Yuri Flower
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Name: Yuri Flower

Gender: Female

Age: secret

Height: Somewhere between an ant and a skyscraper

Weight: *brick* Never ask a girl her weight!

Likes: writing, reading, jogging, television, video games, comic books (love Batwoman), yuri manga

Dislikes: bullies, spinach, homework, narrow-minded people, judgmental people, being bored

Things to know about me: I enjoy reading books, writing Fanfiction, enjoy going on long trips, and I'm proud to call myself a lesbian. I have nothing to be ashamed of by admitting it and other people should be ashamed either. I hate people who are judgmental about others just because of something we were born with. And if you have a problem with lesbians, you can shove it up your (censor) because I'm not having it. 80% of this site is filled with gay porn, so you are a hypocrite if you have a problem with yuri. If you are one of those people who are not so close-minded, then I hope we can become good friends.

Now enough ranting. I've watched Yugioh for years every since the original pointy-haired Yugi played. Speaking of which, anyone notice how pointy all the main character's hair are - they should be state registered as weapons. Anyway, after reading a lot of interesting fics, I decided to try my hand at making my own story. I know it will be a long way before I'm even halfway as decent as others, but I can hope that I will be able to improve the more I write.


Yugioh: Reach the Stars - While Yuma and Astral to save the Astral World from the Barian World, there is another story taking place out side the city of Heartland. Yui Ryuusei and her friends were just average high school students when they are dragged into an adventure that goes beyond anything they would have imagined. Now Yui and her allies must prepare themselves against threats from other worlds while uncovering a deadly secret that could shake the universe.