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Hey, welcome to my page, I suppose.

The origin of my name? It's a ghost in my home county.

Basically, mining was very dangerous in the past. Sometimes, people would get stuck under there in a cave in. Since they were about three miles underground, their ghosts got stuck down there, doomed to roam the mines forever. Sometimes, people who were mining would hear a knocking sound. It was the ghosts of those stuck underground, or so they say. Sometimes, they were friendly and warned of other cave ins. Most of the time... they predicted your death. If you heard them, you were about to die.

Creepy? Perhaps. Personally, I like it. It reflects how I review. I'm nice at first. I'll tell you things politely. Hell, I'll even talk things over with you if you like! But if you reply aggressively... well. It really sets the precedent, doesn't it?

Think about it mate. It's not that difficult.


The Knockerman.

'Listen carefully, Lassie, and maybe you'll hear them still under the ground. They're stuck there, you know? Doomed for-evermore to wander out their days under the coal and the rock. Listen carefully, Lassie. Or maybe it'll be you we're next listening to.' - Granda. The Big River, the coaly Tyne, when it was a living thing. Beautiful song. Not my county, but as we say where I live 'We may live on the Wear, but it's the Tyne in our hearts...'

I write myself, if anyone's interested. It's on fictionpress, mind: