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Author has written 2 stories for Resident Evil, and Fallout.

Updating this later :p I'm new and will work on it soon.

Name: Just call me Voice or VD, whatever you prefer :D

Age: Give me your best guess based on the stories I put up and I'll tell you :)

What Stories I Plan to Write: I plan on working on two main stories. One from Resident Evil and a cross-over story :) One of these stories will involve an Original Character by the name of Alexandria Morgan from the uncompleted Resident Evil fanfic, The Untold Stories created by VoiceOfTheVoiceless-SxE, as the main Protagonist. (And yes, I do have permission from the author to use this character. In fact, we'll both be working together on this story, though I'll be doing most of the writing.) I'll most likely be doing the cross-over story first because it is going to be the toughest to do (but I am determined to try it before I label it 'Impossibly Insane' since there are little to none of this certain type of cross-over of here). You'll see what I mean when I post up the Prologue/First Chapter. x]

Hey! I have a Twitter! Contact me: @CallMeVD

Here is, what I call, a 'Rage Poem'. (In my unique vocabulary, a Rage Poem is a horrific poem written to release some anger after being enraged.) In short, I was playing Resident Evil 5 on Professional and got pretty far. Then, I get killed! Just read this stupid poem I made and you'll understand my frustration...

Oh Sheva! Oh Sheva!

You say you look betta

You think you're, oh, so fine

While your laying down proximety mines

With bow and arrow you hold

And picking up eggs of gold

People calm down, Sheva is here

Killing Majini that wield axes and spears

Sheva, oh no! What have you done!

Chris Redfield lays dead! The enemies have... Wait, there are none!

How did this happen? How did he die?

No enemies around, unless... unless...

...Sheva, you hoe...

Yes, yes. I know. Not one of my best. I promise, not all my poems are like this. I just made it and I figured I post it on my profile instead of in my Resident Evil Poem collection. Plus, I know many of you can relate to the sucky-ness of the Sheva A.I. Am I right? Message me and let me know! xD (P.S. NEVER give Sheva an Infinite Ammo RPG!)

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