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Well Hi there! Welcome to my... uh writer's profile I guess.

You can call me Akki, Kieran, Akkiarn, or by my real name Bethany. I go by all of these names, i have many many nicknames but those are the few I go by. (sometimes i use my nicknames in my stories because i'm more attached to the characters that way. and i'm horrible with names)

I'm not what you call a very good writer but i do have ideas, and if given the opportunity i hope you guys will like what I post. If you see any mistakes be nice and point them out ok? I try my best.

Lets see a little about me. Well I'm 18 Years old. I have a Boyfriend. My favorite color is blue. I love to play Minecraft, God of War, Kotor1, Kotor2, and a whole lot of others I can't really mention right now. I have Minecraft for computer. So if you wanna become friends and build a world with me then i'm all for it xD... i has no minecraft friends v.v

My first Fanfic is gonna be on Kotor1, I'm gonna follow the story line and tell it from many different characters point of view and what i think would happen that is not part of the game. I've seen many of these types of kotor1 stories so, why not try my own and see how it goes?

I love to read, no doubt about that, i'll sit hours on end reading stories. Some of my favorite Series are Warriors, Dark Hunter, Inheritance Cycle (Eragon), Pitt Dragon Series, Harry Potter, and a whole lot more i cant think of at the top of my head.

Alright, since i'm new here, I'll be writing well duh fan fics, um i'm gonna try to keep it Rated T for teen, um i might go into M rating so read at your own risk younglings who are under 16 years of age.

Anyway thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful time reading!

P.S I have a habit of using the same names over and over again. For example Akki xD I suck at names x.x


A New Beginning - a Knights of the Old Republic Light sided-Female-Revan and Carth fic. Plan is to stick mostly to the games story line, adding my insight on what i think would of had happened that wasn't in the game. One of the goals of writing this fanfic will be to tell it into multiple points of view for character. I just hope that i will be able to keep them in character since it is my first fanfic and all that. Well i hope you will have the time to read it. and enjoy it!

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