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Hey, everybody. I figured I'd post updates here about how the writings going, just to give everyone an idea of when the next chapter will be up. I tried sticking to an every 2nd Sunday schedule, but school sucks and Engineering is hard. I'll update this whenever I can.

Update (12/12/2016): My exam period ends on the 21st, so hopefully I'll be able to get some writing done before class starts again on the 5th.

Update (01/04/2017): I wanted to get more writing done over the break. Yea, that didn't happen. Hopefully I'll be able to get a chapter out before the 15th though.

Update (05/04/2017): I decided that I didn't like a lot of what I had written, so I'm rewriting all of it except chapter 1 because that was the only one I liked the way it was.

The Burdens we Bear

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AU: Sequel to "Always in Repair" and "Believe in Yesterday." Even after surviving the fall, another war, and an epidemic, there is no predicting the fate that awaits a dying Cocoon and the Settlement in its shadow. Hope fights for the future, but Lightning holds tight to the past. Rated M for adult and eventual dark themes.
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This is the story about a bullied teenage girl named Zelda who meets Link, a Hylian werewolf and his pack. She's forced to leave her home and family to join them after witnessing the impossible. The girl who never got a second look from anyone will soon become a legend—alongside her new family and of course, Link. T for strong language, sexual content, and violence ZELINK
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Alone Together by Exploding Dandelion reviews
It starts off in the most normal way possible. It isn't normal because of the things that would follow, but at the time they are seen as completely everyday things. Not special. Not romantic. They had no spark. He just needed a ride home.
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Twenty years after the fall off Cocoon, Lightning Farron awakens to a Pulse embroiled in war. Now she and the l'cie, aided by remnants of the Guardian Corps and Calvary must fight to free the citizens of Cocoon from a corrupt government. However, her friends are not what she remembers, and much has changed since she entered crystal stasis.
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