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Let's get this out of the way right now:

I write fanfiction. I don't own anything but a computer. Glee is not mine. If it was, there would be way more Klaine scenes.

But anyway,

Hi. I'm Becky. 21. I love writing and I love New York City even though I've never been there. I'm a hardcore romantic. I can't stress this enough. I'm trying to learn guitar, and it's sort of working. I love it, but I'm nowhere near talented enough to play like Darren Criss. I've written quite a bit of fanfiction before, but it was a long time ago. So I started a new FF account to start posting new stuff. I went back and read some of my writing from my old account and was a little embarrassed to be quite frank.

I'm the pickiest reader I know. My friends and family have tried to suggest books for me, but have a hard time leading me to a book that I enjoy. I read critically. A book has to have a good story line and excellent writing for me to get through it. Same goes with fanfiction that I read. Even though my writing isn't quite up to the standard of what I read, I'm working on it. Practice.

As far as reviews go, I enjoy reviewing quite a bit. I like to give lengthy reviews, stating mostly what was good and maybe one or two suggestions on what could be improved. But I'm always nice about it. Sometimes I read off my kindle, and when I do I have a harder time reviewing because writing a lengthy review on that thing is way more complicated than it should be.

The types of fanfictions I write will vary based on what my current obsession is. Right now it's Glee.

So here's my ships and what my fanfictions will mostly consist of:

Klaine: This relationship is the best part of the show. I absolutely adore Kurt. And Blaine is awesome, but if Kurt wasn't in the show, I wouldn't really care as much for Blaine. I would still like him, but not as much.

After watching the new episode of season 4, I love Blaine/Marley. Not dating. But I think they need to be best friends cause it would just be the most adorable thing. I really really like her. So I will probably write some one-shots where Blaine and Marley bond.

I think Sam/Marley or Jake/Marley needs to happen. I just really like Marley and want her to be happy.

I used to hate Rachel. A lot. But she is so much better now and I love her relationship with Kurt. I don't care for Finchel at all though.

I am a Christian. I love God. But no, I don't hate gay people (hence the Klaine shipping). But if I ever mention God in my fics, it will be in a positive manner. Which means Kurt will probably avoid talking about God in my fics, because as much as I love him, it makes me sad that he's an atheist.

And as the last fact about me: I'm a Darren Criss fangirl. There. I've admitted it. I love Darren Criss. He's so attractive and funny and he plays the violin which is so hot and he's perfect and I love him. But I hate him at the same time.

My Tumblr:

Oh, and may I just point out: When you write a fanfiction that's a one-shot, it's pointless to write COMPLETE. If it's a one-shot and it's posted, then we already can assume it's complete.

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