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Why hello there! You seem a little lost... Well, if you don't know already, you're on xHeyItsGilx's profile on FanFiction.net! You can check here almost daily for Mulu AND Zevie fan fictions :)

UPDATE AS OF 12/23/2012

I can't update so many stories at once with my schedule at school, so I deleted Pretending because I was out of ideas and I had no time to update. So the only stories I'm currently working on now are How To Rock A Playlist and A Mulu Love Story.

So my name's Gileen (pronounced Jill-een), but call me Gil. Here's some stuff you should know about me:

If it wasn't obvious enough, I ship Mulu and Zevie

Max Schneider is my idol and Lulu Antariksa is my hero.

Spread some love baby and stay classy darlings!


Twitter: My twitter account is @GilLuvsUx3, tweet me sometime! I follow everyone back :)

Instagram: My instagram account is @gilz_is_a_shortyyx. I post pictures of my life, plus some Max and Lulu pictures. Follow me, cause I'll definitely follow back

YouTube: This YouTube is NOT mine. I personally don't like posting videos of myself on YouTube. But, I'm part of #ProjectMax with a bunch of my closest Twitter friends! Just look up TheProjectMax and see our work :)

Ask.fm: If you want to know what's going on with the FanFics, just ask me! You don't have to have an account to ask a question because all the questions come up at anonymous :) So go ahead and enter this link and don't be shy :)

I'm being totally honest, @InkHeart4112 inspired me to start my first fan fiction. I love reading her stories so much that it became a habit to check her page every night before I go to sleep. So, thank you Inkie for being such a great fan and for inspiring me to be a fan fiction author :)

Celebs baby!

Max Schneider:

May 29, 2012 : He tweeted me "Much love. Cheer up baby! :-)"

July 28, 2012: My birthday was done in New York, but since he's in Los Angeles it's still my birthday there. So I told him that and he tweeted "Happy Birthday baby!"

August 20, 2012: Yes! I met him at Webster Hall! He touched my hand 6 times and hugged me twice!

August 24, 2012: I kept tweeting Max during one of his tweet sprees, and I kind of got upset that he didn't notice any of my tweets. So, I tweeted that I was going to cry myself (True Story: I actually was crying because Max didn't see my tweets (no judgement)). Then, he tweeted me "Naaa girl don't cry yourself to sleep. Be happy and smile :-) much love baby!"

I'm not totally sure when this one was but Max shouted me out but I put Jill so he can say my name correctly. So he said "Shoutout to Jill from New York!"

September 14, 2012: Ustream shout out, but he said my name like Gillian, but it's a shout out. "Shoutout to Gillian!"

November 30, 2012: Met him again at Central Park! I wasn't able to see him perform, but I got 4 hugs! He even hugged me in the 5 pictures we took. He even did the Elmo voice for me!

Daniel Karp: (guitarist for Max and the Babes):

August 25, 2012: He was having a tweet spree and he tweeted me "No more sadness! Hows it going?!"

December 28, 2012: He RT me during Vacuum hour ;)

December 29, 2012: Yes, this vacuumer, cookie lover, guitarist, and director followed me! I was seriously crying.

Nick Spicy Brown:

August 20, 2012: He literally was the only babe I was able to find at Webster Hall, we took a picture... He was very sweaty..

Samantha Boscarino:

August 26, 2012: I tweeted her about how Molly taught me to fight for what I want and she tweeted "Omg fight for what you want with kindness!"

Daniel Durston (bassist for Max and the Babes):

August 28, 2012: I tweeted him about his keeks and he tweeted "Thanks! Glad you watch them :))"

August 31, 2012: I was really interested in learning how to play the bass, but I wasn't sure what bass is good for beginners, Durston was the perfect person to ask. He tweeted me back "I play a Fender Jazz Bass. But for starters, check out buying a Squire Jazz Bass!"

November 4, 2012: Mr. Durston liked a photo on instagram :)

November 9. 2012: I tweeted him what I should I do because I'm waiting in line for gas (thanks Hurricane Sandy -_-). And he tweeted me back "push ups! jk"

December 17, 2012: He commented on a birthday post I said to him on Instagram.

Lulu Antariksa:

I don't remember the date at the moment, but she shouted me out on Ustream. She pronounced my name as Gilen, but it was a shoutout :) "Shoutout to Gilen!"

January 10, 2013: First interaction of the New Year! She replied to FOUR of my #AskLulu tweets!

David Israel:

August 3, 2012 - I believe that was the day the KING of How to Rock followed me and my friends on Twitter :)

Jeff Sutphen:

Sometime during the summer, he replied to me on Instagram. I asked him if he'd rather go down the brain drain or get slimed. He replied that he's done both, but he always wanted to fill the brain drain with slime. Oh Jeff xD

Kostas Garcia (From Teens React):

November 23, 2012 - favorited my tweet! I fangirled all day like you have no idea.

December 10, 2012 - yet again, he favorited another tweet :)

Matty Fresh: (Yeah, that awesome song writer of Max and the Babes)

December 24, 2012 - He practically made my wish come true when he favorited my tweet about Finally Feeling Like Its Christmas!

December 28, 2012 - Not a surprise, he favorited my FF tweet to him. I think it's because we're Asian, so we have that kind of connection.

Beau Evans: (that handsome drummer of Max and the Babes)

December 28, 2012 - He retweeted my FF shoutout to him!

Links and Stuff!

A Mulu Love Story:
Chapter 1 -

Lulu's Bedroom:

Lulu's Outfit of the Night:

Chapter 2 -

Brewster High's uniform:

Chapter 3 -

Lulu's Make Up/Hair of the Night:

Lulu's Outfit of the Night:

Max's Outfit of the Night:

Surprise #1:

Surprise #2:

Chapter 4 -

Delilah's Bedroom: (imagine it with Max Schneider posters)

Lulu's Park Outfit:

Chapter 5 -

Lulu's Outfit of the Night:

Chapter 6 -

Lulu's Outfit of the Night:

Chapter 7 -

Max and Lulu's Rollercoaster Picture: https://twitter.com/i/#!/Maxgschneider/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Finstagr.am%2Fp%2FM9o2xkOXLN%2F

Lulu's Outfit of the Night:

Chapter 10 -

Lulu, Sam, and Halston's outfits:

Cymphonique's Outfit:

Chapter 11-

I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz is the most beautiful song I've ever heard in my entire life. If you haven't heard it, listen to it... Why are you still reading this? Go look up that song!

Chapter 12 -

Lulu's Outfit:

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