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I will start off by saying my profile picture is Romania (from Hetalia) because I myself am Romanian, and he's so KAWAI!

I COULDN'T THINK OF SOMETHING CREATIVE TO START THIS MESSAGE WITH: I don't know what this is, a warning or something... maybe? Whatever it is, THIS is here to let you know the followed fact: I am a sporadic writer. That means I don't have an update schedule of updates (most times, for some special cases I do), and I will probably have a shit ton of in-progress stories all at one time. BUT I DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, DISCONTINUE A STORY! It might take me a while to update, but I WILL.

WELCOME, FELLOW PERVERTS! And if not perverts, YAOI FANS! But let's face it, if you're here, you're probably both...

Now, I just feel it fair to let you all know, I am a pervert. And a yaoi fan. And a pervert. With way too much free time. A combination of these attributes can only result in one thing, AN OBSCENE AMOUNT OF YAOI FILLED FANFIC's! Also, another waning, I swear. A fucking lot. DEAL WITH IT. I am not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance. Also, since this is my profile, expect rants on just about fucking everything. DEAL. WITH. IT. No more warnings, you should be able to figure shit out on your own.

Also, I have a thing for yaoi threesomes. PROBLEM?

I LOVE YAOI! Remember that before you proceed to read this profile/my fanfic's. They will be full of sexy yaoi boy on boy goodness.


RANT NO. 1: I FUCKING LOVE THE WORD FUCK. This is less a rant than it is a praise. Of the word fuck. Fuck is always there for you, like a best friend or an old blanket. I don't know about you, but I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I use the word fuck. Because it's there when you can't say anything else. It's there when you really need to show your anger. IT'S ALWAYS THERE. Need a readily available curse word? Fuck. Hurt yourself? Fuck. Swore when you really shouldn't have? FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! And it just rolls off the tongue so easily! Fuck. It just sounds... right. Fuck yeah.

RANT NO. 2: I have no fucking idea why people treat yaoi/yuri differently. Sure, yaoi is hotter than strait pairings, but essentially not different. Think about it, you ship a pairing/couple because they go well together, or they're cannon, or you just love them as a couple. So why not ship it just because it's same sex? Just because a couple is yaoi/yuri, doesn't mean they aren't a good couple. Now, I'm not saying ship yaoi/yuri NOW BITCHES, OR ELSE, because if that's not your cup of tea then you drink some shitty tea (joking, joking), but I AM saying, don't say "EW, HOW CAN YOU SHIP THAT, THEY'RE BOTH DUDES!", because there is no. fucking. difference. Now, I'm not big on yuri myself (being a female), but I don't view it like a whole other thing then straight/yaoi couples. I will ship any pairing if I like the couple, regardless of their genders. Again, NOT saying go out and ship what I ship, but I AM saying keep an open mind, or at least don't bash other peoples preferences. Because if you do you are what is known as a pain in society's ass. So, if you are one, stop being a pain in society's ass and keep an open mind. And don't be such a fucking dick.

RANT NO. 3: I have recently discovered I quite enjoy yuri. Needless to say, when this little secret love began I was marginally freaked out. I can't believe it took me a whole half an hour to realize that there is nothing fucking wrong with being a girl and loving yuri. There is nothing fucking wrong with finding two girls making out incredibly hot. Just like yaoi, it should be treated no differently than a strait paring. (I should have seen this coming, I have a tendency to stare at boobs) The more I look at yuri, the more I like it. That shit's hot as fuck. Although this does bring up a new dilemma. I might have to change my name to Madame.Yaoi-YuriPervert69. I most likely won't, but I will start writing yuri! Also, no, I won't edit the rants above, because I want this profile to show me, and how I grew as a person/became more perverted. I do believe it's important.

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