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Here's the thing: I'm not so good with profiles. I can never find a way of saying that my nickname is Lizzie and that I'm a ninth-grader without sounding boring. I sound even more boring when I say that Honduras is a small country in Central America, and that I've been living there since I was two. (Though I wish I lived in Ingary...Howl's Moving Castle fans unite!)

And you know what the worst part is? That I can't tell you about my hobbies (cooking, sewing, music, being lazy, art) and beliefs (Catholicism :D) without making it look like the most boring About Me list ever.

(How was that? :P)

I'm a walking contradiction. For example, one week I like this movie, the other week I don't like it anymore. Due to that fact, I'm not going to give you a list of my favorites. I'll give you my currents:

Currently reading: As an English assignment, we've got to read The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Teenager. Yes, it's a self-improvement book. I'm quite aware that some of your brains' boring book alert will go off once you read self-improvement book. But before it does, let me tell you it's actually quite enjoyable. I want to give my all-girls school a round of applause for finding such a book, in fact. I'm also reading Sense and Sensibility.

Currently watching: Well, I usually don't follow anything on TV if it isn't Psych, Dance Academy, Pretty Little Liars or Monk. But my best friend introduced me to these wonderful (you could call them) mini-series, Korean dramas! The four I've watched have been really good! I'm currently on one called Playful Kiss, which is so funny. I think the ones I've watched are worth mentioning, because I really enjoyed them: Full House, My Girl (best of the bunch, had me laughing for hours!), You're Beautiful, and Heartstrings. Some of them have really cheesy names, but they're hilarious!

Currently practicing/learning:

-I'm trying to learn another song that isn't Minuet or Christmas carols in the piano.

-I was a ballerina when I was younger, and I'm planning to rejoin.

-I'm practicing to write the Korean alphabet, Hengeul. I've already nailed the basic vowels, but I've still got a long way to go. Once I learn the alphabet characters, I'll move on to the language.

-Cooking pastries and sewing a scarf (which has actually turned out to be quite nice). I'm also working on portraits. I've already done one for my dogs and my brother, and at school we're learning to do more realistic versions. And I'm proud to say, they (are) turning/turned aright!

-My hard efforts are worth mentioning. Thanks to my goal of becoming a good student, I've been studying my butt off. And those efforts have shown through! Excluding Math, all I got in this semester's final report card was more than 90%.

Currently listening to: the Japanese and Korean culture has taken over my life. K-pop, J-pop, anime openings, drama OSTs...that's all I've been listening to! However, I never forget Frank Sinatra, The Wanted, Lana del Rey, broadway classics, Disney classics, The Carpenters, 80's, Owl City, and Taylor Swift.

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