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I'm very unsure what to write here. I'm a person, obviously because I passed the human test... Um... I write, if that's not obvious too... I, you know, I'm just how I am. I write, I read to do work stuff and I judge people in my dorm silently as I overhear their conversations (especially the hockey players). I can't really tell you more because, as a writer, worker and full time student I really don't have time for much else.

Since I have only one fic at the moment, I'll address it here. I write in My Dear Watson about Sherlock and John (Joan) as if they had known each other since they were very little and are now in college. Sherlock has some characteristics that are familiar but because of his association with Joan from a young age, his sociopathic tendencies have been softened by his friend. My reasonings will be made more clear as the story progresses. Now, the romantic part will come, but the plot is fluid for now so I'm not sure as to when yet. I also can't promise sex but I may incorporate it at some point if it fits, but it won't be a big part. You're welcome to message me here or send an email to if you have comments or questions or rage. I can handle it. Now, I know I've made John a girl. I AM the writer, so I would know. Why? Because that's how the story came to me. If the idea had come together with John staying male, that's what he would be. That's it. Not because I'm uncomfortable with it but because that's the plot. That's it. Also, I've set it in modern America but I'm not sure if I'll name specific places yet. It's a work in progress, bear with me. Thank you.

I'm so sorry my new update took so long! This happens to me sometimes, but I love those of you who waited! I'll try to be better in the future and I'm working to make myself write every day, so hopefully I can be more regular! I am starting a job as well as being a full time college student, so we'll see...

And I know that my previous promise/ hope has not been fulfilled. I've been very busy and haven't had time to write in a long time, which I sorely miss. I'm going to try and wrap up chapter 7 but... Oh, don't get your hopes up too high.

Who am I kidding, no one reads this...

Any way,

If you want to look at some of my other things you can go:

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and if you just want to talk or something, message me here or at my afore mentioned email address

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