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Greetings fellow Fanfiction readers/writers

I am Blacklight in WhiteDarkness (Fictionpress Pen name the same)

Ficpress link:

Gender: My profile pic should clear this up by now...(Hint for the stupid: It's the "colorful" picture you see beside this.)(Hint for the even stupider: Get your head examined.)

Age: I am between the age or is the age of 13 to 17.

Siblings: Little Brother, Baby Sis.(If anymore, My mom has some explaining to do.)

Facts About myself: Have heterochromina( right eye greyish green, left greyish blue), I can speak Spanish, English(The universal language), and am attempting to learn Japanese. I am tall, tallest of all my relatives(and still growing, already 6 ft exactly). I'm a pretty laid back person though can be a bit emotional(NOT emo).

I've been a fan of this site for a couple of years so as a result, I have read many stories and learned different writing techniques from many talented and experienced writers (some of them are mentioned in my favorite authors section) that I hope to use to make the most entertaining stories possible.

Now since I know two languages and am attempting to learn another, I sometimes get my grammar messed up. I'm hoping some of you readers/writers will understand why I make some of the large mistakes I make. So far it doesn't seem like it...

Now most of my work comes from Wordpad, so please ignore the bad spelling or slight mistakes. I have more than 40 stories on Wordpad (most completely Original, some about shows,books,etc.)

My internet sometimes goes out on me for an unknown amount of time, so you know why I'm sometimes gone for long periods of time. Oh and if you don't hear from me for, I don't know... a year. Assume I had an accident and probably died... I'm not joking...

Important News Area: 8/14/13

I'm back!!! It's been so long, possibly 5 months, but I'm back. New and Improved, I am ready to start submitting chapters. Currently I've rewritten my High School DxD fic The Legend of Hyodo Issei (Now known as The Hardships of a Dragon) so go check that out. I'm sorry for the long wait without a single update, but I just now got my internet back. Anyway, expect more from me.

About My Profile Picture:

If you're using fan fiction mobile, then you probably can't see it(I couldn't on my old phone), but well my profile pic is actually Kazuma Yagami from Kazi no Stigma. Since he actually looks like me in anime form. No kidding, my hair's all shaggy and tends to spike up like his sometimes. For some reason, I rarely ever smile either, maybe smirk, but not really fully smile. Like him...

I got this picture from the internet. It was originally a black and white picture, but I used paint to add the colors of what I look like. It took a lot of work, but I think I did a pretty good job, looks anime realistic too.

A defining trait about me is that I have a rare disorder. I have heterochromatic eyes, what that means is that I have two different colored eyes. Like in the anime shows. One is greyish green(Dad) the other sky blue(Mom). There almost the same shade of color, but you can tell the difference. The eyes on my avatar are actually mine... or well close to. Either way, my eyes kickass.

I mighta messed up in the eyes, because I couldn't figure out how to make them greyish and darker. If they look unnaturally bright, like contact lens bright then sorry.

The picture isn't mine except the colors used and I'd like to give a special thanks to the person who created this for letting me use it.

Some of my favorite things, shows, etc, random stuff.

Dragon ball Z (In my opinion greatest animated show ever)

Full Metal Alchemist (Still very very new to it, lost interest in it.)

Sekirei (already finished anime and awaiting season 3, which is yet to come out wtf?)

Bleach (Also new to it, I like the abriged versions.)

Attack on Titan (Really recommend it)

Highschool DxD(season 2 finally out)

Sword Art Online(SAO)

Rosario Vampire(Duh)

WWE Wrestling

Resident Evil Games/not movies

Music: Three Days Grace, Green Day, Valencia, There For Tommorrow, Three Doors Down, All Time Low, All American Rejects, 30 Seconds to Mars, Evans Blue, and the other stuff that I'm too lazy to write.

Games: Borderlands, Resident Evil, Dead Space, Assassin's Creed, Fallout Series, Skyrim, Dark Souls(Best Game ever), BioShock, DragonBall:Raging Blast Series, Dishonored, Dragons Dogma, and other stuff.

Sports: Basketball and Football(Not a jock or Futbol/Soccer)

My Writing Techniques:

I love epic confrontations, that's what I want to specialize in. My most favorite between characters that are liked by many and are friends or lovers of some sort. I like pitting characters like that against each other.

Ex: Tsukune Aono vs Moka Akashiya and all his friends. Leon S. Kennedy vs Chris Redfield. Issei Hyodo vs Rias Gremory and his friends.

One that I do love the most though are the one's in which the characters each have their own story and are destined to fight. The one's where the characters are loved by the fans and are on equal skill and power. Where you don't know who is going to win because none of them are either good or bad.

Ex: My Oc story, Light,Darkness,Neutrality: In which Asunae, Issei(Just noticed same name as Issei from DxD), and Tetsuo get their own stories and are the good guys and then like 16 stories later fight each other after all they've been through.

Since I've been a member for long before I actually joined this site. I've seen stories of all kinds and as such i've been trying to make stories that aren't the same as others. Stories that aren't easy to predict. Betrayal and a Vampire is my first project of that. The best part is, you don't know if I have them sort out the fight or they actually kill the other, not all my stories will end happily. Keep your fingers crossed, your favorites of mine do.

Right now I'm kinda into the harem route of stories. Before joining this site, I didn't know exactly what the word meant. After learning I started incorporating them and now, I'm in some kind of harem writing phase(I can't help it). It's not because the dude gets a lot of chicks, it's because if they are spun right. Harem's are actually really fun to write. I'm also insistent on Harem routes right now due to the lack of them. I mean some have them to where they hook up too fast and too slow. Others make it so they hook up without any actual like real thoughts on the subject and others...well over use of lemons. Either way, most people don't like them and I want them to give them a chance.

My stories: My written stories, past and present.

Light, Darkness, Neutrality: Franchise, If some of you knew me when I first got an account. Than you'd know that Light,Darkness, Neutrality is or rather was my first ever fic posted on this site. I have officially token it down due to the overwhelming amount of hate. I've learned now that in Fan Fiction, you unleash your imagination, but even your imagination has limits. You can't unleash all your imagination here or you'll get screwed like I did. I'm still working on this story though, I'm just not gonna post it on Fan Fiction anymore. I still dream of one day making this into an anime.

Betrayal and a Vampire: So far my biggest work and first technical fan fic ever posted. It's gotten quite popular even though it's only gotten seven chapters so far and they're almost a bit small. The story is about a betrayal that happens between Tsukune and his friends, who the victim is, it's up to you. On top of that, something is happening to Tsukune something even he can't directly sense. (It's not a Ghoul, Vampire, or a created monster.) This story is the only story and the first in Rosario Vampire that pits Tsukune Aono against all his friends, but you don't know which is the real good guy. So far Tsukune doesn't seem like it, but this story is made to question everything you come to predict in a Rosario Vampire fic. It will officially be a harem, but not one that goes too fast or uses lemons.(Chapters in Progress)

From Yokai to Yokai: The first challenge I've ever received and from Storylover213. Tsukune is an outcast from both Yokai and Human's. He knew he was different from humans and when he found out what he was, it turns out he was different from that too. It's also a harem as requested and will have Shizuka in the harem as well. As also requested Tsukune is a half-breed of two monsters. He's a Vampire/?.

The Hardships of a Dragon: (Formally known as The Legend of Hyodo Issei) Is a story about Hyoudou Issei experiencing a harsh tragedy at a young age and being raised in a church. Under there teachings, he learns to hate Devils and become even stronger. Through on coming events, he winds up spending time under the Devils and the Fallen Angels eyes. With a war coming soon between the three and having shared memories with all three sides, how could he ever choose a side?

Capu to Gohan: Is my newest entry so far, with only two chapters and already over fifty reviews, I'm quite happy with it. Son Gohan who was only ten years old is now attending a school for monsters... right before the cell games. He's also got seven girls all aiming for his attention... seeming to forget he's only ten. With the Cell games so very near, what's he to do as the now added pressure of surviving Youkai is added to the mix.(Chapters in Progress)

Following In His Father's Footsteps: On more than one occasion, Sahashi Minato was curious about his father. What kind of man was he? What was his role in his young life? Being drawn into the Serikei Plan was one way of finding out. He never thought he'd be meeting his father like this. Standing across from him on the top platform of the MBI building. Preparing to kill each other as Sekirei and MBI blood was spilled all around them. Leading an unwanted war against his own father... yet Minato wondered... did he or his father hold any regrets? No... Sekirei Fic(Chapter in Progress)

For A Purpose: Sinnoh: I never really saw myself posting this, but me I was playing the game(Pokemon White) and got into it for a couple of days. Long enough for me to decide to check my old fics that I wrote at a younger age and decide to remake them a bit and post them. Plus, I hadn't posted anything in god knows when so I thought this would assure you I wasn't dead. This story, I may continue into a possible four books, but we'll see in the future.

Upcoming Stories: Stories that I may one day post.

Angels Sin: Tsukune Aono has been betrayed by god, framed for something he didn't commit. He has been cast down from heaven. Now he's grown powerful, cold, and ruthless as the most powerful fallen angel on the planet. Strange events are occurring though, enough that even Kami, Satan, and the Fallen Angel Lord Azazel have become aware. Seeing Tsukune's strength, they each hope to gain him as an ally by holy matrimony. The three have sent their princess daughters to persuade and marry him. Tsukune must choose from Inner Moka(Demon), Outer Moka(Angel), and Ruby Toujyo(Fallen Angel), while his childhood human(or so he thinks) friends Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari also fight for his love. Rosario Vampire fic.

The Cruelty of the World: It's time, they managed to make it to the one hundredth floor in Aincrad. Their happiness did not last when they saw their final opponent. Each other. The game was cruel for the sudden turn of events it played. For some reason the final boss that would take them all home would be the winner between the fight of SAO's two highest leveled players. In this case, Kirito and Asuna. Kirito looked back into the eyes of a teary eyed Asuna. They only nodded slightly before unsheating their swords. Sword Art Online or SAO as sometimes called story.

The Number Thirteen: The world was dark, the world was cruel. Alex Mercer wasn't blind, it was easy to see. Why is it, that there are mysterious new blacklight viruses out. Viruses that look almost like him. Thirteen that's how much he's counted. Thirteen infected, thirteen. Bad luck. The other viruses see him as obsolete, their hunting him down. It's fine by him, he's after their heads too. Prototype story. OC's involved.

The Blood of the Maou: Tsukune Aono's family has been murdered right before his eyes at the age of six. The murderers who were also going to kill him decided to suddenly take him in after witnessing a strange power from within him. Now Tsukune must live as a Maou(Demon Lord) with the murderers of his family. Is it wrong though, that he wants to kill them and also likes them at the same time? His family's murderers Moka Akashiya, Issa Shuzen, Koaka Shuzen, Kahula Shuzen, and Akasha Bloodriver. RosarioVampire fic.

A fair warning most of my material well be rated M since I tend to (cough) use language most of the time(I regret nothing). I am not about writing lemons, but sexual activity may be implied in some of my stories. 1/11/13 update... okay I'm considering maybe giving these a chance, I gave crossovers a chance and I know have one written myself. We'll see where this takes m... us...

Reviews... I'd like to say I won't be hounding you people to review, but it'd be most appreciated if you did so I know there are at least some people reading out there that care. Flames well be accepted as long as they aren't ment for me in general, but for my stories. I wouldn't say I'd like to be flamed, but I do need to know if my stories need improvement so fire away.

I'm a really really open individual. In general, I guess you could say I'm a nice person. I don't like to flame or flames in general... it just feels wrong to me. I tend to like most stories despite how badly written, but i will give a small little piece of advice where improvement is needed like I hope some of you will do for me. All in all, I'll never flame even if you flame me, but if I do happen to flame you. It wasn't intentional and I'm sorry.

I will not tolerate flames to someone as a person in my reviews section. I don't want people to flame other authors on my site. If you do or mention him/she in a negative way I will remove the review. If you're going to bad-mouth someone at least flame it to them.

My Signature Slogan...

If some of you happen to notice the Set in Black n White thing I do, I do it for a reason. In life when you're young you mostly see the world as only black or white, no colors in between. What that means is you sometimes just see the world as plain, simple, and innocent... It's not, not everything is Set in Black n White, there is that silver lining in between. The world is actually a hard, cruel, place. that will chew you up and spit you back out.

You have to open your eyes to really see what this world is really about. I use to think that the world was Set in Black n White and as a result... well it wasn't a pleasurable experience, I almost died. The term Set in Black n White that I use is actually my inspiration for writing.

Thank you for reading, for your time and I hope to soon be writing and reviewing in your stories.

Set in Black n White

Blacklight in Whitedarkness

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