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Most people just call me Boo.

Beside fiction, I love cold beer, warm (not hot) pizza rolls, gogurt, and sushi. That probably means nothing to you, but it's the truth. I'm 22 and absolutely obsessed with Naruto and Sasuke as a couple, any way you ship that shit. I'm also obsessed with Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Johnny Depp, and most things yaoi. I wish I could draw better than I do. My favorite color is red, I think. Maybe it's orange... or blue. I don't know.

Things to know:

If I need to refer to a web address in a story, I will usually use plus signs in place of periods or else I'll write the word DOT. You should, obviously, replace either of them with real periods for proper use.

My whole life is rated 18 plus. I'm an explicit person, so tread carefully and pay attention to warnings.

I will portray characters in different settings a lot of the time. Therefore, I will have to adapt them to their surroundings if I am not going completely canon. I will always try to retain their canon personalities as best as possible, but keep in mind that sometimes I will be better at this than others. I will never purposely go completely out of character unless it's just for fun. That being said, there is a certain degree of OOCness that I cannot escape. But even when adapting them to various situations, I will try to keep them as spot on personality-wise as possible.

I do stuff at, if you're interested in that sort of thing :)

I rate my fics appropriately. If something is labeled M, that means there is some mature shit in there, obviously. Don't read it if you don't like it. Don't read it if you're too young to read it. Don't read it if you're just going to bash it.

Be warned. I like boys who like boys. I don't like like boys who like boys. I just like to read and write about them. Ya dig? I like smut smut in the butt butt. If you don't, that's fine. Go away before your eyes are offended.

Author Updates

06/25: I could list everything that has been holding me back, but that would take days. Long story short, my real life responsibilities are ever-shifting and I just haven't had the focus to devote to my fiction. Thus, I'm announcing an official hiatus. I am still going to work on the last of Moving Memories, but I just can't say when that will be completed. It'll pop out whenever it does. But once it's done, I won't be working on any new, ongoing projects. I'm trying this new thing where I finish something 99% and then start posting it up because I clearly can't be regular or dependable with ongoing things. Even when I plan them out chapter to chapter, it's the whole writing process that always gets interrupted >

04/08: I'm going out of state for 3 weeks today (gone til the 29th), so I am not going to promise any actual progress on Moving Memories during that time. After the edits to chapter 25, I had to insert an entire chapter to seal the gap between what would be the next one. That means I have to write a chapter from scratch as opposed to just editing it, so it'll take a bit of time and focus. I can't say how much time or focus I'll have while I'm out of state, so I won't promise anything. Worst case scenario: might not be updated for a month. Might get done before then too. Not sure. We'll have to see!

04/02: Moving Memories chapter 23 was joke. 24 explains it. I'm just an April Fools junkie. I FUCKING LOVE IT. So much fun, so I prank everyone as much as I can. Although, I'm quite the prankster in every day life too :p but, yeah, so Moving Memories is still running ya'll. Just a joke

04/01: *whispers* I may or may not love April Fools :3

03/30: Guys, I am in ned of a beta (or more) to help me with my next project. I have a few stories I wanna do, but I have one fairly developed that I've decided to start with, even though I've been dying to do a Naruto/LOTR crossover and plot bunnies have been bombarding me left and right for months on it. I don't want this other one to slip away from me though, so I am looking for someone who can help me out with it! If you're interested, pm me!

The fic Fire & Rain has been deleted. It wasn't intentional, but it happened. Oh well. It was only collecting dust anyway. In the future, the plot may be revisited. For now, let's mourn its passing T_T

Links for Fics
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A Lack of Color, a Sea of Red:
- Layout for Gaara & Neji's apartment
- Fix You by Coldplay (song for fic)

Life Unexpected:
- Chapter 3: Layout for Sasuke's Apartment
- Chapter 4: Explicit version of chapter

Moving Memories:
- Playlist of all songs for entire fic
- Chapter 2: Akatsake Layout
- Chapter 2: Naruto's Apartment Layout
- Chapter 4: Gaara & Kiba's Suite Layout (Bottom Floor - Top Floor)
- Chapter 4: Layout of the Lobby in Gaara & Kiba's building
- Chapter 6: Sasuke's Suite Layout (Bottom Floor - Top Floor)
- Chapter 6: Studio Suites (below living suites) & General Floorplan for floors 19 & 20
- Chapter 8: Layout of Sasuke's Apartment
- Chapter 17: Explicit version of chapter
- Chapter 27: Explicit version of chapter
- Explicit Epilogue

- Chapter 2: Map of the landscape

- Chapter 2: Layout for Naru's Apartment
- Chapter 3: Layout for Sasuke's House

Tit for Tat:
- Chapter 2: Layout for Sasu's apartment

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Moving Memories reviews
Due to unfortunate events, Naruto's life is turned upside down when he moves from his childhood country home to a place in the city. While starting at university, he finds himself connecting with new people in new ways. He turns from sure that his life is ending to wondering if his life is really only just beginning, but what secrets will his new friends be hiding? (multi pairings)
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Collection of Naruto-Themed Drabbles
This is a collection of drabbles I've written on my roleplay blog. Some of them will involve OCs and some will be totally canon while others will be totally not. It's just a big ol' pot luck of whatever I was prompted to write about. Ratings range from K to M, so read the rating at the top of each drabble. Characters listed will be the characters involved in the latest update.
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After the countless adventures Arthur has braved, his ego gets the best of him and even his closest companion's counsel becomes unworthy of his heeding. It's this attitude that brings Arthur almost right to the edge of death. And, as always, it's Merlin who has to save his skin. But what will follow this time is different than any time before. Things have, most certainly, changed.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 28,158 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 1 - Published: 1/18/2013 - Neji H., Gaara, Sai - Complete
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Sasuke is on his way to Konoha but a certain familiar blond stands in his way. He must surpass Naruto to complete his objective but wonders if he has the strength to do so. Naruto faces Sasuke with an ultimatum that could change both of their lives. What'll Sasuke do and how will Naruto react? Spoilers tucked away inside. Read my A/N carefully at the beginning of the fic. Twoshot!
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Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have gone away to college with their friends. Though their different feelings have always been present, this new change of scenery has inspired them to change the way that they all handle these feelings. How will they each cope with their emotions? [Set in a modern-day/real world AU, meaning the world we live in]
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