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Hey guys, i will be saying that this will be now officially used as a smut writing account. :/ cause... i can. and i want to.

If you want to find the Improved Account check out Playgirlkitty and you should find me. For some weird reason, I couldn't find myself. :?

Anyway, the Improved Account, should have better grammar as i think that my grammar and spelling was crap, 2-3 fucking years ago. :/

anyway, Ships!!!!

Homestuck:john/dave johnkat, davekat(slightly) rosemary, gamtav, erisol, solkat, cronkri, crotuna, kurtuna, and more that i can't think of as of now

Creepypasta: Hoodie/Masky, Jeff/slender Jeff/Ben Ticci/Masky and thats it as of now...

TMNT (Teenage mutant ninja turtles):Leo/Raph, Don/Mikey, Don/Casey Raph/Casey

and... yeah. these ships, im most likely going to write about. :3



Also! It wont just be Smut. I will do stuff that I saw, and thought 'OMG I HAVE GOT TO WRITE ABOUT THAT!" and on my main account: I (Mostly unused until further notice) Won't be doing uch on here, so I though: Why the hell not?

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