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I'm in college, so much fun. Lol. Favorites movies are POTC and LOTR trilogy (great books too). The Monkees and the Beatles are the best musical groups ever! I love reading everyone's story's on here, the imagination is a great thing to use. So read and write a lot!

"The man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink. The man who was sleeping, drinks it, while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking." -Captain Jack Sparrow POTC:Curse of the Black Pearl

Favorite Actors: Seann William Scott(he's from MN like me and a hottie!), Johnny Depp of course!, Viggo Mortensen-gosh I love Aragorn!

Favorite Actresses: Juliette Binoche (I hope I spelled that right, she's from the movie Chocolat), Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock

Favorite Movies: all Johnny Depp, Seann William Scott, and Viggo movies!

Favorite Sports: Softball, MN Twins baseball!, MN Wild hockey!!!

The funniest person I know! J/k! that's what everybody tells me cause I laugh at my own jokes. What can I say I'm strange?

One of my favorite songs is obviously 'Daydream Believer' by the Monkees!
I love Micky Dolenz cause I saw him in concert. And Davy Jones in concert is awsome! So is Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits!

Also, go see Jay Leno live cause he's so great and funny!
-"What do I love Kev? Stupid criminals!" (Jay Leno)

France rocks! That's why I'm learning the language!

Favorite TV Shows: That 70's Show, The OC, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Night with Conan OBrien

Favorite Quotes: All Captain Jack Sparrow ones.

"You must admit, Harry, that women give to men the very gold of their lives." -Dorian Gray from the novella 'The Portrait of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde.

"A beautiful face or a beautiful body, no matter how beautiful, eventually decomposes into a skeleton." -the Dalai Lama

"I'm gonna kiss you, girl, and hold ya, I'm gonna do all the things I told ya in the midnight hour." -Wilson Pickett

Favorite Music Groups: The Monkees, The Beatles, Good Charlotte, Something Corporate, Maroon 5, Fefe Dobson, Tonto's Giant Nuts (Johnny's band from the OUATIM soundtrack), Vanessa Paradis, and no matter what people say I love when Aragorn sings in the end of ROTK! J'aime Viggo et Johnny! Booya!

Weird facts about moi! 1. I have had arthritis for 18 years. 2. I'm very lactose intolerent. 3. I have a goat named Captain Jackline Sparrow. 3. I have a horse named Zeke, he's my baby. 4. My family owns a bunch of chickens.

If anybody has MSN messenger here's my screen name: Mais pourquoi le rhum est-il allé ?
And my AIM screen name is: AngieWangy03

Ta for now my peeps!

!*A special shout out to my long lost AIM/fanfiction/ESP/Jacklover sister ReynSparrow aka Emmy! We so rock! After all these years of wondering 'Do I have a twin sister even though I already have a little sister?' I finally know because it's you! Crazy but true! And it only took fanfiction to find eachother! You're a great friend mate! See ya in Tortuga or on the Black Pearl sister!*!*

~"We weren't sisters by birth, but we knew from the start...fate brought us together to be sisters by heart!"~

~"A friend is someone you have good times with, a best friend is someone that's in all your best stories."~

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Endless Horizon by the Scarlet Shade reviews
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When an aspiring writer rents a beachhouse, the last company she expects is that of a ghostly captain. Set in present, JSOC. (Complete)
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Into the Mist by Ecila reviews
Last time: “Don’t be thinking for a moment that I believe your reasons for coming on this voyage, luv. Truth of the matter is, I don’t trust you.” I closed the door and took out the medallion. “Trust me, Jack,” I whispered. “The feeling'
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Jack Sparrow always gets. But this time it's proving a little more difficult! Rated for sex, suggested rape, drugs and violence. Final two chapters 3rd Sept.
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Forbidden by ElfGirl4 reviews
Jack sails back into Port Royale and comes across a very lovely maiden of whom is one of the VERY few he hasn't brought to his bed. JackOC...And a VERY INTERESTING OC at that... and there's also a bit of WillElizabeth! Please RR! Oh! I fixed the chapters!
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Set two years after the movie, Will leaves and Elizabeth is bored, see what happens when Captain Jack Sparrow comes back...NEW AUTHORS NOTE!
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If Nothing Else by Nightingale16 reviews
Gale Tayler is a pirate, born for the sea, but she's never actually sailed! Gale hasn't believed in Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl since she was a little girl. But when her father dies, she ends up on a voyage with the infamous Captain Jack Sp
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Jack's presumptuous nature brings him face-to-face with a down-on-her-luck literature lover with nothing to lose and nothing to leave behind. NOW COMPLETE!
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You Were Meant For Me,And I Was Meant For You by Cherryblossom7 reviews
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Family Ties reviews
Ladies Kea and Ria, of Port Royal, are women determined to find and stop the man who is blackmailing Kea about her past, even when they had to become pirates. The only person who knows who and where to find the blackmailer is the one and only Captain Jac
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