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Hello I'm gronk27

Just incase you want to know more about me and maybe understand where my ideas are coming from.


I just saw something that inspired me. And believe it or not it was on MAD. It was the short Once upon a Toon. Where classic cartoon network characters were living life like normal people and didn't have any memory of their lives on TV. And Dee Dee from dexters lab was behind it all. So anyway that got me thinking... What if I wrote a series of Once upon a toon shorts for you guys! And I thought you'd probably like that. So anyway I'm going to write a short or two. And by the way if I don't get the Roasting up in time it's because we have around six feet of snow already... So yeah it's totally October!

I live in my own little world, but it's ok! They know me here. :)

Favorite catchphrases: winning!, more awsomer, girl why you ackin so cray cray, whollygang!, I'm undefeatable!, shabam!, I'm AWSOME!

Favorite games: Pokemon, skylanders, spore, anything Mario, Pocket god, and kingdom rush, angry birds, bad piggies, pocket god jtu, my sims (all games, except party).

Favorite letter: Z

Favorite number: 27

Favorite type of game: stratagy/simulation.

Favorite food: HOT WINGS!

Nickname: Gronk

Favorite tv shows: gravity falls, adventure time, survivor, the amazing race, 6teen, total drama seasons 1,2,4, codename kids next door, my life as a teenage robot, scooby doo, MAD, dexter's lab, the powerpuff girls( who doesn't?), the grim adventures of billy and Mandy, but mostly gravity falls.

Favorite books: warriors, Percy Jackson series, Harry potter, pendragon, the hunger games, eragon, eldest, brisingr, inheritance, diary of a wimpy kid, the hobbit, lord of the rings, dragon rider, the thief lord, inkheart, inkspell, inkdeath, the lorax (who hates it?). Just to name a few.

Favorite characters of all time: misty (Pokemon), sokka (avatar the last airbender), king denas (kingdom rush), Mabel (gravity falls), soos (gravity falls), grunkle Stan (gravity falls), dipper (gravity falls), Wendy (gravity falls), quinton trembley (gravity falls), violet (my sims), dj candy (my sims), lumpy space princess (adventure time), charlie the tiger Pygmy (pocket god), nooby (pocket god comics), Patrick (spongebob), cheese (fosters home for imaginary friends), Flynn (skylanders), billy (the grim adventures of billy and Mandy), Blossom (the powerpuff girls).

Least favorite things: autocorrect, mushrooms, people who belive in the apocalypse (seriously I don't wanna belive I'm Gunna die!), accidentaly turning on a kids channel and suffering through 2 seconds of yo gabba gabba, flies, my teacher asking me if anything rymes with orange, being confused with another person, reading the giver, rotten teeth, manual on Mario kart, seeing me getting my ass kick online against a hacker, ect

Things I've never done: drunk alcohol, smoked, done drugs, partied, had a best friend, looked at the dark side of life, told someone I hate them, slammed a revolving door, nailed jello to a tree, read a book of dragon lance without putting it down and yelling about how boring it is, liked having a needle, gotten a tatoo, been surronded by smart people.

"Where others are blind I am futurely inclined..." 'lil gideon.(gravity falls)

Coming soon:

Skylanders: tales of the dark ruins chapter 3 (oct 21)

Pokemon grand tournament chapter 2 (late october/early november)

The very first pocket god story on fanfiction (TBA)

Toad quest update (extremely long and needs to be proofread by my editor, who wishes to remain anonymous,to will have it done by mid December)

Remember the more popular my stories are the quicker they're updated (stotdr 81 views, toad quest 6. Do the math fans.

"Hurry before it scrapdoodles away!" old man mcgucket.(gravity falls)

Latest news:

It's almost hallows eve (or as you less literally inclined people would say Halloween) and lots of Halloween Tv specials have been playing, I especially enjoyed gravity falls summerween episode, it was so funny! Taking something as simple as the candy at the bottom of the bag that no one likes and turning it into a monster made me like the show even more, as well as a lazy Susan confusing a witch for a chimney sweep, a super hero with the elephant man, a candy costume with a squeegee, and a jam costume with an ant farm. Also just before the opening them is one of my favorite parts in the series yet, and for anyone else who watched it, who wants to see gorney again in another episode (I've been twamatized!). :) (it's my favorite show!)

Update delay again sorry!

Sneak peek at skylanders tales of the dark ruins chapter 4: The Roasting.

Icarus opened the door smiling and cheerfully stated "happy Halloween!, whoa man! Nice costume, what are you supposed to be?"

"uhh..." a chilling voice began.

"no wait let me guess this one, skull mask, ripped cloak, what is that? A tech skylander with a mace for a tail, oh I got it! You're an dead portal master!" Icarus responded cluelessly. "you deserve extra candy for that costume!"

"Candy?!" replied the Figure. "I'd rather have ghosts., do you have any ghosts, or perhaps a portal master, named EON!"

Icarus slammed the door just as the figure turned into a giant floating skull and smacked into the door, and he could hear his voice yelling 'COME OUT EON, MY MASTER WANTS YOu DEAD!'.

"oh my god!, oh my god!, guys we have a problem, a very big problem!" Icarus yelled while running down the decorated hallway...

If I get 400 views on the story (were at 215) I'll publish a sneak peek of the chapter wrecking brawl!

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