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I did it! I finally did it! I wore Aetas down! She's going to be writing a Raph/Leo fic! With a dash of Mikey/Don. ;D I'm so excited, she already has the plot down for it - it's so freaking intricate and complicated, like seriously, my head was spinning.

Me: "And THIS is why I wanted you to write a story for them."

Sis: "You'll regret this. I swear you will."

Me: "You'll love me. I know you will."

Sis: "Uggggh, What the shell is wrong with you!?"

I feel kinda bad because, apparently, she's co-writing this other story with two other authors, so she'll have to drop her PO and TINAD for a while...but hey! RAPH/LEO!! xD For you T-Cest likers, tolerators, and lovers, you'll love what she'll have, I swear.

Hi! I'm Pariox's7, but you can call me Pario. I was going to name myself ParioMario because it rhymed, but then I realized how tacky that was, soooo...I decided on Pariox's7. Actually, at first it was going to be ParioParioParioParioParioParioPario because Pario is "creation" in Latin and I heard how 7 was represented a lot as the number of, it's my favorite number. But then my sister hit me in the back of my head (she's the one that introduced me to this lovely site) and said, "You're not an idiot. Okay, well, you are, but for the love of 7, don't abuse your pen name."

So, Hi! I'm Pario. You guys should check out my sis's account, TheThirdAetas. She has cool stories on it. Really cool. I'll have cooler stories on here, but she'll never admit it. Nah, joking. Oh! She's also my beta. Kinda. She's not a beta because she's a workaholic and never sleeps. Ever. She's like batman. Nooo, wait...THE NIGHTWATCHER! Maybe she sneaks out of her room at night fighting all the bad guys! Hahah, yea, sure, she's not that cool. She's the straight-A nerdy chic who has all AP classes. She's like Donnie. And Leo.

I like TMNT. That's why I keep naming turtles. Actually, I LOVE TMNT! Mikey's the greatest. He'd totally be my homeboy. We'd go out and I'd be like, "I'M MISTRESS KAMIKAZE!" and he'd yell, "I'M THE TURTLE TITAN!" Then I'd be watching on the sidelines cheering while he defeats all the bad guys. Because I can't fight. At all. I can gouge people's eyeballs out though. You just stick out your thumb, jab it in their eye socket, keep twisting until you hear something pop, and then you pull your thumb away. But yea, I like Raph a lot too! He's sweet. Then I like Donnie because he's the coooool kinda geek. I wish I had him so he can make an anti-gravity chamber for me. Finally, I like Leo because he's badass too, like Raph.

Other info, other info...I should warn you that most – maybe all, I dunno – of my stories will include T-Cest. But only Raph/Leo and/or Mikey/Don. And even though Mikey is the best, Raph is more fun to write for because I can twist his character more. If Mikey didn't exist, Raph would've been my fave!

I also think I should mention that I learned writing all from my sis, Aetas. Literally. I started writing stories when I was 4 and she was the one who taught me how to write stories from then on (it's funny because she's only a year old than me)! I'm learning to write my own style though, so please be patient while I try to learn. This is why I'm using actually. By the way, Aetas is also a huge fan of Raph/Leo. I'm trying to get her to write some slash, but she says, “Many writers can do such a thing and make it work. I can’t. SO STOP ASKING ME!”

She even refused my puppydog face! Auuuuggggghhhh…don’t worry, I’ll wear her down soon. She usually gives me what I want after, I dunno, a few weeks of whining.

So, here, recap on what I'll write: Mikey/Don. Raph/Leo. Humor. Drama/Angst/Hurt/Comfort. Okay. See you next time!

OH, NO WAIT! I forgot to add this, how could I forget to add this? BURN NOTICE! Gah, I love it so's BETTER than Person of Interest. ;D And Fiona/Michael is way cooler than Finch/Reese, heheheheh. No offense to anyone else who likes that show and couple - just trying to piss off Aetas.

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