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Personal Update: 4/20/17

Wow, can’t believe it’s been a whole school semester since I last posted a story; let alone write. If my guessing game is any good, I think it’s close to three or four months since I’ve seriously written something. That being said, I’m done with school for now. Onto my masters next semester, while working a staff accounting job and studying for my CPA. But I’m sure you’re not reading this to know about that.

The new RTTE Season has given me so many ideas and angles to steer my story. (By the way, I totally called it that Dagur was still alive. Puts me in a pickle with my story.) I’d be lying if I said I didn’t even draft a super simple plot line after watching the season. (Simple meaning bullet points with ideas. Not even connecting ideas.) According to what people have replied to me about, I’m going to continue to follow the RTTE storyline with my twists and takes on it. However, due to where the story has ended previously, I’m going to really have to plan this out. This is really looking like a two-parter, or two acts.

Honestly, it won’t be until late May, maybe even June before I post the story.

Oh, and part of this profile update is a list of all the stories I’ve written with a brief description of each. It’s not a summary, but rather a journal of WHY I wrote them, and what was going through my head at the time I was writing them. Included are brief ideas I toyed with; including original intentions I wanted, but ended up not leaving in the story(s). I hope you enjoy the snippets and fun facts of each one.


I don’t believe in the Copy and Paste crap like “If you believe in God, paste it here!” That’s not stating a belief. That’s spam. Everything you see on my profile, I methodically wrote.

So, a little about me; I was essentially born on a horse. Rode one all my life. working on my ranch and doing a sport called team roping. That being said, I also like all kinds of boarding; mainly being wakeboarding, snowboarding, wake surfing. Getting into bow hunting of recent, should be fun. And I absolutely love cars! I'm a fanatic about them. When I’m able, I like to spend the summer and fall months in sand dunes, riding my quad/ATV/four-wheeler/whatever you want to call it.

I like to write for fun. Everything that I’ve written was based on what I taught myself. Aside from the few English classes I’ve taken, my writing style has been developed mainly by what I’ve learned WHILE writing. So my stories are going to have a lot of mistakes in them; grammar, repetitive words, even redundant themes and scenarios. I’m still learning.

As far as writing goes, I only write HTTYD stories. Time is too valuable to me to toy with other universes, though I’d like to tinker with the DC universe.

Things to know about me and my stories:

· I will not write Gender swaps. No point in it, and Fanfiction has a bad enough reputation with that kind of stuff anyways. I write stories that build or add to the existing universe. Not flip it upside down.

· I will not include magic/super powers; the most I’ll do is what I’ve done with my OC, Ukiah; which I mimicked his “ability” after ancient Viking Warriors called Ulfhednar. So it wasn’t as outlandish.

· I will not include modern/future weapons in my stories. If so, very briefly and not being a permanent thing.

· I try not to take away from the main Protagonists. They are the reason for the universe. Not my OC’s. They deserve more than just a spotlight. They need to be the focus. Maybe not with my story specifically, but in the universe it takes place in. This is something I’m working on still.

· I WILL listen to suggestions and ideas; with the right to use, modify, or discard them. Now, do note that I really listen and use ideas. Many of my stories have been molded by some ideas PM’d to me or posted in the reviews. But they were related to the story without changing the majority of the story.

These are just some rules I try to base my stories on. And now you know where I stand! Yay!

A side note. I’m grateful for a few of those that I consider to be friends. They have helped me so much in my stories and helping me become a better writer. I hope they consider me a friend too. In no particular order, they are:


Thank you for your support and help. I hope you continue to enjoy my stories.

Stories and Brief Description/Journal (Spoilers if you haven’t read them):

1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Second Night Fury

This was the founder of all the stories I’ve written. The one that gave me the fever to write. I wrote it exactly two days after I watched the first HTTYD, being in middle of 2012. (I haven’t watched it before, due to serving a religious mission. If your curious about what I was doing and why I couldn’t watch TV, PM me. No, I’m not going to convert you. Or preach about Jesus to you. I’ll only do that if you are interested or want to just understand my beliefs.)

My first ever OC, Ukiah, was born from this story. Since it was my first story, I wasn’t as aware or concerned about character development, hence, if you read it, he is incredibly overpowered and almost all-knowing. However, it was my first story ever. I consider it a success.

2. The Dragon Boarder

Wow. What can I say about this story? It is the story that started The Dragon Boarder series, and truly made me love writing.

I simply wanted to write this story for the pure reason that it started as a self-write in. Meaning I was trying to put myself in the HTTYD universe. Hence, Matthew Haddock’s name originates from me. Matthew. My name is Matt(hew). He jokes with puns and is sarcastic, I love puns and sarcasm is my second language. And yes, I snowboard. A lot.

As the story developed, I quickly realized I couldn’t keep writing myself in; thus, Matt kind of had a slight personality change. Not huge changes, but enough to make him not me.

I didn’t realize how popular the story was, until after I compared the stats to my first story. The Second Night Fury had 77k words and 47 reviews. The Dragon Boarder had 30k words, and 50 reviews. And then the views…The Dragon Boarder almost had double of what The Second Night Fury had. In half the time it was up. That told me that it was a keeper in regards to making it a series.

And, to be honest, it’s still my favorite series to write. I have future plans to re-write this story. Now, by re-write, I’m not meaning I’m going to change everything, but clean up the grammar and such. Just to make it easier to read. And not make me vomit in my mouth.

3. The Dragon Boarder Returns, The Dragon Boarder and the Slaver, The Dragon Boarder Reclaimed: (The Dragon Boarder Series, Pre-RTTE, or Ver. 1)

I loved the Dragon Boarder, but I had issues drafting multiple sequels to it when I wanted to continue it. I had tons of crazy ideas, ones that I’m sure would have ruined the series for what it started as. At one point, I had three of Matt’s friends in Berk, all with guns, which caused a massive headache in trying to write.

Now, as a side note, I started the series before RTTE, after the first two seasons of the Dragons’ show, and after watching HTTYD 2; I had to base a lot of my sequels on what I thought was a good idea. But because of HTTYD 2, I was finally able to get a solid plot line put together, but still didn’t help me with some characters.

Character development was hard, as I didn’t really have much to base it on. Hiccup and the regulars were easy enough, since I had lots of examples to draw from; but Heather, Valka, and even Eret were a challenge to try and portray accurately. Which Heather was a complete 180 from what I portrayed her as before RTTE came out.

Heather herself was also a spur of the moment thing. I never actually intended to use her in my original draft, but felt that it was a good idea as I continued to write the chapters. So, there you go. Heather was almost NOT in the series.

Never once did I think that the series were a failure, given what I had. But I did know that it wasn’t my strongest point in writing. So I began to explore other ideas and stories. Which ended very, VERY, badly.

4. The Sand and Dragon Riders (Failed)

This story purely started out as a concept, with the hope to make it a series to replace The Dragon Boarder. In my personal life, I’ve gotten incredibly bold and good riding in the sand dunes. So I decided to write a story about a character that did it for a hobby; similar to Matt, but never had a future in making dune riding a career. His name was Kyle Bryson.

Kyle was too much of a write up and dream character that I really botched while creating. He had no flaws. He had no developments. He had no opposition in his choices, and never really struggled with those choices. He just did it without any thoughts on the consequences. Even traumatic events, such as losing his brother didn’t faze him. It was a rough story to read after I finished it. In a sense, he was a robot.

That being said, this story was so ill received, that I’m not going to continue it as a series. Perhaps I’ll re-write it, but that’s a hard maybe. I haven’t deleted it for the pure sake of reminding me of the importance of actually developing a plot. And a character.

I don’t consider it wholly a failure, but rather a step for me to move in the right direction. I can’t learn if I don’t see my mistakes; or acknowledge them.

5. Redemption of the Riders (Deleted)

The reason I’m writing about a deleted story, is to show how much it helped me personally. I’ll be brief about this.

I wanted dragons to continue to exist in our present time. I also wanted to include Hiccup and the gang too. That equals failure if you don’t have an actual plan or way to make that work. Let me explain:

The two desires didn’t match up without some sort of stupid sci-fi, unexplainable events to happen. (Mind you, Matt’s cave is unexplainable, but this story was just off the charts with what I did. And I love sci-fi stuff. Just not with HTTYD.)

This story was me chasing a fad and had no real plot or direction in it, except for maybe one point that was covered within a couple of chapters.

In short, it wasn’t well received, or supported. Nor did it build me as a writer. So, I deleted it.

6. The Dragon Boarder: Strangers

The story that revived the Dragon Boarder Series. And my motivation.

After RTTE came out, the first season, it completely resurrected the writing spirit in me. After a few failed posts, including stories (Yes, plural) that I deleted since, I was really burned out. I was about to swear off Fanfiction and only write for myself. I honestly didn’t know what I’d do.

After watching season, and seeing the opportunities that it offered, I had to get going again. To start over. To give Matt (Haddock, not me) a chance to be included in Hiccup’s adventures. And I did.

This story in particular, worked out differently than I ended up doing for the rest of the series. Instead of going with the flow in the episodes, I wrote it after season one of RTTE, and before season two. It was to help him to really develop as the Dragon Boarder, and to develop relationships with the others. Heather, Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick, everyone!

I used inspiration from an old story that I deleted in the series before RTTE, where a friend of Matt’s came to take him home. A falling out took place and they became enemies. Hence, the inspiration for the character Darien. Who, by the way, turned out to be more evil than I had intended. I also wanted it to be a girl, as one of my friends mentioned that there were very few “evil” girl characters in HTTYD. And I wanted to change that.

Fun fact of the day, I was originally going to have Matt and Astrid hook up, with Heather and Hiccup being with each other. For the pure sake that Matt had black hair like Heather’s. It was a thought I toyed around with, but decided to keep it the way it is now. And I’m glad.

7. How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup and the Vagabond

A re-write/reboot of my first story.

By this time, I had already gotten the writing bug revived, and after conversing with a friend on Fanfiction about his story(s) and mine as well, I decided to bring my first ever OC, Ukiah, back to life.

How? Well, the only way you can bring someone back! Giving him a new origin story of course!

Originally, Ukiah’s dragon was a Night Fury; hence, why it was called The Second Night Fury. Because I wanted Hiccup to still be unique and be himself with his traits and maintaining the image of being the leading protagonist in my stories, plus my ability for character development had greatly improved, I decided to give Ukiah a different unique dragon, a Sand Wraith. A dragon off the mobile game Rise of Berk and the PC/mobile game School of Dragons.

I also made his past of being a Crevite more of a mystery, given that he really didn’t know anything about himself. When he did learn some things about his heritage, such as being murders and killers; his world was rocked, and I felt it helped make his reaction more natural in the story.

Also, writing this story the way I did, let me set up the next Dragon Boarder; allowing me to bring Ukiah into the series itself.

8. The Dragon Boarder: Hiccup’s Outcast

First off, this was almost deleted halfway through. I started it out to follow along the events of the second season of RTTE, and it followed it so much so, that even the conversations between characters turned into scripts, and not even close to a conversation. Nothing about the story felt good. Nor did the plot seem deep or original. It was a terrible way to follow up the previous Dragon Boarder story.

Fortunately, I had a friend that wasn’t afraid to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. Hence, I literally re-wrote 75% of my story.

Even then, I felt this story was a risk to write. For two reasons: One, I was really contemplating on killing Matt off. Came close, but decided not to. I couldn’t do it. And two, I was introducing a character from a completely different story, trying to tie them together without it looking like a complete patch up job. That was a lot harder than it seemed at the time, as I had to make connections that would have otherwise debunked itself.

However, it was something that really stretched me as a writer, and frankly, was the best way to introduce Ukiah into the series; being one of the risks I was worried about.

I was terrified that introducing him into the series would upset people into thinking I was replacing Matt. Though that was my original intention, as you’ll read soon enough, it had the opposite effect. He helped build my series.

His past still was a mystery to readers, and the events that led to his banishment also seemed to add an unknown. I felt it was better to not go into detail, or write a story on what happened, since it helped add to his character. And it made his conversations and confessions more real. Since Matt and Heather were in the same position as the reader, not being there when he was banished, it made it more real.

Originally, as I was writing this story, I had grown obsessed with Ukiah as a character. My intention was to kill Matt off, and have Ukiah...replace him? Not exactly replace him, but to fill a spot in the gang. Hence, why Matt really almost died in the story.

9. The Dragon Boarder: Consequences

This story. I can’t tell you hate and heat that were in the PM’s, and even reviews, that I got about how upset people were when they learned what happened. My answer to that?

Me too.

This story is the one that I considered to be the best that I have ever written. Is it perfect? No! Absolutely not! But it helped me get to a point that I think is hard to get to. Killing characters.

I know I was planning to kill Matt in the previous story, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. That, and without him, it wouldn’t be the Dragon Boarder series.

Maiming Ukiah as I did, and killing Arrow the Sand Wraith, was super hard for me. Ukiah was special to me. In ways that Matt will never be. He was my first OC, and I finally got him some decent development that made him real! And then I did what I did to him. And took away the only friend that he considered to be family. I remember shaking (slightly), my heart was racing, as I wrote the fateful scene and fight that took place. I felt sick after. I remember thinking as I finished the chapter “How am I going to include him in the next story?”

Despite it all, it didn’t feel right to spare Arrow, or to keep Ukiah in perfect health. Even though I felt bad and sick for what I did, it felt good for the series.

Overall, I feel that if anything, the story helped me grow as a writer.

10. The Dragon Boarder: Closure, Acts I & II [WIP]

As the title suggests, this will conclude the RTTE seasons and stories. I don’t think it’s the end of The Dragon Boarder, but a good place to stop involving RTTE. Given than it’s ended already tv show wise.

It’ll wrap up any loose ends for everyone. Hiccup. Astrid. Stoick. The gang. Matt. Heather. Dagur. And Ukiah. All will have a personal ending.

Without giving any more information away, I will say this: It’s going to be good.

I’m genuinely excited to start this story. I’m still fine tuning the plot, but I do know that the amount of what I need to write and to include, it will need to be broken into two separate parts or acts.

That’s all I’m going to say.

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