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Likes: Desserts (hmmm... Yum), Chocolate (yes chocolate has its own special place especially Godiva Chocolate), Harry Potter ( I worship J.K. Rowling, AWESOME WOMAN), Game of Thrones (I seriously get so excited about this, it is so ridiculous, my heart beats faster and I grin like an idiot), Vampire Academy (movie is rumored to come out next year), Twilight (I get kinda pissed off at Bella's goody two shoes sh* but it has its redeeming qualities; also keep in mind I read this when I was like 15 so I was very teenagery about it), Vampire Diaries (Damon, Damon, Damon) Code Geass (Anime so freaking awesome, main character is not a whiny brat but extremely badass), Naruto (the fillers though they kill me, I mean did the writer had to put such uselessness in the anime, and don't get me started on the flashbacks, I roll my eyes to the ceiling and pray for patience but Gaara keeps me watching it totally love him), Death Note (Light is kinda crazy but he keeps me interested), Avatar the Last Airbender (total powerful epic kid love him Aang is so cool and the sequel is just to good), The Hunger Games (how can anybody not like this, impossible in my opinion and Katniss is awesome but she totally does not deserve sweet lovely Peeta, I remember when I got this book read it in 6 hours and then went to school after sleeping for two hours), Attack on the Titans (pretty good though what they did to Eren pissed me off), my dog (Chihuahua. blonde, green eyed and looks like an alien with her creepy bulging eyes but is sweet and playful) and my family (daddy is so sweet. naive and brings me sweets; sister totally impossible not to love and my mom is kinda a control freak but I love her cause she spoils me and takes care of me).

Dislikes: A lot of stuff but I don't think about that cause why the hell would I want to think and bitch about that.

I am girl. Studying Medicine. Live in the Caribbean. I am doing the Insanity Workout which is pretty exhausting but I am very determined and do not make excuses.