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This is Lucidiagoth

I will not type much for my intro, for my intro is on my fail safe fan fiction account.


If you wanna know about me

then you have to know about me

While on one account I will be writing about my characters entering a story line

On this account, I will create mash-ups that would range from possible to impossible.

If you're ready to read my story, then jump right in

Thanks for reading, and leave me reviews



9/20/2012 update

For some reason my. other account is slightly glitched at times, I will also be writing all of her stories (my stories) for her

10/06/2012 update

Sry for the delay in chapters, was grounded, so ill bye posting a little late today

10/8/2012 update

I encourage my readers to read the Secrets of the Time gate. I also encourage that you will leave suggestions for hero's, what happens next and other things. I just crated a poll for you to openly participate in until the end of the week. Pleas e answer, and I will begin typing the next chapter in the story.

(If you want small spoiler alerts or your own creative heroes, PM (personal message) me.


10/24/2012 update

I have wrote a bunch of new fictions and chapters recently, so it might take longer than I wanted to type my longer chapters. You'll get an email when I have completed your chapter. Be patient


November update

I will now be writing some of my longer chapters o here, but remember because they are long doesn't mean that I am not trying to get all the stories out there. This month, expect to see the second chapter of The fogbound region in the middle, The Dragon ball story I wrote, and up to the twelfth chapter of The Secrets of the Timegate, along side with a brand new story, featuring a survival plot of some of anime's best! Stay tuned in fellow followers, you don't wanna miss out this month.

11/13/12 update

Change in title for one of my books. Secrets of the Timegate will have an altered chapter title because I will be continuing this story in another book.

11/16/2012 update

In honor of dead day, I will be writing on my next chapter in a few days, honoring those who have died in drunk driving incidents. Have a glorious Dead Day, and please remember to watch your drinking


11/21/2012 update

Sad news to the readers of the story Secrets of the Timegate: The Beginning Conflict. But no need to worry, for I have good news to inform you of too.

First, the story is almost over, but only the first part of the story. Once I reach a specific scene in the story, it will pickup with a new character, continuing the story of Jennabell and Devon and friends.

The good news, I haven't come up with a perfect name or hero idea for the new person, so I strongly encourage everyone who wants to participate in my next story to submit me an idea, or a link to their idea they posted on their lost saga website. The winner who is selected randomly will be the antagonist, and the second place winner will be the protagonist. So please, my fellow readers, send me a numerous number of entries, and I will get back to you.

Also, If you are one of the 27 readers reading the Total Drama, I have good news for you to. Please, and I ask you this with great encouragement, I have no cast yet, other than Kanni. I need 20 people for the cast, and I have none. The first 20PM's will be the cast. Just send me a general description, send me a description, and any tid bits you want me to add when the characters get interviewed.


To all my readers, expect a new Lost Saga book to be aired when I finish secrets. There are only 6 chapters left, and then the installment of the next bopok will be at hand.

12/12/12 update

To my readers...

The countdown is set to 9

be warry, and if there is anything you need to know, you need only ask.

Oh, and if you like my story and ave astros on and play lost saga, a gear design or sickly male eyes would be great for me, ZachFair.

1/16/13 UPDATE!

wil be staying on fan fiction permanently and quote's working on sequel taking all story ideas that you-pm me into consideration also will be posting longest story ever in bout a week, so say tuned!!!!@thankyou

Is is possible to make a fanfiction on the rules for fanfiction, saying you have to write a fanfiction about a pre-existing thing? Is that a loophole I can use to post my own stories of the net????

Final Update

Its been a while since Ive been on here, but this is my final login for this website. Of you wish to join me in my reading, follow me on a website called, follow me on Tublr (lucidiagoth . tumblr) or, just read what I have wrote. I will have a new book out on my longest story here.

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