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circumlocution (ˌsərkəmˌlōˈkyo͞oSHən)

noun: the use of many words where fewer would do, esp. in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive.


Scarlet: FINALLY! Geez, how long were you trying to keep this space empty, Gellie? It looked so... so... BLANK!

Gellie: Who are you to be scolding me? It's not like I didn't try to ask you to write a profile together! You were always saying: "I wanna finish this fanfiction..." and I had to forget about it!

Scarlet: What? You never asked me! You were too busy looking at our story traffic! I had to do SOMETHING while you were obsessing over how many people were visiting our collaboration. Che.

Gellie: Well... Well... Well... I like reviews!

Scarlet: Yeah, and will send you an email when we get one! Chill for a Jashindamned minute! Baka! *bops head*

Gellie: Stop insulting me. ...Aren't we supposed to take notes from the science textbook now? What if a teacher sees us typing a profile when we are supposed to be taking notes?

Scarlet: No, we're supposed to be taking notes from a social studies textbook. Geez, the fat thing is right in front of you.

Gellie: It's the same idea! We're not doing our work! What if we get caught?

Scarlet: Who cares. Not me. Also, we're in a library. The teacher's not here. And if you don't wanna tell me, I can always search him up. And besides, I doubt this actually qualifies as a profile. We're supposed to TELL about ourselves, not argue and have a running commentary...

Gellie: Well, he— Hey! An idiot just came and looked at our computer and said "What are you doing?" Btw, he's so short. Even shorter than you, Scarlet.

Scarlet: Tch. Don't diss the height. I'm allowed to be shorter than you remember? Age difference! And stop writing chat talk. Btw=By the way. Use it. And his name's Alan. Not idiot. Or short person.

Gellie: You know what? I think we really need to start working on our notes.

Scarlet: Notes are stupid.

Gellie: Someone review please! I really want one!

Scarlet: And here goes the off tangent and shameless advertising all over again...

Gellie: I'm NOT shamelessly advertising our story! I'm... I'm... politely asking people to comment!

Scarlet: Uh-huh. Yeah, right. Anyways! Hi, I'm Scarlet. I have my own account called "The Shuiro Amaya". I'll give story that comes my way a try, even if they're about things I've never read or watched. I can't write romance without it looking like shit and too much fluff sickens me.

Gellie: Hi! I'm Gellie, which is quite obvious. My other account on fanfiction is RosAangel Naito and I had written one fanfiction for Prince of Tennis! Unlike Scarlet, I can write romance but I will refuse kissing scenes and other fluffy stuff. Well, I will tolerate a smooch if it is necessary. My grammar sucks.

Scarlet: Yeah, and I constantly have to clean up after her!

Gellie: Thanks for the comment. You know, you should really be more nice to your dear friend Gellie.

Scarlet: Nope.

Gellie: Oh, I just decided to make our avatar to a Kira-QB!

Scarlet: So?

Gellie: I adore Kirakishou and you adore that b*stard QB so...combination!

Scarlet: Baka. Don't swear. And QB isn't a bas— bleep! Take that back, bi— bleep! Hey! Stop censoring my words!

Gellie: You little ewe!

Scarlet: The frick? Is that your idea of an insult? Che

Gellie: Because sheeps are stupid.

Scarlet: Huh? It's not sheeps, it's sheep.

Gellie: I call you stupid, and you pay attention to my grammar?

Scarlet: Well, it's the only thing worth paying attention to...

Gellie: Did you just imply that I'm worthless????

Scarlet: I didn't imply it, I practically TOLD you.

Gellie: Why you little–!

Chatty (Friend; Account name: K.A. Le Chat): Do you guys know what a oneshot is?

Scarlet & Gellie: ...

Chatty: HELLO??? Did you hear my question?

Scarlet & Gellie: It's a story with only one chapter...

Chatty: Thanks! (runs away)

Gellie: ...Where were we again?

Scarlet: *shrugs*

Writing Distinction!

Gellie: SO! We decided to make a section about how to tell Scarlet's writing and my writing apart!

Scarlet: More like you decided! It's obvious whose writing is whose.

Gellie: Hey... But it is you who suggested putting this on our profile, you— What do you mean by obvious?

Scarlet: Like this: When the writing is deep, poetic, and beautiful, it's ME! Yours is just normal.


Scarlet: ... *slanting eyes* No, you can't write "deep, poetic, and beautiful" things. :P :P :P


Scarlet: No it's not. You assigned it to me, which means I don't have to follow it. And don't you mean "deyo"? :)

Gellie: DAH-yo! And what's with the emoticons today?

Scarlet: Hmph. I like emoticons! And it's DE-yo. Like YUKIHANI!

Gellie: I'm going to sleep... bye.

Scarlet: BAKAAAA! Gellie, I'm gonna pinch you until you wak—


Scarlet: Good. Then it accomplishe— HEY! DON'T GO BACK TO SLEEP!

Gellie: FINE! MADA MADA DA NE! Back to original topic, how do we tell our writing styles apart?

Scarlet: Whatever.

Gellie: KK Let's talk about apples instead!

An apple is crunchy and juicy and their colors can vary from green to dark red.

Scarlet: My turn.

It's red, like my name.


Scarlet: Not really.


Scarlet: *pause* Fine.

An apple grows from a tree that grows from a seed that came from a fallen apple.

There. Happy?

Gellie: 无语中…… (speechless)

(Scarlet: But seriously. We're two different types of writers.

Gellie is what I like to call the clumsy idea writer. She comes up with the main storyline, the chapter by chapter progression, and proceeds to write each chapter, or at least start the beginning so that I will finally join in, doggedly, which is really an admirable trait. At the same time though, wielding the English language can sometimes be a bit hard for her, so she needs a beta to comb through her work. She likes to spam the word "well" which is something I'm trying to change.

And me? I'm the lazy abstract writer. I'm that person you never want to be paired up with for a project, because I won't do anything immediately useful unless you nag me for days on end, and then I'll probably just cram everything together the day before the deadline. If I do anything before you kick my ass into gear, it's likely to be some piece of work that's only going to come into play over ten chapters later as the prologue for for the second arc. Cough cough hypothetically.)




So something about me?

I love drawing, reading, writing, singing and... eating! I mean, food is awesome!

I have two dogs. One is called Gurgle (well, the translation Chinese from says Gurgle...) and the other is Kitty. I know, calling a dog 'kitty' is weird. But hey! I know someone who has a cat named ‘doggy!'

I'm planning to draw a manga version of our story when I get my base stable. I'm working very hard in sketching classes and other art classes to achieve this!

I'm only good at drawing faces and hair and I suck at drawing the body... So recently I have been staring at people's legs and hands to get better. I only draw girls but I know I have to learn to draw boys too...

Ha ha ha... So here you have a strange girl staring at boys to learn how to draw them, and she's not interested in them at all. Aren't I? Well... I actually want to buy models of the human body, both man and women... NAKED because I want to examine them. Sigh. I know this is very awkward but I really want to be able to draw anything!!! Maybe all I need a book that explains the difference between man and girls and how their bones and muscle shape are different. Yes, I need one, I don't want to really buy the models! Maybe I should buy a huge load of man barbie dolls?

Oh, also, I'm only interested in anime guys, not the guys in the 3D world. Sigh... I have to wait for their hormones to die down first before I start liking them. They are acting too stupid now because they are in puberty. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.


I like to listen to a variety of music. I don't like going with the flow and listening to music because it is very popular to others. So I listen to Rock, Gothic music, Pop, Japanese/Anime songs, music made by instruments, and opera.

My favorite rock bands are Paramore, Within Temptation, and Evanescence. They say that Evanescence is more Gothic than rock but I think it is both. I also like Nightwish too. I don't like Pop that much but I will listen to it because of it's lyrics.

I also like listening to music made by traditional Chinese instruments because they give me peace, and the music is pure and clean.

I like the Er Hu for it's sometimes sorrowful sounds and it's high pitched, bright, energetic music. If you ever wonder what an Er Hu sounds like, you can listen to Dragonia by Nana Mitzuhi. The strange, violin-like music is made by the Er Hu.

Another favorite instrument of mine is the Gu Zheng because of the clear, bell-like, notes they make. It's the same with the Pi-pa. I think the best Pi-pa music that had done the best job with combining the elements of present day music and traditional style is done by Lin-hai(林海).

Lin-hai's album Pi-pa Xiang is the best!

Goal(s) in Life: Travel around the world and extract elements from all different kinds of art, combine them together and find my own style. I want to have a unique style like Picasso, one that all will recognize by looking at the artwork. Sadly, I'm afraid that this dream might not be fulfilled. Mom fears that I will become one of those "starving artists" and die... So I've decided to either start my own manga/anime production company. But I don't want to be stuck with drawing anime all my life though. I want to become an artist, not an manga artist. Whatever will happen in the future, I don't know, but I should work hard now. I'm only fourteen, there's still some time.

Scarlet! Cha! Shannaro!

'Bout me!

Yo! Hmm... about me?

I read obsessively. Literally. If I'm not on the computer reading and favoriting fanfiction (there's a reason I had about 3,000 favorites on my other account, although I've cut it down to 200 now), then I'm walking around, up, and down the stairs holding a book. In Gellie's opinion, I can finish five-ten books a day, depending on the length. My record for finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is 3 hours 15 minutes, so yeah.

I write too. Duh. I have a rather instinctive grasp of grammar, but come on! How much can a 13 year old know? I don't really pay attention to how the sentence is structured, I just change it until it sounds right to me.

I have no real muse; I just have to kick my ass into gear (or ask Gellie to do it for me) and then I'll generally start writing. I guess I can phrase it this way: I don't need too much inspiration... Just motivation.

I'm the kind of person that, once they see all the mistakes they made after posting their chapter, will go back and redo them. And once they see all the mistakes in the redone version, they'll go back and fix it again. So chances are, if you didn't understand something we wrote, I'll realize it and fix it. And if I don't fix it, just tell me and I will.

I'm a year younger than Gellie, but we're great friends and in the same grade.

I have a penchant for swearing. Gellie constantly tells me that I'm too young to use the language that I do. Honestly, I don't care. Should I?


Random Facts About You (Of course not, it's about ME.)

I'm rather... odd, but isn't everyone?

I can be annoyingly childish at times, but then at others I become solemn and withdrawn. I can be increasingly and increasingly serious but then I will start chanting about some random subject in a peppy voice.

I believe that maturity has nothing to do with growing older and everything to do with how you view yourself. And I view myself as a... 5 year old... plant.

I enjoy inside jokes and how nobody else seems to get them, but I am unhappy when I don't understand another person's inside joke.

I am an employer of "A life for an eye" policy, aka. I take more from the person who has taken from me than said person took from me.

I read everything I can get my hands on, and although I have stories I don't like as much as others, I have never really outright disliked a story (not even Mary-Sues; I just find them hilarious), no matter what I may have said. I have a pretty fast reading speed, and one of my favorite places to be is the library. Another is in front of my computer.

I can't write humor or action, which I blame on my strange sense of humor and lack of visualization, but I deal well enough with the types of writing that fall under the categories of mild angst and poetry.

I hope that I am one of those that can be counted as "creative."

I won a short story writing contest once by writing a reflective journal entry that had no elements of a short story; my teacher published a speech of mine that was actually a poem in the newspaper; I suppose it can be gathered that I have an aversion to conforming to the status quo when writing.

Vocabulary could be said to be one of my strengths, since I score pretty well on the linguistic sections of the SSATs and CTP4s and I come up with the chapter titles in our story.

Yes, I do have a proclivity for short and simple. And yes, I do like complicated words.

My favorite bands are t.A.T.u, Paramore, Evanescence, Within Temptation (Gellie intro-ed the first and last to me, while I introduced the middle two to Gellie), and Simple Plan. I haven't listened to much Nightwish, but one day I'll get around to adding some of their songs to my iTunes. I like Japanese songs too, and I'm pretty interested in Japanese things overall.

Goal(s) In Life:

As in what I'm shooting for in the next... 7 years? So till I turn 20?

As of the moment? Nebulous. Nascent.

I guess I want to go to college... But at the same time, I have no idea which college I want to go to, or what I want to major in... or what jobs I'm going to look for... Damn, I'm screwed.


Gellie: So, here is the promised explanation of WHY YOU SHOULD NOT FLAME!

Scarlet: It's simple, seriously.

Gellie: First of all, even though Scarlet is just 13 years old, she has a very... extensive vocabulary.

Scarlet: Simply meaning, I can swear like a sailor. I blame Hidan!

Gellie: Yeah. And she's good at giving tongue lashings to anyone who tries to provoke her.

Scarlet: Gellie, on the other hand, is the violent one. I once took a survey that said I was good at self-control, aka. controlling my emotions, but when it comes to anger, Gellie won't hold back. Sooo... don't get on her bad side. It's not a good place to be, and she can get pretty vicious even on paper, or over the internet.

Gellie: Yah... I think I have anger problems... Like my mom...

Scarlet: Basically, don't flame.

Gellie: Or it'll be two against one, and it won't be pretty.

Scarlet: Well, if you want to get thoroughly cussed out then... be my guest, seriously.

Gellie and Scarlet: Just a warning!

Scarlet: Yeah...


Scarlet: I am not a f— bleeping clone!

Gellie: Hehe.

Scarlet: GELLIE! What did I tell you about censoring?????!!!

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