

[x] You haven’t tried to smoke, drugs or drink alcohol

[x] You are a goody-goody……

[X] ……or average

[X] You get injured easily

[x] People don’t really get you

[x] You MUST do something right now

[ ] You are like a psychic

[ ] You have great sight



[ ] You love the dark.

[x] you like to wear/see/use the color black.

[x] glow in the dark stickers are cool.

[X] you are sometimes thought of as evil by your appearance.

[x] you look out for yourself at times.

[x] you have or would like to have a Umbreon in your Pokemon games.

[X] you are terrifyingly silent. (Around those I don't know)

[ ] you have eyes that make people timid or afraid.

[x] you have helped or been helped by someone but never said ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘thank you’.

[X] you are somewhat of a loner.

[X] you love to go out in the night. (Mostly because I'm terrified of it)

[X] You have excellent vision in dark places.



[X] Fall or spring is one of your favorite seasons.

[ ] you adore the color green.

[ ] you love flowers but choose not to pick them.

[ ] clean, green and pristine is your way of life.

[x] animals adore you and you adore them.

[ ] you are a very peaceful person.

[ ] you care deeply for anyone even if you do not know them at all.

[ ] you enjoy longs walk in nature or the woods.

[ ] you are a vegetarian.

[X] your eyes are or you wish for them to be green. [Are]

[ ] you really can’t stand cold days.

[ ] people really love to be around you.



[ ] Winter days are your favourite days.

[ ] Cold weathers don’t phase you with or without a jacket.

[X] You have (or wish to have) amazingly snow white or light blue eyes.

[ ] You live in a place where it’s cold all year round.

[x] Hot days are your most hated time of any week.

[x] You don’t mind cold foods.

[x] You have once used a cold joke (cold-hearted etc.) during cold times.

[X] You adore very much the colour white.

[x] You take long walks in the snow. (IT'S SO FUN!)

[ ] You have a cold personality.

[X] People can’t really call onto you for sympathy.

[ ] You have heard the song Cold by Crossfade.


HIGHEST: Umbreon (10)

LOWEST: Leafeon (3)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Fears and Promises by shadowninja2000 reviews
Eveli is an 18 year old Faerie wizard with eight forms of Solid Script Magic under her belt. Rantai is an 18 year old wandering Mage with a magic that allows any tattoo he has to become a weapon. When these two accidentally happen upon each other, Eveli swears to help Rantai and Rantai swears to protect her. However, these vows may be more than they bargained for...T for violence.
Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 33,584 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 8/9/2015 - Published: 11/4/2013 - Team Natsu, OC
I Can Fix You by Poke-lover88 reviews
It seemed the impossible had happened: Ghetsis, the man who didn't feel anything for even his own son, had fallen in love. And what was even more shocking, was that it was White he was infatuated with; the enemy. That fact alone puts White in quite a predicament, but she wonders if somehow because of this, she could possibly make him a better person. ―Gretelshipping
Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 37 - Words: 105,553 - Reviews: 345 - Favs: 112 - Follows: 100 - Updated: 6/5/2015 - Published: 11/15/2012 - [Ghetsis H./Geechisu H., Hilda/Touko] - Complete
Pokegirl Black and White by Pokegirl and Thorn reviews
Mina Hylden isn't the average trainer-she's far from normal- and she doesn't have a clue about anything. Mix in a hot-tempered Snivy and a journey and some things that happen that are far from normal as well, she might finally figure out SOMETHING, if not about the world around her but about herself and what kind of trainer she wants to be... (Ferriswheelshipping)
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 33 - Words: 204,331 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 58 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 2/7/2015 - Published: 12/6/2012 - N H./Natural H. G., Serperior /Jaroda, Hilda/Touko
The Driving Force by Poke-lover88 reviews
White should've been happy, as her dream to become Champion was about to come true, but she couldn't help but think about one person that was missing. Then when Looker asks her for help, and Team Plasma once again arises, she is sent on another journey not only to destroy Ghetsis and his evil team, but convince N, the love of her life, to come back to Unova. Events from B/W & B/W 2
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 77,693 - Reviews: 155 - Favs: 103 - Follows: 128 - Updated: 2/6/2015 - Published: 6/14/2013 - [N H./Natural H. G., Hilda/Touko]
Reunion by Poke-lover88 reviews
It had finally happened: Ash had proposed and he and Misty were engaged. The new couple decided to throw a party, inviting all of Ash's old traveling companions to share the good news. But when they arrive, it turns out that they've all found romantic partners of their own. How did that happen? ―Poke, Contest, Ikari, & OldRival/LeafGreen
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,376 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 26 - Published: 4/30/2014 - [Ash K./Satoshi, Misty/Kasumi] [May/Haruka, Drew/Shū]
Shades of Gray by RunsWithScizors reviews
Rosa's always been a bit of a coward, to the annoyance of her friend Hugh. But when she gets a Pokedex and meets Nate for the first time, she finds herself caught in the wicked plans of Team Plasma. Now our donut-headed heroine must learn courage to survive, or at least hide behind a scientist with hair even more ridiculous than her own. Sequel to Not Always Black and White.
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 39 - Words: 85,363 - Reviews: 136 - Favs: 60 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 3/30/2014 - Published: 7/7/2013 - Rosa/Mei, Nate/Kyouhei - Complete
Angel Wings by Amy47101 reviews
"People say they came from bird DNA. I don't like to think so. Whatever they did, they indeed gave me wings, not bird wings. Angel Wings." Eleanor Moon isn't your exact definition of normal, what with wings and all. So going to ranger school is exactly what she needs. That is, she realizes, that she and her 9 others are a part of a prophecy. A prophecy that's soon to come true.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 63 - Words: 138,873 - Reviews: 672 - Favs: 136 - Follows: 91 - Updated: 11/18/2013 - Published: 10/16/2012 - OC - Complete
Ninja Love by eeveeluvr reviews
May was just a regular temple girl living with her grandfather, the chief priest. One day, everything changed. May learns she is actually the Ninja Princess of Hoenn, who is at war with the other regions. In order to unite all the ninjas, May leaves her village to join the war among the other ninjas. Contestshipping! May contain other shippings.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 11,910 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 8/20/2013 - Published: 11/21/2012 - May/Haruka, Drew/Shū
The Penance for Curiosity by Kittyliu reviews
No one truly knows about the events that occurred at Bell Tower, do they? The events that led to the Burned Tower and the reincarnation of Suicune, Raikou, and Entei. Well, this is my take on the curious Johto legend, in which three friends pay the ultimate price. -"Your sentence to repay the ancient world begins now."
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,511 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Published: 8/18/2013 - Raikou, Entei, Suicune/Suikun, Eusine/Minaki - Complete
Fossil Fighters Champions: One Chaotic Adventure by Chidori Minami reviews
Thanks to Magma Red, ShayminMarx, and Momoko Harukaze for inspiring me to create my own Fossil Fighters Champions replay. Dina is your average short-tempered Teen. That is, of course, until she and her Best Friend Todd Meet a Famous Fossil Fighter. Now she's in for the ride of her life!
Fossil Fighters - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 32,264 - Reviews: 141 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 19 - Updated: 8/3/2013 - Published: 8/2/2012 - Dina, Rupert
Not Always Black and White by RunsWithScizors reviews
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Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 37 - Words: 72,317 - Reviews: 145 - Favs: 68 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 6/16/2013 - Published: 10/7/2012 - Hilbert/Touya, Hilda/Touko - Complete
A Force to Be Reckoned With by Poke-lover88 reviews
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 62 - Words: 214,359 - Reviews: 182 - Favs: 75 - Follows: 50 - Updated: 6/14/2013 - Published: 9/23/2012 - [N H./Natural H. G., Hilda/Touko, Brock/Takeshi] - Complete
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,160 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 12 - Published: 12/21/2012 - [N H./Natural H. G., Hilda/Touko] - Complete
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Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 4 - Words: 4,446 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 10/30/2012 - Published: 10/27/2012 - Ash K./Satoshi, Misty/Kasumi - Complete
Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Roma's Story reviews
Roma is the daughter of White and N. But after her father disappears and her mother is killed, she is left on her own. She escapes and is constantly on the run to avoid her fate as the princess of Team Plasma. She meets Eva, who is attempting to conquer the League. Eva is the grandaughter of Agatha, originally from Kanto. What will happen? Read to find out, of course!
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 49 - Words: 90,424 - Reviews: 163 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 7/5/2015 - Published: 11/26/2012 - Cilan/Dento, Cress/Corn, Chili/Pod, OC
Chili, Cress and Cilan: Through My Eyes reviews
So, my first ever collab with a good friend of mine, Malory79080! Roma, my OC, is sent to Unova from Sinnoh for a boarding school in Castelia City by her older brother Volkner. Amy's a vivacious redhead living with her cousins, Chili, Cress and Cilan. Roma and Cress meet up on a plane and romance ensues. Sommelier, Ikari, Poke, Leafgreen/Oldrival and more! On hiatus
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 35 - Words: 42,023 - Reviews: 102 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 5/31/2014 - Published: 10/5/2012 - Volkner/Denzi, Cilan/Dento, Cress/Corn, Chili/Pod
From the Flip Side reviews
N and Emerald are siblings; almost twins. They can understand Pokemon and keep mostly to themselves but they work for a crime syndicate; Team Plasma. They're the evil ones with ideals that should never come true. Right? Maybe. But, could that be wrong? Every coin has two sides. And even the darkest clouds can have a silver lining. Who could consider them evil? Could you? On hiatus
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 17,662 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 10/4/2013 - Published: 4/3/2013 - Zorua, N H./Natural H. G., Ghetsis H./Geechisu H.
Gone reviews
It's two years after N left to go find his truths, or her ideals. He has returned to Unova, specifically to Nimbasa City, the place he so vividly remembered. He went back to the Ferris Wheel, hoping against all hope that he would find her there. The girl with the ideals that won over his truths. But he didn't. And this ensues. Ferriswheelshipping
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 926 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 5 - Published: 6/10/2013 - N H./Natural H. G., Hilda/Touko - Complete