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Hi my name is John and welcome to my profile. My Pen name here is Turmanarmo which is derived from Quenya(Old Elvish from Tolkien's universe). It does have a meaning, which is fairly irrelevant to my use of it here since I chose it for a video-game character first and just grew to like the sound of it. I greatly enjoy reading fanfictions and have tried my hand at writing a few as well. My favorite fandoms on here are Naruto and Dragon Ball Z though I also enjoy various crossovers.

In the DBZ fandom I really enjoy fluffy stories about Gohan and his dad, I know Goku was a poor father most of the time and was rarely there but for some reason I just can't bring myself to hate him, plus the few father son moments they have in the show are so adorable(I am a guy, I swear :P). I also enjoy Gohan in school stories especially ones where he has a bit of a backbone but is not Vegetaish.

In the Naruto Fandom I really enjoy time travel fics, especially ones where he still remains his rambunctious self despite being mentally scarred by whatever sent him back. I also enjoy Kakashi Naruto fatherly fics, whether Kakashi is adopting Naruto, or watching over him, or even just being a better sensei I enjoy them. I also like it when Naruto and Shikamaru are buddies since Shika is so cool. Oh and I lament the fact that there are not more stories that explore the part about Naruto's friends discovering Kyuubi.

On the topic of pairings in the series, despite the fact that I was totally NaruHina as I started into the series, since then I have switched over to NaruSaku and still believe they belong together despite the cannon ending. This largely came about due to the fact that I felt they had more chemistry in the Manga/Anime (of what little pairing stuff was shown) and due to the NaruSaku fics on this site. I have read quite a few NaruSaku and NaruHina fics and enjoyed both imensely, however, I just feel like the majority of the NaruSaku ones feel less forced/reliant on massive world changes to work and thus I feel they are more natural. Not to say that there aren't some NaruSaku fics that way and some NaruHina fics that do feel natural, they do, it just doesn't seem to happen as much from my experience. I am also very anti NaruSasu, and don't start saying I am a homophobe or something, it is just that being straight I have an easier time identifying with that type of pairing and for some reason I just can't see Naruto as gay. I have read a few stories where some side characters had Yaoi pairings and had no issue with it, but there are just some characters who I can't see swinging that way, ah well.

My favorite author definitely has to be J.R.R. Tolkien and my favorite anime/manga is Naruto though that is not saying much given that my experience in manga is limited to Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Inu Yasha(which I am currently in the process of reading) and in anime it falls to Naruto/Shippuden, Dragon Ball/Z, G Gundam, and Gundam Wing.

I am not much of a movie watcher but from what I have seen I would have to say Shawshank Redemption is my favorite, followed by the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended of course). I also really enjoy a good superhero movie now and again. In the relm of TV my favorite has to be Doctor Who followed shortly by Stargete:SG1 and Atlantis. I also enjoy a few other scifi shows like Startrek: The Next Generation and Voyager as well as Warehouse 13, Oh and NCIS is awesome as well. Once you add cartoons to the mix my favorites are Avatar:the Last Airbender and Phineas and Ferb though some of the stuff i watched as a kid will always hold nostalgia powers over me.

My favorite Characters from various universes are a bit random, in Lord of the Rings I like Gandalf and Sam; in The Inheritance Cycle I like Saphira; in NCIS it's pretty much all of the main cast; in StarTrek it's Data; in Avatar it's Iroh; In Stargate its Teal'c; In Superheros I like Batman and Captain America and my favorite Villain is Mark Hamill voicing the Joker; In DBZ it's Gohan before the buu saga; and in Naruto it is Naruto when he is not being a complete moron for comic relief, Kakashi especially from Shippuden, Itachi once we learned that he is not evil, Shikamaru, Gaara, Shino, and Tobi(not madara/obito, i'm talking good boy Tobi). Oh and just to make people mad Sai>Sasuke, cause I freaking hate Sasuke's character for some reason, he just irks me and recently Sai has been growing on me, even if Kishi has seemingly abandoned Sai for his beloved Uchiha once again. I mean honestly minus the whole revenge thing I really liked the Teme when we started, but shortly after he got the curse mark it amplified all of his worst traits and now I can't stand him.

Anyways I am going to stop ranting about Sasuke and move on now. I have written one multi-chapter story and two one shots thus far and am currently working on my next multi-chapter fic.


Secret Inside Me
Story about Naruto revealing his Jinchuuriki Status to all of his closest friends. Multi-chapter. Complete.

Forgotten Day
Story about Naruto's 15th Birthday. Oneshot. Complete

Defending Dickless
Story about Sakura rebuffing Sai's nickname for Naruto. Crack/Oneshot. Complete

My Next Project
Another Multi Chapter, just began writing so it will be awhile before I post anything.

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