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whaddaya know? I don't know what to say about myself...

Favorite Anime: All GUNDAM ANIME, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail

Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts, STAR WARS

My Original Fanfic Idea-Creation(s)


Name: Darth Ralan
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm (don’t know about those foot-feet measurement)
Relatives: TBA
Special Ability(s): All Force Powers known BOTH light-side and darkside, Elemental Manipulation, Glowing Hand Technique*.
Weapon(s): 2x DC-17 Handblaster, 1x DC-09 Blaster Rifle (visualise the weapon that was used in Universal Soldier: The Return fused with the AS-KR1, the barrel is from M107 Sniper Rifle, has sniper Scope and the scope can be connected to the Helmet visor via retractable cable, providing deadly accuracy). 2x Normal Lightsaber (s), 1 Double-bladed Lightsaber, 1 Magna-staff*.
Appearance: Still working on it. Rough sketch, he’s using an ARC Trooper Phase 1 Armor, Helmet is like those Medieval Knights during the Crusades (check for those that hide the faces) but it's Pattern is like Kanohi Ignika*
Personal detail: Not Much... (still in progress but I guarantee you that this guy will be awesome; he's more like my personification). Like any average STAR WARS char. you know, particularly the SithLord (notice the Darth title see? :D...) but what i can tel you now is this:
General Iggy, the famed general in the Clone War nicknamed the “Dragon Lord”. Leader of the Legendary 913th Division of the UN Joint-coalition army a.k.a. the Greyhawks Legion.
Participating in the war during many operations, all of them are the key-events and the turning points of the war. Such as Reoccupation of New York city, Leader Rescue Operation which happened in some places like the Exodus on Stonehenge, 3rd Siege of Jerusalem, 2nd Battle of Sekigahara, Failed massacre at St Peter Square, Avalanche of Everest, the Barrier of Mecca and most of all the event that make him famous in the war, The 2nd siege of Hero’s City, which also where he got his nickname.
By the end of the war, charged with implication of becoming a Dark lord of the Sith by the title of Darth Ralan.Exiled from earth-space waiting for further investigation. Contact was lost on August 31st at the debris belt. Status Unknown, presumed to be dead; until now.

Name : Takuya Inoue
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm (don’t know about those foot-feet measurement)
Relatives: Unohana Retsu (unofficial Wife), Orihime Inoue
Special Ability(s): Expert Kido PractitionerExpert Zanjutsu Practitioner HIGH Reiatsu affinity Hollow Ability -- the 1st Vizard
Weapon(s): 1 Tachi-like Zanpakuto strap on the back
Division Rank: Former taicho of the 4th Division, predecessor of Captain Unohana
Personality: kind, compassionate, loyal, little bit flirting with girls but little bit shy
Likes and Loves: Melons, Ice Cream, Popcorn, Mint Candies, Noodles, sushi, little children (NOT a pedophile)
Dislikes: Bullies
Appearance: He’s like any normal shinigami, but use the scarf like Byakuya and has gauntlet on both of his arm (secret med kit compartment and communication). Captain’s haori is sleevelessand has pauldron like Komamura’s like Eye-color: Ruby

Shikai Release: Jiyū to seigi (自由と正義); visualize a double-bladed sword (like the one used by Cao PI in DW 5) form of the Hora Sword from RF-Online
Shikai Special Ability: Vajra Jiyū to seigi -- the sword will emit beam on their blade; it enabled the blade to be able to parry kido spell and pierce any barrier at some extent. Any soul that’s stroke in this sword will instantly purified and passed to the soul society (instant konso).
Bankai Release: Eien no jiyū to seigi (永遠の自由と正義); visualize an evolved form of the shikai, this time it looks like Raisen from Onimusha 3: Demon Siege but the blade looks like the Tactical Arm IIL (used in Gundam SEED Astray by the Astray Blue Frame 2ndL and Astray Red Frame Kai respectively) but has a slight alteration affected by the GN Full Saber that belongs to Gundam 00 [Qan]-t. The body of the user will sprout wings like SF’s The Wings of Light but it’s not attached.
Bankai Special Ability :
Sabaki to Hyoketsu -- the sword and the user will glow
1st Form METEOR -- the sword transform into a giant Mega Particle Cannon like the one belongs to Hyaku Shiki in Zeta Gundam, it amplifies any kido spell that’s used 10x stronger and 10x accurate
2nd Form Lancer -- the sword will separate into 2 blade.
3rd Form Firefly -- the sword disperse into 10 pieces, transforming into a firefly-like entity. It’s ability is almost like Zenbonsakura Kakeyoshi but also has the ability to shoot concentrated reiatsu like Quincy arrow (in short it’s a Bleach version of DRAGOON/funnel)
4th Form Phantom -- the sword will separate into 5 pieces, creating a pyramid-like barrier surrounding the user
Sabaki to sukui no Asclepius-- after the enemy is killed or defeated, the sword will drain their reiatsu completely and it will spread a snow-like particle into the air and it will heal any fatigue.

Zanpakuto Relase Command:

Personal detail: TBA - read the story...

MY DEEP SOOORRRYYY for those Kenpachi-Unohana Lover

Name: "Hollow Dragon Card Manipulator" Miyamoto Ryuujin
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm (don’t know about those foot-feet measurement)
Relatives: TBA
Special Ability(s): Summoner.
Weapon(s): Dragon Deck
Personal detail: -

Items, objects, etc.:

The Glowing Palm Technique: for those who knows the Legend of Condor Heroes and the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber Novel by Jin Yong, notice the tech. that's used by the pugilist like the 18-palms of Subduing Dragon, The Dog-Beating Staff and the 9 Yin or the 9 Yang Divine Technique. The Glowing Palm Technique is much more powerful than those. It can negate the other tech. attacks (which made it a good defense) and it will instantly kill any opponent punch by it (details: it blocks chi distribution then it disrupts the Impulse transmission in the Nervous System first at the location where the palm hit then it disrupts the spinal Cords and the brain. Need a serious mental-discipline and high level of chi mangement-distribution to practice it or the user will gone mad and die). Side effects: while in use, the palm of the user will glow with a color accordingly their user's personalityl the highest form will be Gold. (hard to understand? then perhaps just visualize the Shining Finger, Burning Finger, and Hand of Darkness as a Martial Arts Discipline. XD)

Magna Staff: not to be confused with the staff that's used by Mganaguards in Star Wars, but imagine it like the Fusion of Combistick and Glaive (from Predator Concrete Jungle), and it can also become single bladed or double-bladed Lightsaber, even a beam Scythe. while in Combistick mode, it more like a spear.

DISCLAIMER: I Only own the characters or objects mentioned above and the stories which they are present; the original storyline, ideas and the other charactersbelonged to their respective owners. :)

Current Project:

1) the Great MIx-plan:
spoiler: spotlight for all anti-hero... current protagonist will be
-Witch King of Angmar (from Lord of The Rings)
-Korrag the Knight Wolf (from Power Rangers Mystic Force)
-Scarface (from Predator Concrete Jungle)
-Kamen Rider Knight-Survive mode (from Kamen Rider Ryuki/Dragon Knight; this time there will be no Trent or whoever the kamen Raider will revret back, permanently in the Raider Form)
-Igneel (not to be confused with Igneel the Fire dragon from Fairy Tail, but yes... this guy is Igneel except in human form, visualize him in the Red Rathalos Armor in Monster Hunter or you can search Hobby Link Japan and type Fencer liolaeus or something like that)
-the Gundams (the gundam will have the personality like their respective pilot. During their normal(sealed) form, they look like their SD-counterpart, but if in battlemode, the will be in their normal form, in anime/gunpla. in this Universe they have an Order like the Jedi Order

2) Bleach : Origins - the 1st Visored

3) Vanguards: Original Adventures
more details about those cards in cardfight vanguard. Suggested Romance from different nations

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