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Hi guys/girls! welcome to my acount!



School-a school with a name and all that stuff

interests-drawing, listening to music, reading books/manga


Shane yume- age-17 gender-male deck-elemental heroes backstory-(lol sorry but it'll be up soon) home nation-Japan dorm-obelisk blue theme song(s) - Kamen Rider Kabuto - Full Force can he/she see duel monster spirits?-yes, yes he can hair color-black eye color- brown date of birth- 6/17/1997

Alice Jones- age-17 gender- female deck- crystal beast backstory-(*sighs*I gotta plan this tuff out more often) home nation- United States dorm-ra yellow personality- like someone who has ADHD theme song(s)- Smash Mouth All Star can he/she see duel monster spirits?- unknown(for now) hair color- brown eye color- blue-green date of birth- 2/10/1997

Li Xiao- age-17 gender- male deck-fire (the specific archetype will be seen soon) backstory- right now you can say he’s one of Shane’s friends home nation- china dorm- slifer red personality- kinda serious kinda not, but when it comes to dueling he gives it his all theme song(s)-My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy hair color- black eye color- black date of birth- 12/18/1997

Mike Ross- age-16 gender-male deck-(not revealing until next chapter) backstory- he’s one of Alice’s friends (‘nuff said for now) home nation – united states dorm- ra yellow personality- he’s pretty much not noticed by almost everybody theme song(s) - Simple plan - I'm just a kid hair color- sandy blond eye color- sky-blue date of birth- 8/6/1996

favorite songs

"i will not bow" by- breaking benjamin

"hall of fame" by- the script

"headstrong" by- trapt

"the hell song" by- sum 41

"still waiting" by- sum 41

"my direction" by- sum 41

"fireflies" by- owl city

"glaxies" by- owl city

"full force" by- rider chips

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