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The Hunger Games before my life

THG is the most amazing series IN THE WORLD.
Favorite Female Charecter of all time: Katniss Everdeen/Mellark
Favorite Guy Charecter of all time: Peeta Mellark
Favourite book EVER: Catching Fire
Saddest death: Finnick because 1. He died after he got married to Annie and 2. He died after his son was born. But all deaths were sad. Espicially Cinna and Prim
Guilty Pleasure charecter: Haymitch Abernathy
Favourite scene: Epilogue, Beach scene

Hey peeps!xoxoxx

10 things you should know about me.

1. I love the Hunger Games so muchs

2. I am obssesed with KitKats

3. I love reading. My all time fav book is Hunger Games: Catching Fire - The movie's coming out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. I hate Twlight. Bella is NOT a heroine but Rosalie and Emmet OK.

5. I love anime drawing. I usually draw THG pics

6. I am not a directioner

7. I do not Belieb

8. My fav song is "We are never ever ever ever getting back together," By Taylor Swift and I love "It's always a good time." By Carly Rae Jespon & Owl City

9. My fav female actress is Jennifer Lawrence and my fav guy actor is Josh Hutcherson - Both in THG!

10. I AM NOT A GEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunger Games swear words: OMGale, WTFinnick and Shut the Peeta bread up

...So obssesed...

You say Harry Potter

You say Twilight

I say Hunger Games

You say Emma Watson

You say Kristen Stewart

I say Jennifer Lawrence

You say Daniel Radcliffe

You say Robert Patterson

I say Josh Hutcherson

You say spells

You say Bella's Lullaby

I say Rue's Lulalaby

You say JK.Rowling

You say Stephenie Meyer

I say Suzanne Collins

You say Hermoine Granger

You say Bella Swan/Cullen

I say Katniss Everdeen

You say Edward Cullen

You say Harry Potter

I say Peeta Mellark

Basicially.I'm a HG. addict...Too addicted...

Whenever I see an axe, I think of Johanna Mason

Whenever I see a bow and quiver, I think of Katniss

Whenever I hear the word arena, I think of the games.

Whenever I smell bread, I think of Peeta Mellark.

Whenever I taste sugar, I think of Finnick Odair.

Whenever I see roses, I think of President Snow.

Whenever I see flames, I think of Cinna.

Whenever I see a duck tail I think of Prim.

Whenever I see a snare I think of Gale.

Whenever I see a bottle of liquor, I think of Haymitch.

Whenever I see something shimmer, I think of Glimmer.

Whenever I see a large stone, I think of Clove.

Whenever I see a blowgun, I think of Maysilee

Everytime I hear birds singing I think of Rue.

And whenever someone says the word games, I immediatly get a shiver down my back.

And everytime I read a book I wish it were The Hunger Games...

You wear your Mockingjay pin everywhere!

You can't go to sleep because you are thinking about The Hunger Games and when you finally do you dream about The Hunger Games!

You have seen the movie three times or more!

You read the trilogy for the first time in a week (it only takes that long because you go out of town and your parents say you can't read it for a few days)!

You have read the trilogy a couple of times!

You want to be Katniss (or another character) for Halloween!

You make your stardoll Katniss (or another character)!

You resite the last page of Mockingjay in your head every night!

You think about what you do as if you’re reading one of the books (for ex. you wake up and go down stairs and get a bowl of cereal for breakfast and while you do that you think - "I wake up and I go down stairs, go to the pantry and get out a box of cereal. Then I go to the refrigerator and get out the milk. Next I go to the cupboard and take a bowl, and go get a spoon from the drawer. I make a bowl of cereal and put everything away. Then I go to the table to eat)!

You make a Hunger Games club!

You worry they won't cast the right actor/actress for the new roles in Catching Fire movie!

You follow a Hunger Games fan sites!

You sing the song Katniss sang to Rue when it gets stuck in your head!

You whistle Rue's four note song!

You get Hunger Games songs!

Almost everything you see reminds you of The Hunger Games!

You think about The Hunger Games all the time!

You write a story about the Hunger Games (Mine is "My life before the Hunger Games" in my blog)!

You re-write a song with Hunger Games lyrics!

You pre-ordered the movie the first day you could!

Where ever you go you think of what place from Panem it would be from!

I do all this!!! Are you obsessed??!!!!

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