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Whoah, hey! Another blank slate! (Why am I running into so many of those lately?

Well, anyway, I'm daisyfairy42, yes I am also daisyfairy42 on dev art and youtube.

I am a major geek; gaming, writing and reading comics of course. Now, just because I'm tired of these sites that ask the same questions and have me writing paragraph long answers, I'm gonna cover the less common stuff. :)

What kind of writer am I?

I would probably say...a new writer. I'm still trying to find the writing genre I like best, and I'm trying to get used to the idea of fan fics not original work still. But I have written a few originals, some in progress and some finished, but the finished ones are short.

What hand do I use to write with?

Lefty. Yup. Now none of you can say "OMGZ YOUR A LEFTY?!!?!?!"

What kind of videogames/anime/manga do I read?

I enjoy most action adventure RPGs, especially LoZ and SOTC (Shadow of the Colossus)

Anime/manga I have a very wide array of stuff I like, Deathnote, Real Bout Highschool, Hellsing, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Black Butler, You get the point. Only thing anime I found that I didn't like was the english dub of Fruits Basket & L's Death.

Hobbies! Now! Tell Me!

Alright, alright! Racing (Quartermidgets), drawing, writing, reading, gaming. Ya. Lots o hobbies keeps me busy pretty often. But at least enjoying reading means that I don't really need to consider reading homework. :D Teacher: Read for 20 mins and write a summary! Me: Alright! 20 mins I'm not doing anything but reading!

Alright. I'm running out of stuff, so I'll just update my profile when I think of something I missed.

Which I probably did, knowing me.


12/27/12 8:04 PM

LoZ OOT: Oh! Sorry guys for taking forever! Things got busy...

Vivica Wright: (No title yet) No, not a Phoenix Wright story, she's just distantly related, but a deathnote story, an alternate storyline that takes place directly after L dies. (T_T) This story will be going up once LoZ is finished. It's the at school project. So excited to put this up..*laughs evilly* Oh..wait. Zelda first. Oops. *melts* Maybe after I fill one notebook I'll do one short demo chapter...

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Beyond all sanity by Spark of the forgotten reviews
This is the untold story of Beyond Birthday, The man behind the LABB murder case. What happen after he was imprisoned? He wasn't killed by Kira, that's for sure. In fact, it's because of Kira he has escaped, but we will get to that later. Read if you dare.
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