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douchebags, most of you.

There's two extremes, both of which I hate. There's the faction of arrogant elitist bastards who fancy themselves True Writers because they're grammar Nazis. They snark on everyone else's fanfic because they're insecure dicklicks, or maybe they need to wank off their egos, or maybe they think smugness and condescension looks smart. Whatever. The other extreme involves typing like a fool. I actually prefer these guys because hey, they don't take the internet seriously and no one should. I know their writing's stupid, but still. It's the Internet.


Don't be a moron. Don't be a wanker. That's it, I guess. The sociology of the fanfiction community is kind of interesting, I guess, in the way that having a pinecone stuffed up your rectum is interesting. Fanfiction won't tell me how to deactivate my account yet. (The douchebags even got my hopes up with a "To deactivate your account, please login, then visit the following link: Under construction." Aw, jeez.)