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Hello loves

I, by definition, am Rinny-Oranges-Forever (or Midna), simply because, I love Rin, and oranges.

That sentence works so well.

But anyway. I haven't got far into anything yet. I'm going to update more, after school. AKA, on my breaks... -3- Stupid tests, why can't you come AFTER my fanfiction?! Anywho

Favorite shippings:

Vocaloid: Rin/Len (I cannot describe my love for them.), Rin/Gakupo (Same for these two.), Rin/Mikuo, Miku/Luka, Kaito/Meiko, SeeU/USee, Teto/Oliver, Teto/Ted, Luki/Miki

Hetalia: USUK, Russia/America, Prussia/Canada

Shugo Chara: Amuto, Rima/Nagihiko

Code Geass: C.C./Lelouch

Shippings I Like Anyway:

Vocaloid: Miku/Kaito, Teto/Ted, Yuuma/Gumi, Neru/Piko, Miki/Luki

Hetalia: FrUk, America/Canada, Prussia/Canada, France/Canada, Russia/China

Shippings I Tolerate/Am beginning to like

Vocaloid: Mikuo/Luki, Miku/Len (I only ship if characters are portrayed a very certain way.)

Shippings I Can't Stand:

Vocaloid: Luka/Gakupo

Hetalia: America/Mr. Puffin (Don't even ask.)

Stories In Making:

Russia/America: Oneshot

Try To Date A Robot(I need to find this... -3-)

"I guess that's just what happens when you try to date a robot"

Songfic, Hateful Russia is dating sterotypical America.

Rating: T, Lanugage

Miku/Luka: Oneshot

Because Gay Is The Most Fun

Humor shot, showing drooling Kaito's and Len's, as well as mad Luka's and scared Miku's. :D

Rating: T, Luka's violent, ya know?


The Most Beauitful Things(This is a huge maybe D:)

A love story in which Gakupo is a therapist, Rin is mentally stable, and there's 7 years between the two.

Rating: T, Lanuage, Suggested themes


Upon Thy Firery Eve

Rin likes Rei, who likes no one. Until Rin. Rin and Len figure out at band what his true intentions are, but cannot stop them.

Rating: T, maybe making a M scene or two and posting somewhere else.



Well, this is a Phantom Of The Opera plotline, with a few twists :D Len is the phantom of the French Populaire. Rin falls in love with Gakupo, as she is being swayed; and not for her healt.

Rating: K, I think it's not going to have any words. Ratings may go up!



SeeU is trapped in her own dream land with a beautiful mystery man; "Dance with me until I wake!"

Rating: T, violence, lanuage

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Meltdown by sunshine98 reviews
It all started with a simple project. Len and Rin Kagamine had never met before and now they're forced to work together for a good grade. Not only is Len known as the school's player, but Luka, Rin's friend, is pressuring her to set her up with Len's best friend, Kaito. But it gets way more complicated from there.
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p.s. Don't let the title fool you. Mikuo is your average, ADD, narcissistic teenage boy that's just trying to survive the last few days of Junior year. He has friends, enemies kind of... not really , an annoying little sister, and maybe a love interest or two. ;o Language & lime warning.
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L R L R STOP & DASH & UP & TALK A B A B A No Problem. Rin and Len become friends in a video game, but are unaware of each others true identities. Meanwhile the two are paired up for a school project, but can't seem to get along. Then Len falls in love with Rin! Why can't things be as easy as they are in video games?
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That Day I Met You by AliasStars reviews
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Magnet by SinnersLikeUs reviews
AU. He was her teacher, and she was a student. But, then again, doesn't everyone love someone completely wrong for them? Gakupo K./Rin K. ; Minor Rin K./Len K. Miku H./Luka M. Rated T, may go up. R&R!
Vocaloid - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 26 - Words: 44,244 - Reviews: 263 - Favs: 126 - Follows: 53 - Updated: 5/26/2011 - Published: 2/19/2011 - Gakupo K./Gackpoid, Rin K. - Complete
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