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I was informed, that one of my stories was removed due to the fact it was written in script form. I spent a month writing that story, and I put my heart into it. However, has decided to crack down on chat/script fanfics all of a sudden, so odds are i won't be able to do future fanfics here, since I'm not changing the way I write. I've been doing fanfics in chat/script form for a year, and has decided now to inform me that I can't do it like that.

So, unless changes its policy, I'm afraid I'll have to say goodbye. If that happens, my fanfics will be available at the following website: (Expectfuture fanfics to appear on here.)

So, if I have to leave's, their loss will be TLZ's gain.

If this is the end of my fanfics at, then I want to thank for their service over the past year and really thank the writers of Futurama fanfics. Funny how it is close the one year anniversary of Futurama's last episode. I never expected this to mark the potiental end of my use of for submitting my fanfics. However, it doesn't have to be, if reconsiders on their policy. I'm not the only writer who writes in script form.

I also want to inform writers who admire my work to check out the TLZ to see when future fanfics of mine appear on that website.

Well, has removed another one of my stories, so I've pulled all of my stories. You can now read them at the websites mentioned upon.

I'm one of the biggest fans of Futurama. I'd say "the" biggest fan, but I don't want to offend anybody esp. the real die hard fans, they scare even me. I'm happy to thank the fanfiction writers that got me influenced to start doing fanfictions of my own. I hope you all will read and review my work because that would be so sweet.

SpyOrama can now be seen, in fan art form. Thanks to my friend Silvertide, he has drawn pictures of Futurama characters in their spy form. They are available at under the fanart sections. They were drawn by Silvertide so they are under his name. I just colored the pictures. I want to thank Silvertide for allowing my vision of SpyOrama to be shared with rest of Futurama fans.

You can see Amy as Jinx
Zoidberg in his Oddjob suit.
Bender as Ironfinger
Fry and Leela as Agents 014 and 1BDI

and there is more to come.

Silvertide is retiring from doing fan art for me, but I've managed to fine a few new artist who wnat to take his place. Their works are available at TLZ.

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