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Hmm..what is there to talk about me...I like Naruto, One Piece, and etc...I love gym, music, art...writing stories are fun and stuff, and here is a list of my favourite stuffs...


One Piece is so cool!
Witch Hunter Robin, hell yeah!
DN Angel is so kawaii!
Legend of Legaia
Final Fantasy VII

Characters from Naruto

Naruto- So funny!
Kakashi- So cool!
Hinata- So kawaii!
Sasuke- Well...he's pretty evil now, but whatever
And many more!

Sango and Mirouku
Inuyasha and Kikyo
Inuyasha and Kagome
Sasuke and Sakura
Naruto and Hinata
Sakura and Li from Cardcaptor Sakura, but it seems so...perfect...
Shikamaru and Ino, a tad
Shikamaru and Temari as well...:D
Kurenai and Asuma (And maybe Kakashi)
Tsunade and Jiraiya
Um, I'm not really sure of Neji and Tenten...
Cloud and Aeris from FF7
And others...

Random couples...

Shikamaru and Sakura, I don't really know why, but I just do!
Neji and Tenten, if that counts as random.
Kakashi and Anko

Now least favourite...


It'd be kinda mean to say...

Naruto Characters

I'm really not sure...sum reason, no matter how annoying some might be, I still don't really care, lol.


Sasuke x Naruto: Sorry, but i'm getting REALLY tired of seeing millions of fanfics dedicated to them; they even try to kill each other!
Sasuke x Ino: They have no canon at all! He hates her too.
Sasuke x Hinata: Same here, but I don't really think he hates her, since he doesn't know her well...
Sakura x Ino: Ugh...yuriness
Cloud x Tifa: I never thought Cloud liked Tifa, 'cept possibly in the past, and admire the way she cared about him so much...

Any incest pairings as well...

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