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Well I'd put a bio here, but honestly who cares? I mean does anybody read these things anyway? Hmm actually I guess you do since you're reading it now. Thanx so sorry to waste your time, but here are some fun quotes:


"So I says blue M&M, red M&M they all wind up the same color in the end."

"Destiny's powerful hand has made the bed of my future and it's up to me to lie in it. You don't fight destiny, no sir! And you don't eat crackers in the bed of your future or you get all...scratchy."

"You're not going crazy, you're going sane in a crazy world!"

"You tried something new and you failed miserably, the lesson is never try."

"On justice and on friendship, there is no price, but there are established credit limits."

"Never, ever stop in the middle of a Hoedown!"

"To help you, help yourself."

"In your times of darkness be comforted that somewhere someone is getting some sleep."

"Why should the race always be to the swift or the jumble to the quick witted? Should they win mearly because of the gifts 'God' gave them? Well I say cheating is a gift man gives himself."

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