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Author has written 2 stories for One Piece.

My story begins like this:

Well, this is my first time ever doing something like this. However, since years already I have been obsessed with One Piece and I got even more obsessed when the idea of Sanji and Zoro being together was presented to me (which is, by the way, my favorite pairing). It was hilarious because at the beginning I was like Sanji and Zoro? What? that's impossible. But then I started to see it everywhere and on every freaking episode and by now, I'm just a huge fan.

So, anyways that will be the little introduction as of why I'm here, because ever since, I've had this stories replaying in my head over and over again, creating new plots and scenes. Up until now my hands had been too slow to ever catch them, to ever write them. But now I'm here and I really hope to learn a lot and to write a lot.

You know, English is not actually my mother language, but strangely is the one which I prefer to use to write with, so, any type of tips that you can give to me, any type of feedback that you have for me, let me know ok? I would really appreciate it.


And goes on [1/1/2015]...

So, here I am with a new story, like almost two years later after my first story, that was definitely not my intention. But life and university got in the way and that has kept me from finishing something that I could consider decent enough to publish. But I want to take a moment to appreciate every single one of you who took a moment to either favorite or write a comment to me for my history, everything has helped me, to either know I'm not doing such a bad job, to know exactly where I need to put extra work on. THANK YOU FOR THAT! :D

Now, the new story "Embers" is something that has been living inside my head for far too long now, and for different reasons I never dared to take the next step and publish the damn thing, one being my insecurity at writing (that still exists I guess), and the other one writing something canon xD (well, not entirely of course, but in that universe)

Why? you may wonder, and well, the answer is actually pretty simple, and its because I deeply respect the job of Mr. Oda, like a LOT. So trying to make my version out of it, out of the great and super awesome story that he has already created, respecting everything as I have read it on the manga and taking even parts of the anime (that as you may know extends the part of Alabasta a little bit to introduce Ace) is still a little bit complicated for me and it takes more time since I review everything like four or five times, like the neurotic I am. So, I'm only telling you this because updates may not come as fast as you would like them. However, rest assure that I will complete my stories, doesn't matter how long it will take me.

And well, that will be all. If you're going to read the story, please enjoy it and let me know what you think about it. Is everyone in character? Did I extend the story too damn much? (I extended it too damn much) Where there grammar errors? Typing errors? Let me know!

If you're not going to read the story then, I don't know why you're reading, but overall, thank you very much for reading this xD, thank you for reading anything posted in this profile, like seriously xD. I really hope you have an excellent and super happy day, and a great and awesome new year, may this new cycle in your life be more exciting and full of marvelous things for you to learn :)

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