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As of June 1, 2012: I will no longer be updating this account with new fics.

As of June 7, 2012: I will no longer have any fics, old or new, posted on this account. I am doing this as part prevenative measure and part protest based upon FF(dot)net's rash deletion of stories and accounts. As a person that writes mostly mature fics, there is no point in me maintaing an account on a site that does not wish to host my material. I feel my time will be best spent elsewhere.

If you wish to continuing reading my work and/or if you're looking for the sequel to DOB: I am not at all going to stop writing, not now, not ever and certainly not because of FF(dot)net. I will continue to post my fanfiction on my LiveJournal, as I have for a few years now, with crossposts on tumblr and twitter. I am also going to start posting on Archive Of Our Own, including uploading some of my better works from the last few years. I am putting a list of my usernames for those places below. I hope the variety is enough that it allows you to still follow me as I do not wish to lose any readers. You all mean a great deal to me.

Backups: I have saved backups of all the fics I had on my account. If you wish to have a copy, don't fret or worry or think you need to save a ton of stuff yourself. You can send me a message (I'll still respond to messages on here) listing which fic(s) you want, the format you'd like them in (.rtf or .pdf) and your e-mail address and I'll be happy to send it along to you.

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