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I figured I should actually let you people know a lil bit about me, so here u go

(1)My name-->Holly


(3)Relationship status-->Single (I'm cursed to bad relationships for all eternity.)

(4)Interests-->Cycling, swimming, listening to music, going out with friends, learning Hieroglyphics/Hieratics, and Ancient Egypt.

(5)Looks-->Blonde hair, green eyes, Slim, and only a foot taller than Kylie Minogue :-(

(6)Where do I live?--> Jolly old England lol...(No really)

(7)Favourite song @ the moment-->PJ Harvey This is love

(8)Favourite band @ the moment-->PJ Harvey, from England and doesnt try to be American... How badly does she rock?!

(9)My good points-->Urm, I smell good, I'm pretty, and I can get on with some people

(10)My bad points-->I'm possesive, uncaring, not willing to share, jealous, greedy, a real b!tch, and enjoy causing problems..Or so the therapist says..*Ho Hum*

(11)Who would I love to be?-->That woman out of 6 ft under, not the teenager or mature woman, the funny smart one...I dont even know her name though :P

(12)Who would I hate to be-->Victoria Beckham...Do I need a reason?

(13)Who is hot?--> Zack from RATM, Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters, Billie Joe of Greenday, Kurt Cobain (was), The guy who plays Imhotep, Bam Margera, (even though he should GROW UP), Madonna (Come on shes 45 and still dancing around), PJ Harvey...thats bout it really

(14)Who isnt hot?-->David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp (he used to be but now..Urgh), nearly every1 from NOFX, thats bout it.

(15)Favourite movies-->The Witches, Mummy/Returns, Death Becomes Her ("ERNEST!"), The Truman Show, Aliens, Jeepers Creepers, Matrix.

(16)Worst movie this year?-->American Pie 3 (God how I hate them.)

Anyway that was me, this is my work...

"A long way home"-Star Wars
"Death Becomes Her"-Miscellanious Movies/Death Becomes Her
"The Witches"-Miscellanious Books/Roald Dahl/The Witches

"A scoundrels paradise"-Star Wars (predicted chapters=6)
"Life goes on."-Spider-man
(Predicted chapters=4)
"Memories of a child."- Scorpion King (Predicted chapters=7)

Conversations in the Dark by LoKi-Shiver reviews
A conversation between The Torn Prince and the Bound Woman is cut short ^^ Short and mildly cute.
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