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Author has written 4 stories for Prince of Persia, StarTrek: The Next Generation, X-overs, Card Captor Sakura, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Real Name: Christopher Musarra

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Description: Loves Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Drama, and Anime/Manga; Guinea pigs too. :-)

Secondary description: Autistic ( I View things in a different way).

Note to all viewers: NO offensive reviews, trolling, or flaming please; it really upsets me.

Fanfictions I plan to write in the future, and maybe others:

Nightshadow: Vigilante of Toon Town (Sequel to Battle for Toon Town)

The Great Toon War (Prequel to Battle for Toon Town)

Project Phoenix (A "What If" Sci-Fi/Supernatural fanfiction on Bible Black: Origins in a reality twelve years later on what the world's outcome would be had Nami Kozuno succeeded in gaining the devils power)

That's all for now, but I haven't run out of ideas yet. I may have other fics planned for the future...

My OC characters:

Lloyd Florence:

The chief of the Toon Town Protection Agency (TTPA). Lloyd Florence was originally a diplomat in the marine Corp from the year 2007 to 2010 when he became the chief of the TTPA which was founded by the LA police department at the end of the Great Toon War. In the year of 2010, he was sent along with an army of marines over to Toon Town during a large war going on between the toon villain's and the other toons of Toon Town; this war was known as the Great Toon War. This war lasted for several months before Lloyd finally made successful negotiations with the toon villain's and the other toons to cease all violent activity and settle things peacefully. The toon villain's had confessed that they had started the war because they stated that they wanted to expand their territory, but the other innocent toons wouldn't let them since the toon villain's had bad reputations in many parts of Toon Town. But with Lloyd's help, the war was ended and a treaty between Toon Town and the rest of the world was founded to ensure that peace between non-toon people and the toons was maintained. Lloyd's personality would best be described as strong willed, stern, and tranquil. He also loves toons and absolutely adores being around them and keeping them safe from any danger that might befall them. Roger Rabbit is also Lloyd's best friend and in many ways, Lloyd considers him almost like a brother to him since they both first met many years ago when Lloyd was only twelve. Lloyd is also determined to find and bring one of his biggest rival's known as the Black Shadow organization to justice, no matter what the cost may be...

Ridley Farcus:

A very fearful and hostile enemy indeed! Ridley Farcus is probably one of the most dangerous, ferocious, evil, and sadistic criminals ever to exist; he is also a thief and a psychopathic murderer. Ridley Farcus was originally a normal, but rebellious teen in high school who greatly disliked toons and others who treated him like a nobody. He originally planned to invent a line of CNG powered landscaping machine engines to make a living off of and hopefully, Ridley hoped to become a bit more popular around the other students. But after he was approached by the anime toon girl Hiroko Takeshiro from the hentai anime computer game and animated hentai series Bible Black and asked him to hang out with her coven members in the witchcraft club called Rose Cross, Ridley became disgusted due to the student witnesses telling the other students about the dark rituals and sexual orgies they engaged in all for the sake of manipulating people's minds to get whatever they wanted. Just thinking of it made Ridley furious and he violently attacked Takeshiro and then threw her out of his apartment, threatening to kill her if she ever came near him again. However, after Takeshiro told one of her best coven members named Nami Kozuno what had happened, the Rose Cross later captured and molested Ridley in their hideout to punish him for hurting Takeshiro. After this happened, Ridley's hatred towards toons finally came to a climax and he vowed one day to make every toon on the planet pay for daring to mess with him by obliterating Toon Town from existence. His personality also changed greatly as well due to his hardened heart; Ridley became brutal, violent, and sadistic. After dropping out of high school, he later started work as a drug dealer selling illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, hallucinogens, and date rape drugs. Ridley later became very rich from all the profit made from drug dealing, but then he moved up to more evil activities such as brutal child pornography. Ridley and a large group of sadistic thugs would capture and rape young children on camera for one reason: profit. Those who resisted would face death by Ridley, who greatly enjoyed murdering those who dared to stand in his way of making profit. But now after many years, Ridley finally became a member of the most powerful crime organization on earth known as Black Shadow, run by a mysterious man who calls himself The Master. After being assigned to a faction of this organization in Hollywood commanded by Erin Faust, Ridley couldn't have been happier; their goal was to obliterate Toon Town off the face of the earth. Now working as a second in command of Faust's faction, Ridley enjoys inflicting extreme, agonizing pain and suffering on his enemies that dare to keep secrets from him. With all this power in his hands, along with a deadly Echo Timberwolf Chainsaw and Judge Dooms old GMC CCKW 353 dip truck to go with it, Ridley longs to destroy Toon Town and all the other toons who stand in his way.

Samuel Reeds

Nelson Rivers

Yuki and Yumi:

Two anime toon succubus sisters who often hide in the dark allies of Anime Land and the other parts of Toon Town trying to find non-toon and toon men to seduce. Although they seem and look hostile, as well as sexy and alluring, Yuki and Yumi never mean harm to anyone. Yuki is the older of the two with long blue hair, a busty chest, yellow eyes, and an hourglass figure, whereas Yumi is slightly younger with green hair, black eyes, a slightly less larger chest than Yuki's, and an hourglass figure like her sister. The two sisters also wear red and black corsets, leather boots and gloves, and they also have a pair of bat like wings, small horns on their heads, and tails with an arrowhead on the ends. They're personalities are best described as tsunderes since they sometimes act all high, mighty and sometimes cold, but usually they're both kind hearted and caring to others. Sadly though, the two sisters met a horrible end at the hand of Ridley who shot and stabbed them to death in a fit of anger and hatred towards them.

Erin Faust:

The captain of the Black Shadow faction beneath the city of Hollywood. Like Ridley, Erin Faust is very cold hearted, ruthless, and cruel towards his enemies and he also has a deep grudge against toons and hates their very existence to the core; he is also a thief, drug dealer, and a savage murderer. Faust is often recognized as a street thug with short black hair, black leather coat, boots, and black pants. On the back of his neck is a tattoo of a black red eyed skull with a sword impaling it, which is also the emblem of the Black Shadow organization itself. Down in the Black Shadow fortress, he wears a black imperial style uniform with a shoulder patch of the Black Shadow organization emblem on it along with the other Black Shadow thugs inside the fortress. Faust once worked as a drug lord in Baghdad, Iraq with groups of drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and child pornographers. Feared by all who dared to oppose him, Faust made profit out of selling illegal drugs, weapons, and even sex slaves, and if any of them dared to defy with him, Faust would kill them all. Years after he was caught and imprisoned for these illegal acts, the Master of the Black Shadow organization learned of Faust's hatred towards toons and offered him a place in his organization, which Faust accepted. Years after joining the Black Shadow, Faust became the captain of a faction of the organization in Hollywood where he now plans to attack Toon Town with Judge Dooms old GMC CCKW 353 dip truck along with the entire Black Shadow assault force and enslave whatever's left of it. Faust is indeed the most dangerous and corrupt criminal that anyone could ever come by.

Gordon Redstone

Jed Vern

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