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Hello! It's a great honor to have you here on my profile page. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my profile. Alternatively, you could just skip to my stories at the bottom. But since you're already here, here's some facts about me ;D

I am a 400-foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings. - Princess Azula

Name: You may call me Wraven. Or Princess. Or both. Whatever.

Birthday: A month after Christmas Day ;)

Loves: Avatar: The Legend of Aang, The Legend of Korra, writing, thinking of crazy new fanfic ideas (but never really writing them), pop music, the colour blue, anything baked, the Fire Nation, shipping, the smell of rain, water, strumming a guitar, holding a pencil, waterbending, braiding hair...(I could go on forever XD)

Personality: Back in sixth grade, my teacher said that she was teaching a class of "fifteen-year-old minds with the hearts of seven-year-olds trapped in twelve-year-old bodies". Just so you know what you're dealing with eheheheh...But now that I think about it, was she just saying that we were naive, fun-loving, crazy nerds in a nicer way?

Oh well XD *shrugs*.

My friends claim that I talk like Mai - in monotone - which is true. I'm very much like Mai in school, serious and calm, and a little like Katara; most of my friends see me as a rule-abiding older sister.

At home, though, I'm a completely different person ;) I'm like Ty Lee, talking a lot and being overly optimistic and random and stuff. I think I have some weird personality disorder, hehe...And on I'm my random, Ty Lee self. Beware, peasant.

I'm also really obsessed with A:tLA and now LoK and know like, every line in every episode, so you DO NOT want to get into an Avatar-related argument with me. I repeat, DO NOT. That is all :)

Favourite characters:

Azula. I absolutely adore Azula. As you can tell. She's so gorgeous and talented and awesome and...well, it's just tragic that she broke down in the end. She's not to blame; she's only 15! I'm just really upset at her father, who doesn't give her the love she is searching for; her mother, who "thought [she] was a monster" and left them; her uncle, who's so super biased it's unfair; her friends, for betraying her and abandoning her when she needed them most (though they're not to blame); and finally, her brother, for not being there for her. He's not a very good older brother.

Suki. Isn't Suki just so epic? That warrior-girl style, I adore it. I learn martial arts, too, and one day I hope to beat a sexist guy, like Suki did to Sokka. Suki's just to strong when her warriors need her, and she's alert and ready, and just watching "The Boiling Rock: Part 2" is enough proof that she's cool. I love the Kyoshi Warrior Outfits, too. Suki's awesome. Almost as great as Azula. Almost.

Appa! Who doesn't love Appa! He's so big and soft and furry and fluffy! I want an Appa! Appa is adorable :3

Mai. Mai is so cool O.O Knives appear from nowhere, scary. She's really awesome. If she were a boy, I'd completely be in love with him. Go look at pictures of genderbended Mai. I'm in love. Mai is cool. End of story.

Sokka. Sokka is so funny, without him, the show would be kinda boring. I love his puns and lame jokes. But apart from that, he's really strong, to give up everything and accompany his sister, although he doesn't trust Aang. I think his love for Katara is too great. He's the ideal older brother (Zuzu, take some notes). He plans for the group, keeps everyone on track and in check, and helps them along. Without him, I think Team Avatar (it wouldn't even have the name) would probably be chilling in some beach house somewhere, not a care about the war. And for surviving everything without bending, I salute you, Sokka. Poor Sokka does get bullied a lot, though.

Ty Lee. She seems all chirpy and happy and carefree on the outside, but if you really analyse her, she's hiding all her feelings, even better than Mai does, such that we don't even realize it. She's a hero, making split-second decisions and being the motivation for everyone. Without her, I think Azula would've broken down a long time ago. Mai isn't that great a friend to Azula, really. Ty Lee is simply awesome.

Jun. Just cause.

And all the other characters. It'll take too long to list them down.


Do not take offense, reader. I have nothing against all the other ships. Some of my stories even contain other ships as well. These are simply the ships I'm on :D

Sukka. I love Sukka. It must be my favourite ship, I think. They're just perfect together! Sexist warrior boy meets awesome warrior girl. Quote: "I'm a warrior, but I'm a girl, too." One day, I too shall find my Sokka. 'Nuff said :D

Zutara. I think Kataang is really sweet and all, and I have nothing against Kataang, but Zutara still has a special spot in my heart. Even though I know it'll never happen :'( I'm not hard-core Zutara, though, not like *ahem* some fangirls out there...I just think Zutara's really cute :) Zuko and Katara make a really good couple. I'm not going to bother convincing you why. If you're a Zutarian, you'll agree with me. If not, nothing I say will make you agree, anyway. So, I'll just stop here.

Maiko. Maiko is so strong, really. I don't get why anyone doesn't like it. I'm torn between Zutara and Maiko. Mai and Zuko are, simply put, made for each other. Watch "The Boiling Rock" or any of the flashbacks with Mai and Zuko in them, if you need proof. They're adorable. And I love the line "Saving the jerk who dumped me". It was so epic.

Sokkla. Okay, I know this is a crack pairing and it will never ever happen and that I'm weird for even having the idea in the first place, but think about it. Don't Sokka and Azula just look perfect together? When Azula's not trying to kill Sokka, that is. On second thought, this pairing won't really work out :/ But it's still cute! Sokka and Azula...especially when you pair it with Zutara :D

Taang. I love it. It's completely cute and innocent. Can you imagine? Twinkles and Toph? I love the fanfics where their childish innocence is shown and they just play around and act like kids their own age :) Maybe I should try writing a fanfic like that...I'll just wait for an idea to come XD This is probably why I ship Linzin. Toph and Aang are super cute :3

Tyzula. Yes, I have no idea when or why I started shipping this, but I did. I used to be so against slash, but this? This is awesome. Even Grey DeLisle ships it. Ty Lee is just...adorable. And Azula needs some one there for her, you know? It's just here to let you know that I ship Tyzula. But it probably won't show in my stories. I'm still kind of getting used to the idea of slash :P

Smellershot. Who can disagree?

In Lok? Here they are:

Makorra. Don't kill me. They make a great couple, don't they? It wasn't really well shown in the show, though :/ Both are such heartbreakers :( But personality wise, centering around their story alone, they fit :)

Linzin. Love it love it love it. They make an awesome couple. 'Nuff said. Go check tumblr if you need a better reason. Probably because I ship Taang. Linzin is so cool :D

I copied this off someone else's profile as I wholeheartedly agree with this. Feel free to put it on your own profile if you agree! :)

Important advice to readers:

I would like to say something to all of you that applies not only to my stories, but to all the other authors, too.

We, the authors that write Fanfiction, are not paid for doing this. We have no publishers, and no one to help us publicize our work. This means that we have no sales statistics or critics comments to know how good or bad the story is.

We write because we love to do it and we love to share what our imagination can conjure. The only way we can know if our story is good or bad is for you to tell us what you think about it. And to do that, you have to leave us a review.

Review if you think the chapter can be improved, and in what way.

Review if you think the story plot has loopholes, and what they are.

Review if you think the author needs to work on his/her English. Offer to beta read if you're kind/free/want to help!

Review if you love the story plot, the writing style, or the way the main character is portrayed.

Review to make your opinion known.

Review if you can't wait to know something, or to ask a question.

No matter your reason, or how you do it, just leave a review. We all love to have your feedback. Even an "Aww" is sufficient to make our day :) It'll motivate us to write more! is where all authors share their imagination and can both help and learn from each other. I'd like to be a part of this mutual, friendly community. What about you?

And that's why I make it a point to review every story I read. Even if it's just to tell the author that I love it :D


(Finally, we get to the most important bit!)

Check out my story "Sister Dear"! It's about Azula and the royal family, mostly, and still in progress, but I'm open to reviews! Read it and tell me what you think ;D Criticism is welcome, anything to improve my story. Beta-ed by the awesome genius, AzardBrazul! Go check out his stories XD

I've also published "Penguin Sledding", a supposed one-shot but, well, let's just say it's REALLY long. Anyway, check it out if you're not looking for a long-series fanfic. Or if you're looking for something Zuko-and-Katara related but not exactly Zutara. Read and review, please? Thank you :)

"Spirit Day Preparations" was written for Halloween. Enjoy! It's not scary at all, just a little humor and typical Azula and the Ozai's Angels :) It's pretty short. For my standards.

I've posted "It all started in kindergarten", an AU one-shot about Katara and Azula. Go check it out. ;D

My beta-buddy, AzardBrazul (check out his stories!) and I have a joint venture called "Character Visitations and Assorted Randomness", where we break the fourth wall, visit the palace, and (try to) humiliate the characters of Avatar. Go read it for a laugh, and if it's too random for you, tell us, please. Azard gave me the honor of posting it :) It's still in progress, and it's kind of on hiatus, so...:P

Random one-shot about a Kyoshi Warrior and a Dai Li agent, in "The Kyoshi Lovers". My first romance fic ever. Read it for fun and some fluff! :D

Just added a new story for Christmas 2012! "Making Fire Flakes" was initially written for my beta buddy, Azard's, birthday, and he told me to post it. So here it is. Go read. It's about Ozai's Angels ;D

I wrote "Study Break" as my own study break! It's about Azula being hungry, while studying, and looking for food. I think everyone's had that feeling before. Just a little, light one-shot to devour in 5 minutes! But please review, please? XD

And there's my non-committal, random humor piece, "Princess Prodigy 101", where Azula hijacks my computer and writes the rules on being the perfect princess. It's short and light, so just read it for laughs. I'm updating it whenever I feel like it, so please don't wait by for updates. But do give it a follow if you like it!

Wow, I do write a lot of Azula stories :X

Thanks for reading through my profile. Here's a pastry (muffin, waffle, whatever you like) :D I'll post more stories in time to come, so stay tuned!

If there's anything you'd like to tell me, PM me! I'm always happy to get to know fellow writers :) Or, if you don't have an account, just leave a review on one of my stories!

I'd be happy to beta stories as well. If you need a second opinion before publishing your story, don't hesitate to ask me ;D I don't bite! I'm (mostly) free to beta read your story! Though I prefer one-shots hehe...

Most of all, have fun reading, writing, and surrounding yourself in your fandom(s)!

-PrincessWraven :D

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Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Angst - Chapters: 24 - Words: 52,505 - Reviews: 167 - Favs: 85 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 9/9/2010 - Published: 8/7/2010 - Ty Lee - Complete
A Fire Nation Flower by Fancy Pants Penguin Jiao-Jie reviews
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