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One moment you spend sad, that's a moment you'll never spend happy.

1 Scary Way to Break Up

One day, Sarah was walking home from school when her boyfriend drove by and honked at her to get in. She got in his car and he drove her to the lake. Her boyfriend said he was going to tell her something very important.

Sarah could have sworn he was going to propose. However, he flicked her off, pushed her in the lake and yelled, “I am breaking up with you, you awful …….!! I hate you and I think that maybe you should just end your ………….. life! DUMB ………………..!!!”

He laughed and drove off. It was a very cold day. Sarah climbed out of the lake, freezing cold, and feeling the worst she had in her entire life. She got home went in a hot bath, and slit her wrists and died in the bathtub.

Her parents yelled and screamed at her to get out until they finally broke the door down. They saw no body, but the entire bathroom was dripping with her blood. Her mom went insane and killed herself three days later, her dad is in prison, accused of murder.

Later that week, Sarah’s exboyfriend was taking a shower when she came from the drain, rotting and bloody, with a razor in her hand and said “Goodbye Jason.” She cut his throat before he could scream.

If you do not repost this with the title “1 scary way to break up”, you are a heartless …………..and Sarah come to you in the shower from the drain, and will kill you the same way she killed her boyfriend. 24 ppl have broken this chain and died

You have 13 minutes

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2 words, just 2 words. So small, yet they have so much meaning. 1 day, 1 glorious day, so short yet it has so much happiness. 1 promise, so dear that it lasts forever. "I do"
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When she died, her death was taken lightly, but the person she cared about the most still, loves, cares and remembers her. She's kept alive in his memory, she can only pass on if he forgets her. But he's not going to do that until he knows how she died. DISCONTINUED!
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The Winx and Specialists, defeated The Black Circle, and decided to stay in, Gardenia, awhile. Where they discover, their true, talent. Meanwhile, a mission, has come up, and a difficult decision, has to be made.
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