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My Ongoing Stories

The Thief

The Shire was destroyed in the year of 2786 by orcs. They raided them and plundered into their lands, killing without cause or mercy. The rangers were unable to save the Shire in time. The hobbits were driven from their lands, out of their homes, to wander the winding roads as they searched for a new home...

And in the same year, a prophecy was told...

A prophecy of something terrible...

It will consume all...

It is now 2941 and things have changed greatly. A once future that was set in stone, was shifted and carved differently. The once noble Bilbo Baggins was reborn as something other than what he was. He became something no one had intended him to be...

What is this about?
It is set in the Middle-earth, Tolkien universe, from The Hobbit. And of course, as the title says, it is about a thief! The Thief is a story that is the longest one of my stories and has romance, destiny, death and friendship mixed into it all. I have spent over a year working on this, and have finally been able to publish it. There are a few chapters I have to redo or to start, but most of it is finished and the plot laid out. When doing this I wondered what Bilbo would be if he were a thief, and my imagination took off. At first, he was a goofy, lovable character with smack talk, but then I did his back story and none of it matched up. So I had to change it all, well some of it. Now he is a polar opposite, with some funny lines thrown in.

Any Warnings?
Violence, Graphic Depictions, and Sexual Content!

The Assassin

In this world, everybody wants more. Nobody would reject the idea of getting something more, be it peace, war, or silence. But there was one want that was all consuming. It was, as some say, the root of all evil.


So when tales, rumors, and stories spread of a wondrous treasure that lay beneath rich and flourishing soil, how could someone not be drawn to this? But it was not men, for they protected it with an oath. And it was not elves, for they cared not for such things.

No, it was the dwarves.

Their king set his eye on it and craved it like a mad beast. So Thror, King under the mountain, ordered dwarves to march on the land and plunder it in scouring for this treasure. And for eighty-nine years these beings walked in that place. They destroyed homes, murdered many, and did a number of unspeakable things, but there was no wealth there. It was only a mad man’s adventure. Eventually, they were sent back once the king was overthrown by his son, but the damage was done.

Now a king lay dying...

A prince lay in wait of his ceremony...

And a plan set in motion ages ago was ready...

It was time...

What is this about?
The Assassin is actually the top one if you enjoy a bit of an aggressive romance, with betrayal and politics. I have just spent the summer tampering with this and had to make a lot of Original Characters that come from the Shire, but have background stories that you wouldn't expect. You may hear familiar names, or new ones. There will be less adventure through Middle Earth and more secrets than anything. Here I wanted a different personality for Thorin and the idea of a Consort Bilbo had me scratching my brain and banging it against the wall. I wanted it to make it realistic in a fantasy world. So I thought and thought until I came upon Robin Hood, from the BBC, and found Guy on there. That was when I got the idea for how he would be, and then I mixed with it for a while until I came upon this story line, which is marvelous. This will take a while to come out because I just started it, and I have other stories to do as well for different shows, movies and ect. I take on too many! I only have two chapters right now out, but I won't update for a while.

Any Warnings?
Sexual Content, Major Death, Mentions of Rape, and Abuse!

Who Knew

Theon was the loner of the school. He didn't care about anyone there and no one cared about him. He didn't have many friends and had no real need of many companions. He wasn't particularly close with any of his family and didn't want to be. He was a solitary man that none really bothered with and some even feared. Mainly though, no one paid any attention to him and he was content with that.

But that was all about to change...

"Apologize," who the fuck was this guy?

(On my Ao3 account from the Game of Thornes fandom, featuring Thramsay in the mix. Link to it here-->Who Knew)

What is this about?
It is about a boy, Theon, who gets into some trouble that involves a murder. and he has to figure out who it is that did it because everybody thinks he did. So to clear his name he starts to dig into the past of Ramsay Bolton, a guy who he suspects is the main culprit.

Any Warnings?

Sexual Content, Graphic Depictions of Violence, and Character Deaths! Serial Killers!

Stories I Am Preparing

The Theif, The Assassin, and The Killer: All Hobbit Au's of BAMF Bilbo in different forms as it shows in the title.

Summary for the Series:

In Middle-Earth, there are many paths to tread here, paths of heroes, villains and legends. Many of these paths lay where danger and threatening creatures lurk, where not many come back to tell of it. On these trails though can be found stories melded within them where people have learned, have been, and have become something different. Allow an old one to tell you of these tales, where, were circumstances different, epics of proportions could be told. Come, come, and hear me speak about the tale of a boy, lost and alone who finds something he never thought he could, watch as he travels and learns of his origins, and his destiny. If you don't fancy such a story, let me tell to you one of a boy of treacherous means, of a romance that buds and where betrayal is more than just a word, it's a life. If you don't take to that tale, then may I divulge to you an adventure where a boy is raised in a race not of his own, and comes to find his place in the world, comes to understand things outside of the place he was raised, and teaches others of his people, while he also exacts his vengeance. Do you enjoy a story, do you wish for me to give you one? Then come here to listen to the epics of The Thief, The Assassin and The Killer.

The Killer
And the last in the series! Bagginshield, The Hobbit!

What is this about?
The Killer is a story centered around vengeance, anger and prejudices as well as race. You will get to see a culture you new nothing about and see how they view those outside of their own and how they treat each other, what the unspoken and spoken rules are in their society and what they live by. You may actually end up liking some, as well as hating others. In this one I wondered what it would be like to live among the most hated race in Middle-Earth and ran with it. I wanted to make it realistic, with circumstances that would make this possible, not impossible. I also had to think how the culture is and how they know each other, that they do, how they do it. I tried looking up Orc traditions, and things of that nature, but it seems all that I could find were the language, some sayings and their background, but nothing truly about the culture. So I made my own based on things we know about them and how they dress, and how they seem to know each other and obey others. This one will take much longer. I have got the back story for a lot of the ground work, but all I need is what will come of it all. The ending.

Any Warnings?

Sexual Content, Graphic Depictions of Violence, and Major Death!

Samnium Salva me ad te
During those last few weeks and months at Hogwarts, before the tragedy of Dumbeldore's death, something happens to Draco, something that changes his whole relationship with Harry, and the course of both their destinies.

What is this about?
It deals with the last year at Hogwarts and some touchy-feely between Draco and Harry where they both have demons and they comfort each other, changing the future and the present for them both.

Any Warnings?
Sexual Content, Mentions of Abuse

Hunger of the Sea
This is another Thramsay fanfcition from fandom Game of Thrones that I thought up from the song Hunger of the Pine!

What is this about?
It is a one shot! And it tells of a meeting between a mysterious boy from the Sea and a boy, who he saved! Going to be posted on AO3 because I feel there are more people who will be interested there.

Any Warnings?

Sexual Content!

Finished Stories

One Night

What is it about?
From Teen wolf. This is a Scerek fic. (Scott/Derek)

Any Warnings?
Well, there is Sexual Content and a Rape scene in here. If you do not like, do not read.

A Demon's Love

What is this about?
This features from the Supernatural fandom, and with the Wincest tag! It has an Anti-Christ Dean!! And the same old Sam, except he is all alone. I know, sad.

Any Warnings?
Sexual Content, Rape and Graphic Depictions of Violence. And Torture! Please, stay away if you do not like! Of course Incest, but it is accidentally on their part, and purposeful on mine!

A Cruel Game
This one I am not sure you can read. It is on my AO3 and pretty graphic with gay sex and everything and rape. If you are interested though, here is it --> A Cruel Game

Ramsay was about to rip away the last of the lord Theon Greyjoy. He would truly become his then. But he stopped, he wanted to have a little fun first. He wanted to play a game as usual. Though what Ramsay enjoyed, Theon suffered. So what sort of cruel Game was Ramsay planning? What sort of twisted play did he plan?

Well, you'll just have to read.

What is this about?
It is a pure one shot that was really dirty that I made up because I had tons of thoughts of these two in my mind screwing around, but I was never a full hard on for these two much. I just thought they were both hot! This is seriously for those hardcore shippers though who have a taste for the messed up psychology between the two because this features a pretty twisted game that takes place, but without any real violence.

Any Warnings?
There are Mentions of Rape, Underaged Rape, Past Child rape and Abuse, as well as Sexual Content!

Never Shall It Be
This is from the Hobbit fandom, with Baggenshield inspired by the music video by TisiphoneErinye THE- HOBBIT- Love Turns To Ashes

What is this about?
It is about Bilbo thinking back to how he wished things were! This video gave me so many feels that I had to do something for it! And it looks like one of my best. And it is all purely fluff and sadness, sigh.

Any Warnings?

I accept requests if you send them in.

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Scott was a normal teen, before he got turned into a Werewolf that is, but when he meets Derek, things turn, murders begin, and a mystery is formed. Bodies... Truth... Lust... Manipulation... Love... Lies... Ghosts... All come to life in this story. Will it be too late for them? Will they live? Or will everything fall apart? Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or the TV show
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The Shire was destroyed in the year of 2786 by Orcs. The hobbits were driven from their lands, out of their homes, to wander the winding roads as they searched for a new home... And in the same year, a prophecy was told... A prophecy of something terrible... It will consume all... And in 2941, everything changes. For better or worse, is something you shall have to find out.
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