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Hey :) heres the form for my new SYOT, remember, be origional. I want detailed forms and if your tribute is the typical, average mary sue I won't accept it. For this story I'm going to limit you to four tributes each, mainly because if you submit one tribute for this story, you have to submit their district partner. I'm going to make this clear,

The quell is that the tributes from each district must be brother and sister, so you must submit both tributes for your chosen district!!!

There is only one exception to this rule, if you have a really good OC but you have no idea what to do for the sibling, PM me the form and I will find somebody to submit the sibling. Okay, now that that's clear, happy submitting!








Strengths (Max 4):

Weaknesses (Min 4):

Fears (at least one):

Weapon of choice

Reaped or volunteered:

Reaction to reaping/reason for volunteering:



Opinion on the games:

Opinion on the capitol:

Training score (and why):

Interveiw strategy:




Which of their siblings do they bring into the arena with them?:

What sort of relationship do they have with their sibling?:

Would they die for their sibling?:

Tribute List

District One (BlazingMockingjay)

Male- Valor Morgan

Female- Emerald 'Emmy' Morgan

District Two



District Three (i-am-foxface)

Male- Cade Lawlet

Female- Mila Lawlet

District Four (i-am-foxface)

Male- Azure Sterling

Female- Persephone 'Sephy' Sterling

District Five



District Six



District Seven



District Eight (AnimieGirlieGirl)

Male- Austin Reyna

Female- Coleen 'Lena' Reyna

District Nine



District Ten (MidnightRaven323)

Male- Apollo Thorne

Female- Artemis Thorne

District Eleven



District Twelve



District Thirteen



This is a profile, oooh shiny.

Okay, first lets start with some random stuff about me, cus we're all stalkers here :)

Name- Callie, but I also go by Stormageddon Dark Lord of All

Age- I'm either fourteen or nine-hundred and three, I can't quite remember which

Gender- Female

Personality- Well I'd like tp say that I'm super popular, super friendly and get on with everyone but unfortunatly, I'm not. I am probobly the most sarcastic person on earth, I have the attention span of a fish and I will often talk for ages without realising. But I'm also quite kind, I'm loyal to my friends and I am very outgoing.

Hobbies- Writing fanfiction, reading, acheiving world domination, being wierd, spending way to much time on the internet

Fandoms- the Hunger Games, Gone, Arrow, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Merlin, Death Note

Random stuff- I actually think it would be cool to be in the Hunger Games, I hate Peeta AND Gale (runs from evil fangirls), I am a total daredevil

Story info

I'd like to thank my beta, i-am-foxface for all her help with my stories, she's an awesome person :)

Born to Die, The 125th Games- I'm really enjoying writing this right now so expect quick updates, I'll try to update daily if I can :)

Second Chances, The 75th Games- I probobly won't be updating this regularly until I've finished Born to Die, but I'll be updating every now and then

In The Mockingjays Shadow- They're quite quick to write so again, quick updates on this one unless I'm feeling particularly lazy

I'm currently working as a gamemaker on Ares The Gamemaker's SYOTs, please submit a tribute to them if you can :)

My favorite characters

Hunger Games- Johanna, Finnick, Clove, Cato, Thresh, Rue, Foxface

GONE- Caine, Diana, Lana, Brianna, Dekka, Edilio

Doctor Who- Clara, Amy, Strax, Donna, Jack, River and, of course, the Doctor :)

Death Note- L (Best character EVER!), Ryuk, Matt, Mello

Torchwood- Everyone except Rex :P

Harry Potter- Too many to name XD

My ships

Hunger Games- Foxface/Thresh, Finnick/Annie, Haymitch/Maysilee, Cato/Clove

Harry Potter- Draco/Hermionie, Harry/Ginny, Lilly/Severus, Lupin/Tonks

Doctor Who- Amy/Rory (My OTP :D), 10th Doctor/Rose, 11th Doctor/Clara

Torchwood- Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys

Arrow- Tommy/Laurel and Oliver/Helena

Gone- Caine/Diana, Lana/Sanjit, Brianna/Dekka,

If I were a tribute...

District- 2, careers are just awesome

Allies- Careers!

Interview angle- Sarcastic

Strategy- Stick with the careers to start with but try to find someone I can trust and leave the alliance with them, I'd rather have someone I can trust then a bunch of murderous careers.

Strengths- I'm quite fast, I do kickboxing, I can climb well and I have a good memory

Weaknesses- I am quite unfit (I get tired walking up the stairs XD) I havn't got the best social skills, I've never used a weapon before and I tend to daydream a lot.

Heres a picture of Kala, hope the link works :)

And heres one of Rayla

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