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Hello everyone!!! My name is GoldenFlame, orginally zstories77. But you probably already knew that. I am a reader and as of now writer to fanfiction. If you want to learn more about me, and see the type stories I will be writing, then just scroll down...

My Favorite Things!!!

Favorite Color: Green(Main) Blue(Second) Red(Third)

Favorite Movie(s): Transformers Series and the Scooby Doo Series

Favorite TV Show: All the Scooby Doo shows(Don't act like you don't love it!)

Favorite Food(s): Pepperroni Pizza, French Fries, and Fried Chicken(PIZZA AND FRENCH FRIES WILL ALWAYS BE MY FIRST TWO!!!)

Favorite Animal(s): Dogs(Mostly German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers) Cats(Mostly Siamese cats)

Favorite Actor(s): Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, Cameron Boyce, Will Smith, etc...

Favorite Actresses: Chyna Anne Mcclain, Ski Jackson, Tamera & Tia Mowry, Keke Palmer, etc...(They all make me laugh, even if it's not funny)

Favorite Artists: Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Chris Brown, Tamar Braxton, etc...

Favorite Songs: One Last Time(Ariana Grande) Anaconda(Nicki Minaj) Love & War and All The Way Home(Tamar Braxton), and so many more!!!

Season: Summer(No School) Winter(Christmas & MY BIRTHDAY)

Month: June(Last Month of School) December(Christmas and once again... MY BIRTHDAY)

Video Games & Consoles: Wii U[Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo Land, etc] Xbox One[Minecraft, Transformers Series, 2K Series, etc]

Sport: Football and Basketball(I love screaming at the TV... GET THE DAMN REBOUND... TACKLE HIM!!!)

Fanfiction Writers: Fan4Life07(All ways so juicy) MoonstoneSeers(Love the details they put in) kjay15(Words can't even decribe) Alostkid(Again, Words can not descibe), etc...(OF COURSE THERE ARE MORE FAVORITE AUTHORS OF MINE...Sorry, I get excited sometimes...

Least Favorites!!!

Color: Brown(I actually don't know why I don't like it)

Movie: Every Scary Movie out there( Except for the spoof comedies, those are so funny. But I just can not stand horror movies, they freak me out)

TV Show: Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, and Steven Universe(THEY ARE SO STUPID!!! In my opinion, The old cartoons were so much better)

Food: Mostly Seafood(I just do not like the idea of eating something that swims in the water it pees in)

Animal: Bugs and Snakes( I HATE BUGS THEY ARE SO DISGUSTING, except ladybugs, they bring you luck. I have a deep fear of snakes!!!)

Actor: Can't Think of any

Actresses: Can't think of any

Artists: Justin Bieber(Do I really need to explain?)

Song: Well Look above and you'll know my least favroite songs.

Season: Fall(SCHOOL!!!)

Month: September(SCHOOL)

Sport: Golf(It's just boring)

Video Games: Can't Think Of Any

Holiday: Can't Think Of Any

Top 10 Favorite Shows

1. Scooby Doo(Again, Do I need to explain)

2. Once Upon A TIme(That show knows how to get to me!)

3.Blackish(Just, its funny and true at the same time)

4.Jessie(Funny, Ski Jackson, and sexy ass Cameron Boyce!!!)

5. The Looney Tunes Show(I would always end up with a cramp from laughing so much)

6.Every Witch Way(Words can't describe)

7.Foster's Home for...(I miss that show so much)

8. Billy & Mandy(I miss that show even more)

9. Ed, Edd, and Eddy(I want to cry because I miss it so much)

10. That;s So Raven(That was the show!!!)

Top 10 Favorite Movies

1.Scooby Doo Movies(Always at the top)

2. Transformers Series(I love Age of Extinction but the first one and second one was the best)

3.Think Like a Man Series(Right now the second one is my favorite)

4. Scary Movie Series(3 and 5 are my favorite ones. too funny)

5.Ride Along(Really?)

6. Home Alone 3(That Movie was funny, and the kid was adorable)

7. Grown Ups Series(By this time, you can see I ove comedies and again. Cameron Boyce!!! ANd Chyna Anne Mcclain)

8. The MisleTones(I love Christmas Movies)

9. The Santa Clause Series(Awesome)

10. Revenge of the Bridesmaids(It had Raven Symone! OF course it was funny!

15 Facts About Me!!!

1. My favorite quote is something I said, "Everything happens for a reason, and you may not know the reason yet, but you will soon. It has a positive outcome, but the road to get to it is a bumpy one, so drive safely if you want to know the reason" Long, I know...

2. I love to act and sing! I want to be an actor before I am 21

3. I am a technology nerd.

4. I am a male and bisexual. I have a crush on a guy and I don't know if the like me back...My celebrity crush is Cameron Boyce

5. I am a very sweet person but don't make me mad or irrtated, or your asking for hell...

6. I have a German Shepherd named Scooby(Don't judge me...) and a Siamese cat named Gina

7. I am a US Citizen and I live in the Midwest

8. My dream city is Los Angeles.

9. I love to play video games, but I still love writing.

10. Best way to get to me, make me laugh. I love a good laugh.

11. Want to get me to do something, bribery works... Just kidding, maybe...

12. I love playing with my dog and going over to my cousin's house

13. People call me a coach potato because all I do is watch TV and while I watch, I am eating french fries, ...and pizza...

14. My best subject is social studies and my worst subject is math(I JUST DON'T GET IIT!!!)

15. I need a boyfriend or a girlfriend desperately

Top Ten Celebrity Crushes

1. Cameron Boyce

2. Chyna Anne Mcclain

3. Jack Griffo

4. Ariana Grande

5. Ross Lynch

6. John Deluca

7. Trevor Jackson

8. Zendaya

9. Debby Ryan

10. Zac Efron

Movies I Can't Wait To See

1.The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Sponge Out of Water

2. Finding Dorothy

3. Teen Beach Movie 2

4. Descendants(you know why...)

Future Goals

1. Move to California and become a successful actor

2. Start my own technology company like Apple

3. Have a huge house with a successful relationship.

4. Graduate from Stanford, UCLA, OR USC...

5. Always remain true to myself no matter how successful I may be...

Thanks for taking the time ouy of your day to read my profile. I hope you liked it. Now... STOP STALKING ME!!!

Juist kidding...maybe... SEE YA IN MAI STORIES... hopefully...!!!

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