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Author has written 4 stories for Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter.

I want to be a writer one day, so you all get to be my first audience while I hone my storytelling skills! Yay for you! I can already tell, and so can you probably if you read some of my early stuff and compare it to the later stuff, that I'm becoming a better writer. I used to be afraid of writing in too many descriptions. I think I'm starting to overcome that fear. There are other things that have been developing better as well I believe. Longer chapters is one of those things.

I love Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter,and while I still loveLord of the Rings, my passion for it has died down somewhat. I also love love love Count of Monte Cristo, can't really decide between the book and the movie, they're both excellent! One of my goals in my career is to write/help write a really good screenplay, maybe miniseries or whatever, for the Count of Monte Cristo. There is so much information in that book, and it's such an amazing piece of work. It really deserves a motion media masterpiece. I think, if I were to choose someone to play Edmond/the Count right now it would be either Gerrard Butler or Clive Owen. Either one would do a really great job.

I love music, especially soundtracks because you can relive the moments in your head, not to mention that they have so much emotion in them. Myfavorite artists: Coldplay, absolutely number one isColdplay- Jump, Little Children -Keane - Joseph Arthur - Pinback - Aqualung - Spoon - Imogen Heap/Frou Frou, and numerous others.

Now for a status on my stories:

Hide And Seek: This is the completed first section of my Pirates of the Caribbean fic. Features Jack Sparrow and a host of new characters, including Emma. While this is finished, don't be surprised if sometimein the next couple of months I overhaul it and try tomake it better. Expect updates in the fall.

Hide And Seek, Vol II: The second part of the Jack/Emma story. Only one chapter of this is posted. This is the point at which Jack and Emma reach Port Royal and Emma meets the blacksmithWilliam Turner, a ghost from the past. I promise I will return to this series in the fall. I've got to finish my Harry Potter work first. Expect updates around October.

Hide And Seek, Vol III: So far, this only exists in my head. Part III will tie up any loose ends left after part II. I've actually done a small amount of work on this one, and have planned almost all of the general story for this part in my head. Could possibly split into a part III and a part IV depending on what happens. Expect the release of chapters in the winter.

The Tale of Frodo and Jayni: This story is at the bottom of mypriority list. Sorry, it just is. But here's why: I wrote this story in my Sophomore year of high school. It was supposed to just be a short story. The first completion of this story totaled about four pages. The rewrite is somthing that was just to humor myself and give the story what it really needs. It's a Frodo fic that features Jayni Goodbody, an original character. Although I've told you this is at the bottom of my priority list, it could surprise us and suddenly become a whilrwind thing that I just finish because I can. No expectations being posted. Someday it will be done.

A Thousand Years To Refine: Another Lord of the Rings fic. I don't remember whether or not I've actually posted any of it. I've got about thirty pages under my belt for this puppy. This story is about Legolas and a bit of how his life may have been after the War of the Ring. Not exactly canon, but it doesn't go against canon either. I like to take what we know and then make up the part that we don't know about. Just because Tolkien didn't tell us something, doesn't mean it didn't happen. I would keep my eyes open for this one sometime in late winter early spring of 2006.

Harry Potter and the Lightning Bond: This is my favorite of all my stories right now. This story started out almost five years ago, and it was the biggest Mary Sue maybe of all time. Andrea was a Mary Sue who was Harry's long lost twin sister who was sent to live in America and was raised by muggles and then homeschooled to come and join Harry so she could help him defeat Voldemort after Trelawny's prophecy at the end of PoA. There were also other original characters who were just about the calibur of this Andrea, including her friend from childhood, who was a wizard, even though she didn't know it, and they met back up, and they surpassed Fred and George in how creative and pranksters they were. NEEDLESS TO SAY, that story would have sucked. It was the kind of story that, if I were to read such a thing today, I would bang my head against my computer screen.

Now this story is much better. It's about a girl named Andrea, yes, but it's Andrea Benning. She's not a Mary Sue. She's good at some things, she sucks at others. She has quirks and habits like the rest of us. There's a lot of Fred and George in the story because I think they're some of the best characters ever. There are some original characters that come into the story as well. This is going to end up being a three part story, and after it's done there will be a prequel that ties in with a character we'll find out about, and there may even be a sequel that will feature the children of the people in Harry and Andrea's generation. Also, there's kind of a big mystery to solve about Andrea. I've tried to tie my story in with the Order of the Phoenix. Kind of an extended edition, the deleted scenes, call them what you will. This will be the first story that I've ever finished. Should be all done by the end of the summer.

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