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Why are you on

I'm here to prove Sturgeon's law false :p I'm here to write and get motivatde to write. Writing is a hobby, but more often than not I end up starting something and never finishing it. Too many half dead projects in my folders, too many time spent without any clear result at the end. I’m here to get that small push in the back, to know someone is waiting for my work, to get those precious reviews that never fail to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. And I know I also need to participate too, so I plan to read a lot and comment a lot.

What does the word ‘Fanfiction’ means to you?

In my opinion, a fanfiction is anything that takes place in one canon universe, but with a few different chosen premises. Such premises can range from something extremely minor, like a shift in point of view or a single minor event, to something so different that it became independent from its canon counterpart. In any case, fanfictions are stories its creator took the time to write and we, the time to read. It means a lot on both sides, whether the writing is good or bad. You should respect the work of others, and only then can you expect some respect in return.

What have you written of significance in your life?

I took part in a RP forum online for a couple of months, posting about three pages every day. It’s a French Claymore forum, if any of you are interested, although I won’t say my user name as this would go against the privacy policy of I also held a blog for 50 consecutive days, writing critiques of games and talking about game design in lots of detail. The cumulative text of this blog is about of 40k words. I have a running project; a low-fantasy time travel psychotic horror genre, but right now it’s on standby. I can’t count the number of short stories I wrote, but anything of less than 15 pages isn’t worth mentioning.

What got you to

Franckly, As Time Diverge: the Mitakihara Case, a fanfic from NaXyld. I’m a Puella Magi fan. When I read NyXyld’s fic, I felt the urge to write a story of my own, that I could make it real, solid, next to every other fanfics out there. I read other fics on the manga, like Madoka Magika Veneciful Puella and they are for the most part very good, but what NaXyld gave me was the idea! I had my own idea for my own fanfiction. That’s all it took me to register on the website and start writing like madness. Puella Magi Kiseki Magica is my first fanfic ever. I hope it turns out well.

What do you do outside of writing?

I’m a full time student, working part time, writing part time, with extracurricular activities all the while giving supplementary lessons to other students of college, and I still have a life. I have four or five book beside my bed, in my locker, in my school bag, at work, well everywhere in fact. I like playing pool with my friends at lunch time, and I’m absolutely nuts when it comes to chess and other table games (Go, shogi, xianqi, checkers, backgammon, Mah-jong… well you’re getting my trip). I have Dungeons and Dragons playing sessions every two weeks. I used to play Magic the gathering: the card game but recently my Fridays’ night had been pretty occupied (I wonder why). Other than all that, I’m somewhat of a laidback person. Oh, and did you knew that TvTropes will ruin your life?

What are your favorite mangas?

In decreasing order, from ‘All star favorite’ to ‘Plain good manga’ (Note, those are all mangas/animes I liked):

Tower of God


Franken Fran

Death Note

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

Puella Magi Madoka Magika

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Ef a Tale of Memories



Code Lyoko

Elfen Lied

Pandora Heart

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Avatar: the Last Air Bender



Soul Eater

Zero no Tsukaima


Chibi vampire

Kashimashi Girl Meet Girl

To Aru no Index

Deadman Wonderland

Rosario Vampire

Dance in the Vampire Bund



Earth Maiden Arjuna

Shakugan no Shana

Mysterious Girlfriend X

What are your favorites? Book? Movie? Etc.

Book: Le dernier jours de ma vie (I think there is no equivalent in english, or maybe it's just impossible to find)

Movie: Afterwards

Series: Fringe

Fanfic: Luminosity, A reimagining of Twilight

Game: Chess and Alice's Chess

Video game: Super Smash Bros Melee (I don’t like Brawl all that much)

Music: Lotus-Jalan Jalan


I’m open to challenges and co-op projects.

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