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Author has written 2 stories for Muv-Luv/マブラヴ, and Super Robot Wars.

About Muv luv: The last moment miracle

Despite being a fan of AGE, I am totally frustrated at the ending of Muvluv Alternative. I just probably could never understand the mind of the authors when they wrote such a tragic and depressing ending. I have been waiting for years for AGE to remake the Muvluv alternative game. They did. However, the plot remains the unchanged. That's when i realized if I want a good ending for this story, I have to write it myself.

This story is inspired by the original work Muvluv alternative of Age and Paulxion:One last time into the loop. In this story of mine, I hope you will find the new character of Shirogane Takeru refreshing. He won't be as naive and indecisive like the usual Shirogane Takeru that we all know in MLA or as godly superhuman as in Paulxion story. I just want to believe that Shirogane Takeru would actually able to change the doom designed fate of the world and those he hold dear as a normal human being with an unshakeable will.

I apologize for all sort of grammar and spelling error as this story unfold. I hope that everyone will put up with me until this story of mine end.

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Muv luv-The last moment miracle reviews
Takeru fell to despair as Kasumi informs him that:He wasn't a Casualty Conductor anymore. He want to rewrite the cursed and twisted fate yet find himself powerless to do so. What can he do to defy fate once again and save everyone he holds dear from their designed deaths.
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