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Hi! I'm melissa and like any sane person i LOVE Harry Potter, I'm TERRIBLE at spelling, punctuation and grammar (I have my two friends; spell check, and beta for that), I plan to read tales of the beadle of the bard to my future children instead of classic fairy tales, and name at least one child after one of Harry potter's many epic characters... anyway, my favourite character DRACO MALFOY!! but i don't know who i would ship him with. yes, it depresses me too :/

in terms of fics i just go with the flow really - whatever inspiration i get about a story with a shipping i go crazy over! I think i generally write about sad stories, with some sort of upsetting theme to them - I also question my sanity! :S

I also have an issue with long profiles - love them, but somehow can't write them

I, witchinhiding, have challenged myself. I'm proud to be part of the HPFC forum.

What I would be if I were magic:

Blood Status: Half blood (English, Turkish, Italian, welsh, the list goes on: I don't think i could have anymore foreign blood in me!)

House: Gryffindor

Year: Marauder era

Best Friends: Remus Lupin (I grew up with him), Mary Mcdonald, Lily Evans and Darrielle (Gringotts Tallest Goblin)

Enemies: Severus (For calling my best friend a mudblood)

Favourite class: Art, flying, transfiguration

Favourite pastimes: sitting under the tree by the lake, chatting with my friends, sketching

Quidditch: Chaser, but I LOVE to fly around a lot in my spare time

Crush/ Boyfriend: A tall, dark-haired Ravenclaw, who always has his nose in a book, not snobby or over competitive, but adorable when talks enthusiastically about something he loves

Organisations: Art club, S.P.E.W., Ancient Runes

By the way, have a look at:

gringottstallestgoblin is my twin from another set of parents, she is (and I quote) a hardcore Romione shipper, she writes fluff, angst, and sad fics, and has been a great source of inspiration to me, so for all these reasons love oooo Darrielle!

being a wallflower is a very talented and varied writer, and has introduced me to a lot of great music ;) She is also a grammar nazi, all hail the grammar nazi! *Bows*

RegalPrincessOfMAgic OBSESSES over Fred as much as i obsess over Draco, actually (though i hate to admit it) a teeny weeny bit more. She is the short one in the group (PLEASE DON"T HIT ME VIER!) BUT! they do say great things come in small packages ;D

Pippin Faramir Kili Oakentook shares my understanding of Draco, drives me bonkers with Les Mis, and although the Lord of the Rings is amazing she should write MORE HARRY POTTER!!

MerryBoromirFiliBrandyshield is Pippin Faramir Kili Oakentooks parter in crime, and cracks me up with her crack ships. She is a modest and tallented artist, and has the best fic ideas who should write some of them herself rather than loaning them to others!! :D

By the way well done to all those who entered the Emotions competition - held by Gringotts Tallest Goblin and I, the winners were:

1.illusionlovewith enchanted encounters

2.AlwaysPadfoot with Big boys don't cry

3.isn't-she-lovelyy, with nervousness is a fickle thing

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