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What's Up!

Sex: Male

Likes: Me I like reading, writing, movies, music, partying and a lot more stuff that shouldn't be explained here.

Dislikes: People who act like dicks, bad writing, somebody or something waking me way too early in the morning.

Age: old enough

Goal: To write awesome stories that all of you will read and review and go to college.

Stories I want to write: Naruto crossover with Bleach/Claymore/Digimon(The one with the cards)/Fairy Tail/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood/Ghost Rider/Sekirei/Soul Eater/ and Yu-gi-oh (The one with the evil Marik). All of these stories have solid endings I made up in my mind except for Fairy Tail and Sekirei, but I will continue thinking because every good story should have a awesome and happy ending.

(Quotes I made up, but I am not sure if I subconsciously pull out of a movie, book, or anything really.)

It Doesn't matter whether you're weak or not, if you don't have the will to use your strength for the right reasons, then you're nothing but a coward.

A Lost Shinobi's Grand Pokegirl Adventure, Ch. 4 80% Percent.

Results of the poll for which story I should write next.

  1. Naruto/Rosario Vampire crossover: An Uninspected Shinobi Joins Youkai Academy 42 votes
  2. Naruto/Sekirei crossover: Who Am I? 40 votes
  3. Naruto/One Piece crossover: A Half-Demon's Adventure Over the Great Seas 36 votes
  4. Naruto/Bleach: Scar 32 votes
  5. Naruto/Soul Eater: A Lost Soul 26 votes
  6. Naruto/Digimon Season 3 crossover: Digi-Evolution 23 votes
  7. Naruto: Anko's Birthday 23 votes
  8. Naruto/Ghost Rider: The Kitsune Rider 20 votes

So it looks like my next story will be about Naruto joining Youkai Academy with all of our favorite monsters in them, huh? I like thank all you guys who helped me decided which story I should write next. Don't worry; I'll will do my best to write the story as entertaining as possible. And I like to thank all those who reviewed my 'A Lost Shinobi's Grand Pokegirl Adventure' story. 49 reviews, 210 followers and over 180 favorites for only 3 chapters with over 8,000 views, outstanding. Thanks for reading and I appreciate the reviews. And if I do have the time to write a third story it will be the one I will be most comfortable writing down, which are: Naruto/One Piece Naruto/Ghost Rider and Anko's Birthday.

A sea serpent.

I found a picture of a Naga Pokegirl but I am going to use her for my Pyrothon instead,

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Unwavering Sky by Kur0Kishi reviews
He had long since given up. Or to be more precise, he just found it hard to care. He only had his job, his burden and his duty to keep him going. Smiling was a task, a necessity. Not a luxury. This is a story of a man, learning how to see in colours again.
Crossover - Naruto & Sekirei - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 118,667 - Reviews: 1759 - Favs: 3,144 - Follows: 3,067 - Updated: 6/18/2013 - Published: 9/15/2012 - Naruto U., No. 01/Miya A., No. 07/Akitsu
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

A Lost Shinobi's Grand Pokegirl Adventure reviews
A world filled with mysterious and beautiful creatures known as Pokegirls had the potential to reshape anybody's life. This was the world Naruto had woken up to. Finding himself lost and alone the orange loving shinobi sent out a batch of shadow clones to gather information. Little did he know his decision to gather information will completely change his life. Naruto Harem
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