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Sol: Hello! I am Solaris, and my twin-in-all-but-blood is Starblaze.

Star: We live in England and are still in education, but that's all you're getting.

Sol: We are female, and blonde, but our marks will prove that we break that stereotype.

Star: We love reading and writing about all the possibilities that we would really like to see in the books, but that we know will just not happen. I was the first to find, and for the last 3 years I have been an avid reader. Shortly after my arrival, I introduced Sol to it, and we became hooked. A bit like chocolate cake. It's really really good, but ends up distracting you while you are supposed to be doing coursework, revising, homework or any of the other multitude of things that get pushed to 'later' while I read my favourite stories.

Sol: We are both musicians, so musically-inspired pieces are likely to appear. We read and write a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction, although we do delve into other fandoms, such as the Avengers, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Merlin, Sherlock, and the A-team. Personally, I prefer to read about the Marauders' era, and all the misadventures of the pranksters, Lily and her friends. Star prefers to read AU stories set in the time of the Golden Trio, but we do exchange good stories and enjoy both eras.

Star: I am a Slytherin, and even have a Slytherhat (as Sol has dubbed it,) to prove it.

Sol: I am a Gryffindor, with nothing to prove it but my own rash courage, or as Star prefers to call it, my personal brand of insanity. I tell her that the only reason she isn't in a padded cell herself is because she avoids psychiatrists and (in)sanity tests at all costs.

Star: I tell her she is a hypocrite, because so does she, and if she didn't, she'd be sharing my cell.

SolStar is the name we share, and if we are working together, the name we sign off with. We almost always work together, so we almost always use this name. We are, of course, only young, so we need all the help we can get with our writing, which we do for the love of it, not because anyone pays us anything. We can only dream of such things.

Also, we have an apology for our lengthy absence. Yes, it's been months - yes, there are reasons, but you don't get all the details. Long story short, there was exams and France and Folkstone and chaos, all starting about June and ending around about now. Well, not completely ended, but close enough. Anyway, we have a couple of fics which are waiting to be posted, and a couple more on the way once we've finished and edited them.



And review,

Our thanks

To you.

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