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Okay, I apologize sincerely for changing my site like this, but I'm losing interest in Yu-Gi-Oh. I have some ideas for fics, but right now I've rekindled an old passion, so to speak, so if you aren't a Rowling fan, feel free to leave via the Portkey. Thank you very much. My pen name will also change, once I come up with an appropriate Harry Potter one.


I've recently returned to love all things Potter since the release of the final book. Here's my listing of the books and movies.

Books: (From most favorite to least)

(1) Chamber of Secrets
(2) Goblet of Fire
(3) Sorcerer's Stone / Half-Blood Prince (tie)
(4) Prisoner of Azkaban / Deathly Hallows (tie)
(5) Order of the Phoenix

Movies: (Same here)

(1) Chamber of Secrets
(2) Sorcerer's Stone
(3) Goblet of Fire / Order of the Phoenix (tie)
(4) Prisoner of Azkaban

Let's hope the last two movies do the books justice. Poor Order got low scores because of one of its characters(no names, but intials - D.J.U.), but that's expected.

I own several Harry Potter games, bought them for cheap at EBGames, and liked them. Trading in some Disgaea and Pokemon games for OotP for the Wii was worth it(even though I have now a crusade against the evil that is Gobstones).


Yu-Gi-Oh Jr. - Sister of Anansi: A spin-off from one of Cyber Commander's stories, "Yu-Gi-Oh Jr.: Mandate of Heaven." A woman who was adopted by Maxmillion Pegasus tries out an old virtual reality device tossed by Kaiba, only to find herself in an alternate dimension! Can she get back home and complete the mission given to her by the one who brought her here? (Finally uploaded, but...)

Sister of Anansi - Finality: I put all the epilogue chapters from the above story into a mini-story of its own. Two groups duel each other to see which one reigns supreme. No, it's not Iron Chef, but it's a pressure cooker nonetheless! (The chapters will be up soon, I swear!)

(More stories will appear here eventually, be patient.)

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